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Here on BBC One, it's time for the news where you are.


Fire wardens are to go on patrol at a housing development in Camden -


where the tower blocks have similar cladding to the one


used in Glenfell Tower in north Kensington.


The local authority has confirmed the cladding will be removed


from the Chalcots Estate as soon as possible, but until then,


Karl Mercer has been speaking to local residents -


All of this cladding will come down soon.


So far, just a few panels on the Chalcot Estate in Camden have


The results have prompted the council to get rid of them all.


This estate was refurbished a decade ago.


It's now emerged that the cladding contains similar chemicals to those


A lot of residents are a bit worried about it.


Sprinklers and fire alarms and everything else, we haven't got.


Locals were sent a letter this morning, explaining


One thing we were always asking about was fire safety.


Fire safety, fire safety, and fire safety.


We asked for fire alarms, sprinklers, we asked for all those


things to actually have really active fire safety systems.


We ended up with a building that was clad that was supposed


to be more safe than what we had before, and we were sold


There are key differences with the installation...


The council leader has been before the media today,


her teams now checking corridors and stairwells, running 24-hour


fire warden patrols, and checking electrical goods


She says the council's also seeking legal advice,


saying the cladding was not what they ordered.


Why would your inspectors not have picked that up if it wasn't


to the specification that you asked for?


I don't think we would have had any reason to need to take these panels


down to an independent test centre and see if they'd burn.


We thought we were working with reputable companies


and we thought we had what was specified, and we feel let


The mayor today urged other councils to step up their checks on tower


We're speaking to other councils across London and and the Government


has agreed to accelerate the checks on those councils across London.


My message to landlords is, use the service at your disposal.


The London Fire Brigade is doing checks.


We've got to make sure every single tower block is safe.


More money has been promised by government to remove


Camden is holding meetings with its local residents to reassure


Louisa Preston it on the Chalcots estate where the council has been


meeting local residents. Yes, that's right. This public meeting was all


about reassuring the people that live in the tower blocks behind me,


especially now that we know that this cladding could be a fire risk.


I'm being told there are some extremely angry exchanges between


residents and the council, cars because they want to know how long


it's going to take cladding off viz tower blocks. The chief executive of


Camden Council said he wants to make sure it's off within weeks, not


months. He also said there fire safety patrols going around these


estates. I've seen some of them here tonight. But on our programme at


6:30pm, we heard from a fire expert. He said that whilst the cladding is


being taken off the flats, residents should be moved out.


They should be getting the large families with children


They should be getting the people who are disabled


You look at the rate at which that fire spread,


and you think the fire wardens will get everybody


The fire wardens may well end up dying in a property that


We spoke to Camden Council again tonight and we ask is whether they


would be moving people out of viz tower blocks. They reassured as they


are convinced the measures that have been put in place are adequate. They


are also checking electrical white goods in the flats, to make sure


they are all safe as well. We heard today there are other flats across


the country that may have flammable cladding on them. We're not exactly


sure where those are. We haven't been told as yet. There will be many


residents in the capital in high is right flats tonight extremely


worried and councils across the capital are concerned about doing as


much as they can to try to reassure those residents. Our political


editor Tim Donovan has spent the day with the team in Tower Hamlets.


We're also telling people how to be fire safe in your own homes.


But one thing above all on people's minds...


The good news in Tower Hamlets is that we've been putting cladding


on the blocks in the last few years and we've never used


And that includes this block itself, in the middle of having


The council is relieved the right material has been used.


But it's hardly the only issue troubling tenants now.


Lots of people like yourself are going on about the stay put policy.


Should you stay where you are, or just try and get out?


After watching what happened in that building, I'm not going to stay put.


As long as everyone tells me stay put, I'm going out!


So what is the right thing to do, then?


It seems much clearer protocols are needed.


Looking after my own children, I don't know how I would go down ten


stairs if, God forbid, what happened in that building...


Over the last year, the council had already been reviewing


and upgrading its fire assessment across the borough.


We need to make sure really that those are put back, then...


Another tenant is found to have removed the fire


The kitchen itself needs to hold the fire back at bay


so that the rest of the property is a safe haven.


Marcella moved in here in November and now has to put the door back.


Did you have any idea it was important to have a door


When we had an inspection, they kind of said yeah, fine,


You switch off electricity when you leave the house.


You have to be so mindful, but it's another 300 families


Refurbishment here is nearly complete.


We are being asked by a lot of residents about sprinkler


We haven't got them, but we have them in bits


of the building, so the bin store, which is a vulnerable place,


Are you thinking about putting them elsewhere?


So much now could come under review, but tenants in high-rise blocks


here, as across the capital, are waiting eagerly for answers.


In other news, commuters using Southern Rail


Members of the RMT union will walk out on Monday tenth July as the row


over staffing and driver-only trains goes on.


Today was a good day for train spotters.


Well, maybe that's a bit unfair, because millions of Londoners


are going to be interested in the future of their rail


It's the new Crossrail train to be used on the Elizabeth Line -


which has gone into service between Liverpool


The first Elizabeth Line train draws in, bang on time.


After a few final checks, and fan photos, it's


Capable of carrying 1,500 passengers, more than double


previous trains, and with better efficiency, journeys


Going to make your life easier, hopefully?


I've been travelling on these trains for years and they're always just


Well, air conditioning makes a difference, today.


Sheila's son will be driving one of the 66 new trains in the fleet.


A new train has brought the spotters out too, of all ages.


Yes, I have been for quite a while, now.


So, I live in Romford, so right in the heart of the line,


really, and over the last couple of years we've seen the trains


being tested and all the improvement works beginning to take shape.


We've been disrupted for so long in London.


It's just nice to see what kind of trains we'll be able


And this is what they're trying to improve -


just one commuter service elsewhere in London today.


As you're experiencing, you've got your jacket on,


so have I, it's a warm day in London, another warm day.


This is air cooled, there is proper passenger visual displays as well as


Great, clean seats and configurations, through carriages


that give that sense of space as well, so this is going


Of course, this is also good news for Shenfield.


It will put the area firmly on the map.


The journey time will be quicker so it should be good for business.


This area normally would be stockbrokers going into the city,


but the Crossrail is opening up over to the west London side of things,


so we've had more buyers from Islington, Fulham.


The full route through central London should be operating


Not record-breaking temperatures but still very


Not record-breaking temperatures but still very warm.


Definitely still warm but the temperature drop in the last 24


hours has been extraordinary, more than 10 degrees. Much more pleasant.


Fairly decent weather on the way for tomorrow. Tonight, fairly quiet on


the weather front. Temperatures in the city around 14 Celsius. Those


fresh Atlantic conditions continue to set in. Friday is looking partly


cloudy skies, a bit of sunshine, temperatures similar to what we had


today, around 23. In the centre of London. The weekend is looking a


little cooler. Those Atlantic winds will bring in one or two showers. If


you have a barbecue land there might be spots of rain in the morning, but


the second half of the day looks better. Temperatures 20-23. Sunday


is probably the best bet. Let's look at the Outlook. A few showers in


there. Decent weather. Now the National Outlook.


there. Decent weather. Now the National Outlook.


Good evening. Like it or not, our heatwave has been and gone. It


doesn't look like hot weather will be back for quite some time.


Certainly not on the scale we saw yesterday, where many places got up


into the 20s, but even the mid-30s across parts of the South. What a


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