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Coming up: We reveal new concerns over the safety of high-rises


from residents of a block identical to Grenfell.


But first, to the protests that began late this afternoon.


From where I am standing here in North Kensington, we can hear the


protests in the streets around us. After years of not feeling listened


to, the anger fuelled by this tragedy arrived at the door of the


local council. No one from the borough of Kensington and Chelsea


came out to speak, but outside, a man who lost family in the fire


spoke to the crowds. We took our demands to the council and we


expected a response from the chief executive of the Council, who has


failed to turn up. A few hours later in Whitehall, another protest. This


time, they gathered outside the Government department accountable


for social housing, and then marched to Downing Street. Outside number


ten, I meet a nine-year-old schoolboy who asked his month ago on


a demonstration advertised on Facebook. They know a Colombian girl


who is still missing. Because I don't believe this is right. Would


you like it if you were in that building and all you could see was


dead bodies on the floor? You wouldn't think it was right, so


Theresa May's just ruined everything. It's not about the rich


and the poor, it's about, you know, we are all humans, and these people


died in less than half an hour. Firefighters are not getting paid


the right amount of money. It's just really sad, really sad. Local


campaigners from other parts of London were also there, out in


force. It's so sad, but we have to be angry now. We have to mourn, but


we have to be changing the whole rotten system. The demonstration


which started out in Whitehall has gone through central London, through


Trafalgar Square and we are now one Regent St. There are thousands of


people, children, social housing protesters, political protesters.


People are looking for justice for their friends, family and neighbours


who died. Many others are behind them. And the issues of better


social housing and accountability for those who preside over it have


also been brought to the fore. Now, let's explore some


of the safety concerns that Not just here in North Kensington,


but across London. The anger now is palpable,


but the concerns have been raised Posts by Grenfell residents have


highlighted what they claim was a general failure to inspect


and maintain fire safety equipment. They blame an ongoing


culture of negligence. They say there is damning evidence


of the poor safety record. "It's a truly terrifying thought,


but only a catastrophic event will expose the ineptitude


and incompetence." We've been told that the cladding


in these buildings are totally safe. Nigel lives in an


identical tower block. Over many years, he's raised similar


concerns on behalf of residents. There had been a number of fires


in the previous years We have 165 flats in one


of these buildings. There was a period of time,


we don't know how long, that these were totally unusable,


because thieves had broken into the building due to having very


little security and actually stole Hi.


Hello, hi. Monica lives on the 19th floor,


and watched as the fire took hold. I just think, if anything,


no-one will come to save us. You have been raising worries and


concerns, like your neighbours, do you feel that the authorities listen


to you? No. "On hearing the fire alarm,


leave the building by...route." "Attack fire if possible


using appliances provided." I've never seen any appliances -


there are no fire extinguishers. Firefighters have always


worked with communities to clarify fire safety,


but the union says I think there's a misapprehension


often about a firefighter's work, it's not just going to fires


and pointing a jet at the flame There's a lot of fire safety work,


a lot of prevention work, getting into the community,


teaching people about fires, doing inspections, doing


home fire safety visits, And there is no doubt that the huge


cuts that have been visited upon the Fire Service,


particularly in London over the last There's suspicion, too,


that a public inquiry closely controlled by the Government


might not truly get We have to be very concerned


as to why we're going down a public inquiry route,


when we have a hundreds of years system in place of an inquest,


which, with a High Court judge appointed as a coroner, can deal


with it openly and transparently. It's really important we're not left


waiting for two, three, What I'm asking is for an interim


response to the inquiry this summer. We need to make sure local


residents and families have proper representation,


and they're given We need to make sure that


if there is any individual organisation responsible,


they're criminally prosecuted. Theresa May visited the site this


evening, but left quickly after a crowd descended,


shouting, "Coward," There is much to do to win


back the trust of this That's all we've got time for here


in North Kensington. You can keep up-to-date on our website and on our


Facebook page. Time to wish you good night. I will leave you with Chris


Fawkes, who has the weather. It will be a warm night, with


temperatures falling no lower than 15 Celsius. Tomorrow, it becomes


very warm, temperatures reaching 29 Celsius in the centre of London.


Through the afternoon, that is 84 Fahrenheit. If anything, Sunday will


be hotter, temperatures hitting 30 Celsius in the centre of town,


making it the hottest day of the year so far. The warm weather stays


with us in the early part of next week, temperatures reaching 32


Celsius also on week, temperatures reaching 32


Celsius also on Monday. The best of the sunshine today was


across England and Wales. We still have this feed of cloud into the


north-west, and that was thick enough for some drizzle and poor


visibility across the coast. Chingford finished the day with


decent sunshine. That will stay with most of us for the weekend, and it


will turn increasingly warm. It will be hot for some, and increasingly


humid as well. Certainly worth bearing in mind. The reason why is a


south-westerly wind dragging up this warm air from the Azores.


Temperatures in Spain could be in the mid-40s, the mid-30s in France,




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