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Good evening from BBC London News, I'm Victoria Hollins.


As we've been hearing, thousands of people are being evacuated


from five tower blocks on a council estate in Camden, over safety fears.


Residents from 800 households will have to leave their homes


for between two to four weeks, because of concerns over


Our reporter Sonja Jessup is there for us now.


Let me just talk you through what we are seeing behind me. You may be


able to see yellow jacketed security staff. There are fire wardens


reassuring residents as they come out of the building. We have seen


young children carrying pillows and we've seen elderly people carrying


belongings. One lady cradling a baby. Many people say they are


frustrated by what has happened and some don't want to leave. I was


getting messages on my phone saying what's going on and I saw we were


being evacuated. People are going through the building, knocking on


doors, telling people to leave the building. I've been told by one of


the officials that everyone is meant to be out of the building and they


are sending people to the local leisure centre, where more


information will be given. Whether they are going to provide


accommodation or suggest people go to friends, I don't know yet. People


are being directed to the Swiss Cottage leisure centre just around


the corner. They are being given a sticker with a number on it. They


are being directed to mattresses on the floor. We are talking about 800


households being evacuated. Camden Council says it understands this is


very distressing for people, but it insists safety must come first.


Sonia, thank you. Could lives have been


saved at Grenfell Tower if the Fire Service had had access


to specialist ladders? And tonight, BBC London can


exclusively reveal that the service is now looking to buy vehicles


designed especially to access They can reach more than 100


metres into the sky. Far above, the 67 metre


height of Grenfell Tower. So are these the firefighting


platforms that could have saved lives if they'd been available


to London's firefighters last week. To have that there, it would have


been a game changer. That would have made such


a difference to our firefighters When they were trying


to fight the Grenfell Tower, the capital's firefighter groups


did not have access London's aerial platforms can only


reach 32 metres and BBC London has discovered this was flagged up four


years ago, after a fire at another block of flats,


Lakanal House, in Camberwell. We wanted to see recommendation


for platforms and ladders that could save people


in high-rise tower blocks. A specific manufacturer of high


platforms was even named in a fire safety experts report to lawyers


at that inquest. But no recommendation was made


and none of the highest So, could it have made a difference


at Grenfell Tower if they had been? BBC London invited the managing


director of that company to visit the remains of the tower


and his conclusion was immediate. With an aerial platform,


it could have been reached. Would it have reached


to the top floor? And this is one of those machines


at the company's base in Finland. They have been selling them


for more than 20 years. They're not cheap -


more than ?1 million for the 90 meter platform,


but by going up in one, This platform is about the same


height as London's tallest. We're pointing at it now and then


to a 64 meter water pump and then Of course, we don't know how much


use such a platform would have been at Grenfell given the intensity


of the fire and the layout of the streets, but the company's


promo video has one next We showed these pictures


to the London rep of The machine you've just


shown me is 90 meters plus. That would have made such


a difference to our firefighters Tonight, London's Fire Commissioner


revealed they are now looking We are fortunately just


about to replace our aerial fleet so as part of that we will look


at the new technology that allow us Although this disaster has already


provoked strong opinion about the causes of such a high


death toll, it will be up to the inquiry to decide


whether taller, firefighting platforms could have


made any difference. A school just a short distance


from Grenfell Tower has been paying tribute to some of its pupils


and teachers, who lost Avondale Park Primary's playground


is in the shadow of the tower. Emilia Papadopoulos


was invited to join them. # When I find myself


in times of trouble. Singing for the loved ones


they lost nine days ago. The Grenfell Tower fire


happened just 500 metres from Avondale Park Primary


and the pupils here are The emotion is still very raw,


but they're determined to focus on the good memories they have


of their classmates. I remember when I was


younger and some boys took She saw that I was upset


and went and asked the boys I remember in football


when she scored our first goal. I was happy for her and


we hugged each other. It's OK to cry, but it's also OK


to laugh and to keep We felt it's important


that they keep hold of the memories. Each classroom has created


a memory wall so that they and write them down,


lovely pictures, photos. The pupils also honoured


their friends memories by saying their name and releasing


a balloon for every person they knew Everyone here is still coming


to terms with this tragedy and like the adults, the children have


so many questions about how and why this happened yards


from their playground. # There will be an


answer Tomorrow will be rather cloudy


through the morning, Into the afternoon some scattered


showers are possible, but many places will remain dry


with some brighter spells. We'll see a maximum


temperature of 23 Celsius. Now for a look at the national


forecast with Tomasz Schafernaker. Good evening. Our weather has


reverted to something more like normal, as we head into the weekend.


By normal I mean cooler and I mean quite mixed. Today, we had sunshine,


particularly across southern and northern parts of the country. Those


Weather Watch pictures from Cornwall and from western scholars. In


between we had a band of cloud. Some outbreaks of patchy rain brought


about by this weather front. Notice the wave on the weather front. It


won't be clearing through quickly, it will be dawdling across England


and where is throughout the night, bringing loud and patchy rain. Some


patchy rain in Northern Ireland. Largely


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