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online, constantly updated throughout the night as well. Here


on BBC One it's time So, politicians have visited


the area of the Grenfell Tower Block fire to meet the emergency services


and those directly affected. The Prime Minister was there this


morning and, a short time later, she was followed by Labour Leader,


Jeremy Corbyn. By the time the Mayor of London


turned up this afternoon, some local people were becoming


frustrated at the number of visits He lives on the block just yards


from Grenfell Tower and has done for a year and a half


with his young family. He watched yesterday morning


as the fire took hold. My kids are not sleeping


since they see this one. They say, dad, we want


to move from here. The family have friends


who are missing. They didn't find these three,


but they found these two. Like others they followed appeals


online, like other families these children have friends who may


have been affected. One of my friends who is now in


hospital, she burned her whole hand. She is the same age as me,


she goes to my school. Her dad, her mum and


her little brother. They found her big brother,


he's in hospital as well. Yes, I've known her


since my whole life. The family, like many in the blocks


in this area, also feel let down by the authorities over the state


of their housing. The fire has seen that anger


brought to the surface. As the Mayor visited the scene today


he was not universally welcomed. Some came to take pictures,


some to vent their anger. When he did speak it was to praise


the reaction of the local community. They have come together


and they have shown their support for the victims, the families


and friends of all those affected And as you will see


understandably... Understandably the residents


are very angry and concerned and have genuine questions


that demand answers. Thanks for your questions,


I really appreciate it. I'm fed up with these


politicians, no handshakes. People have said they were warned


and not enough was done and they have said it is


because the people in that block were poor members of the community


and if it was a block for millionaires, perhaps this


tragedy wouldn't have happened. Everybody deserves total protection


from public regulations. Everybody deserves


to live in safety. Everybody deserves the same


attention from public services, The government has promised a full


public enquiry into the fire and today promised local homes


for all those affected. We will support every


family that is affected. The Leader of the Opposition talked


about the concerns that We are hearing the same


thing as well. They may be hearing it,


they will be judged Thousands of people are living


in tower blocks in London, many similar to the one which went


up in flames in north Kensington. It's caused some residents to become


concerned over safety, as advice on what to do


in case of a fire can vary. Marc Ashdown has been


to a tower block in Camden It has been described


as a disaster waiting to happen, a horrendous loss of life which some


believe could have been prevented. Others fear it could all too


easily happen again. The Chalcot Estate in Camden,


700 flats across four It is up the road from


Grenfell Tower and similarly these blocks have been refurbished


with cladding by Margaret has lived on the 20th


floor here for 40 years. I try not to think about it to be


quite honest because it can There has been one fire on the 17th


floor and a couple of minor ones. Another resident, Roger,


has also been watching and worrying Do you have fire drills


and things like that? The advice on the board is the same


as the others have, it is stay put. But inside one of the blocks


the signs say if there is a fire, I am right at the top of the tower


block and I have had a walk around and there are what appear to be


smoke detectors, but I cannot If there was a big fire here,


the lifts would stop working, so this is the only way


for residents to get out There are 160 flats in this tower


block and this is the only We have been talking


to councils across London, all of them say they take fire


safety very seriously. They all regularly inspect


their council properties including tower blocks,


but some of them have ordered an emergency inspection


in the light of what happened. From Nathaniel's flat on the top


floor you can see the charred This is all extra, so a lot of it up


to here is what was added. A lot of these blocks have had this


extra wall put on them on the outside and if that is a fire


hazard, then that is In a statement this afternoon Ryden,


the company which carried out the work at Grenfell,


said it met all building and fire regulations and it was signed off


by building control. The company has worked with councils


across London for 40 years, carrying out maintenance to blocks


in Westminster, Barnet, Croydon, Newham, Redbridge,


and extra safety checks Thousands of residents need


answers about how this fire was caused and reassurance


that their homes are safe. Well, a wall of condolence is up


near the scene of the fire with messages of love and hope


being written by people including those still searching


for missing friends and family. Victoria Hollins is there for us


this evening, Victoria. It is ten to 11 at night and until


the last few minutes people have been turning up to still sign this


wall. There are literally thousands and thousands of tributes on this


wall. It has grown considerably even in the last couple of hours. Flowers


have been put down and candles have been lit. There is a sense of pride


in this community, but also frustration. The people we have lost


in this terrible tragedy, I promise to fight for you and ensure your


memory lives on. Rest in peace. There are similar messages on the


wall. When we were on the street a short time ago that is the sense


Every time there's a problem we are out here, we rally


for our neighbours, we speak to each other.


I'm sorry, it's the government that is making people believe


Everybody out here represents someone that came from there.


I was genuinely struggling to give food because all donation centres


are full, and I said, if I have to go back


with this it will probably be the best moment in humanity.


There is here a sense of quiet contemplation at the moment. As I


said earlier, pride in the sense of the amount of donations we have been


hearing about. One man said he was turned away and he was proud of that


fact. We know now and there are 79 households affected by the fire from


the block who are being put up in hotels in this borough and the


surrounding boroughs. They face a long and very difficult future.


There's a charity fundraising concert in west London tonight


Organisers have called the concert "Grime for Grenfell".


Some of the organisers have been directly affected


by the fire as Ayshea Buksh has been finding out.


You were fortunate with the lies, decorated the dreams you sold.


Tisha has grown up in west London and is


Tonight, she's performing at a charity


concert raising money for Grenfell Tower.


It really makes me feel so sad to the bottom my soul.


I don't have much, but I will give anything,


anything I have, because I have more than them.


The event was the idea of a group called the burn-out Collective.


It is led by Josh Thompson, whose friend from Grenfell is still


This community are here, so why don't I try and make something


where we can get all the community of West London, South London,


everyone together, and try and make a big event.


It's spread so fast and we said 6pm yesterday, and now,


today, I'm on the news right now talking to you.


There's still a lot of anger and frustration about what happened


but these young people are channelling that reaction into


I think that young people are particularly angry about this,


Grime happens to be a very energetic form of music, a


very pure form of music and I think there no better genre to represent


how we're feeling than grime at the minute.


And all proceeds from tonight will go to local charities,


That's it for now from me, but lets find out what


A lot of dry weather ahead for the next few days and a slightly cooler


night, setting us up into a pleasant day tomorrow in terms of dry and


bright weather. Probably a bit more cloud on balance compared to today.


Temperature is a little lower, 22, 23, but afterwards we will see


temperatures rising again. High levels of pollen as we go through


Saturday as well. The temperatures will get into the high 20s.


Good evening. For most of us are fresher feel today and that is


because a cold front pushed in from the West. Ahead of it we saw some


sunshine and some heat across the Kent coast. Behind it, it was much


fresher, only 12 degrees, and a real rush of showers developed in


Northern Ireland and Scotland. They will weaken through the rest of the


night tonight and it is a quiet night, more of a comfortable night


for sleeping as we have lost that humidity. A few showers in the far


north-west, overnight lows of 10-14d. We start off tomorrow with


decent spells of sunshine in England and Wales. A bit of cloud developing


as the afternoon progresses. More cloud and a little bit of drizzle


and misty and murky conditions in the


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