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terrorist incident. It is both moving and uplifting.


Welcome to BBC London news outside Finsbury Park, where worshippers


have been arriving for prayers. Security has been stepped up at the


mosque and at mosques across the capital. You can probably see an


increased police presencing presence to reassure a community feeling


anxious. But we know London's police force is already stretched and the


mayor is urging the Government to reverse planned cuts to the Met.


Here is our home affairs correspondent.


An east London mosque evacuated this afternoon.


They had found a mobile phone ringing, the caller


There wasn't, but it's left people worried.


It has been an immensely difficult day.


On top of everything, everyone here is fasting it's


still Ramadan and yeah it is a very sensitive time at the moment


and the community is feeling vulnerable and scared.


In North London, the Prime Minister was visiting Finsbury Park Mosque.


Just yards from where the attack took place last night.


Through coming here the Prime Minister is looking


to offer reassurance, but many people have told us that


although they're shocked and saddened by what happened,


they're not necessarily surprised that Muslims have been


Some people here told us they had feared a backlash after the recent


We met 28-year-old hospital worker Selma.


I used to think London was a safe place to live,


I was slowly convinced in London Bridge, because the people


keep upsetting people, they're going to fight back.


So that's not going to do us a favour.


Even though we had nothing to do with it.


Scotland Yard said it took the threat of right-wing extremism


seriously and there would be patrols across the capital in


The people of this community have a I think very good working


relationship with the local police they will be seeing more police


in the area, particularly around religious establishments.


They will more officers on the streets.


They may see more armed officers on the streets as well.


And we will be communicating with them and listening


to them as we have today about their concerns about about any


But one former head of counter terrorism at the city of London


police was sceptical that all places of worship could be protected.


There are more than 500 mosques in London alone and hundreds


and hundreds of Muslim centres, it is simply not realistic to have


officers outside all of them and in this type of attack,


people patrolling on the street are completely ineffective.


The only way to stop somebody in a vehicle


with barriers and extremists, being shoot them immediately.


This was the third terror attack in four months.


The mayor said he was worried that the Met didn't have enough


resources and appealed to the Government to reverse planned


I am concerned about the resources the Met Office and others have.


I have been lobbying for more resources.


My message for the Government is the plans for further


cuts of ?400 million, don't do it, my message


to the government is the plans you have to change the police


funding formula so London loses more money, don't do it.


The Home Office told us the Met could would have the resource too


keep us safe and secure and thrill will be a public consultation


Tensions are running high in some places.


This has been a traumatic week for London.


First fire and now terrorism once again.


For many, weariness as well as worry hangs in the summer air.


Our reporter joins me, and the worry that Nick mentioned, you have been


speaking to people, what is their feeling? Many people have come to


prayer and it is very full here. But of course a sense of anxiety, but


what I have got from people is that they feel the need to carry on with


their lives. Obviously, everybody's anxious and we are worried about, we


don't know, I mean, is this going to happen again or is this the last


time? We just hope that everybody gets united and you know. You felt


the need to come back tonight? Yes. Why? We do not want to be stopped by


such activities. I mean, it shouldn't deter people from going


about their own business. It is not just Muslim people here? No you will


see love will win, terror will lose. People from all faiths are here,


there is table with people giving out tea and food and all faiths


coming together. Thank you. There is no doubt that these are challenging


times for the capital it comes days after the Grenfell Tower fire.


Today, the commander leading the investigation gave his account of


what he and the emergency services saw and what they were faced with


that day. I have investigated major crime for most of my service and I


have seen some terrible things, but I don't think anything prepared me


more what I was going to see. It is hard to describe my feelings, I can


not imagine and I would not want to put myself in the position of those


families, but being can colleagues from the London Fire Brigade and


from the London ambulance service and other police officers, I think


it is fair to say it is a very emotional working in there. But we


will do it with professionalism and do everything we can as quickly as


we can, to locate and recover everybody who is in there. Stuart


Cundy there. We have learned that fire adits in London have -- audits


in London have changed. The Fire Brigades Union have called for


checks to be tightened and the Government's asked councils to check


which blocks have the same cladding material used in the Grenfell Tower.


What happened here has again focussed attention on the


safety of the capital's tower blocks.


Sonia has lived here in Tower Hamlets for four years, her block


doesn't have sprinklers and while it has been


They do checks and everything else, I'm not going to


But it still don't make you feel better


I'm sure they said they done fire checks.


The Fire Brigades Union also has concerns about checks.


It says job cuts have reduced its role,


private companies can now carry out assessments and these minutes show


that cuts even led to a delay of a fire audit on a tower close to


It was put down to internal staffing issues at the fire service.


In fact, fire audits over a five year period in London have


And the unions want regulations tightened.


You will find a lot of premises are being inspected by


third party companies, I don't believe they're as skilled as the


We used to inspect a range of businesses,


private residences, highrises.


We no longer carry out that same regime and I think what we are


witnessing is the regulations being avoided in some areas. Today the


Government wrote to councils asking them to check if their tower blocks


had been cladded using same materials to those at Grenfell


Tower. A fire assessment was carried out at the tower in 2016. In tower


hamments the council -- tower hamments the council says the blocks


have been given up-to-date fire risk assessment. At this block tomorrow


there will be an emergency meeting to try and reassure rest debts. The


Government said it invests heavily in prior prevention. -- fire


prevention. A review by the mayor said the fire service had coped well


with the cuts. But the questions are not fading and answers could be


months away. That is all from us in Finsbury Park tonight. I will wish


you a peaceful good night and hand you to Wendy for a check on the


weather. Well we had the hottest day of the year, 32.4 degree and the


heat wave continues. We have another warm evening. And that leads into


another one of those uncomfortable nights. We had clear sky and light


winds and very muggy. Temperatures fall nothing lower than 20 degrees.


Another warm start tomorrow. A sweaty commute and fierce sunshine


with just a smattering of cloud from the north. More of a breeze


tomorrow, but still high temperatures, up to 31 degrees in


central land and up to 32 on Wednesday as the wind swings to the


west. It freshens up later in west. It freshens up later in the


week. Now thele national forecast. The heat we are experiencing in some


parts is now the most prolonged spell of heat in June, that is the


key, in June, for around 20 years. We have had five days of


temperatures of 30 degrees or more in a row and today up to 33 degrees


just west of London. So a little too hot for some. We are on a par with


many exotic locations, including Athens. Let me show you the


temperatures around now, so still around the mid 20s. At 11 o'clock.


The reason I'm showing you is these vams that you can see -- values you


can see are higher than what we would normally get during the day


time this time in


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