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safe from fire. But to a former housing minister. Join me now


There are claims tonight that Rydon, the company responsible


for carrying out refurbishments to Grenfell Tower, ignored


fire safety warnings during the refurbishment of another


Hundreds of residents were evacuated from their homes


on the Chalcots Estate on Friday, after London Fire Brigade said


they couldn't guarantee the safety of those living there.


But this programme has heard from a contractor who claims


he warned Rydon about his fears over one of the blocks -


But he says those concerns fell on deaf ears.


Tonight hundreds of residents are still out of their homes,


They were evacuated with little warning on Friday night from four


tower blocks here on the Chalcots Estate.


Now BBC London can reveal how we were the first to highlight


safety concerns to the council and Rydon which led


There are one of two gas risers on this floor landing,


this was one of the risers and my concerns are that


if there is a fire in this communal area and the fire breaches this pipe


which is basically a PVC gas pipe behind this small bit of what feels


like a bit of timber cladding, this resident would not


Meet Sebastien Stevenson of Diligent Developments.


I met him a week ago when we filmed here inside Taplow House.


If there's a fire in that floor it will breach that fire door


We filmed as he listed all his concerns inside the tower block,


A fire door should actually look like this, compositely set up


with a solid core panel door with an inch emission strip,


maybe there's a door closer on the internal side of this door.


And in the fire this strip heats up and seals it.


And in the fire this strip heats up and seals the door and prevents


smoke inhalation into the actual space whereas this glass is just


simple safety glass and would crack under the slightest application


He first saw this building when his company came


in to refurbish the 17th floor after a fire inside


So clearly you can see here the images of the fire


He says he raised these concerns with Rydon, the company


It's five years later, there is no excuse for these safety


violations to still be intrinsic into these buildings.


We raised his concerns on Tuesday of last week with the council.


On Friday, three days later, a dramatic development.


Taplow House and three other towers nearby were evacuated precisely


because of fears over the cladding and the interior fire safeguards.


What is more, Taplow House has had a fire inspection, which it passed,


as recently as the spring of last year so what went wrong


In a statement the company, Rydon, have said they have no record


whatsoever of any concerns or warnings being raised


by Diligent Developments and that the particular areas


of concern, whether that is the fire alarms or gas risers,


the responsibility for them lies instead with Camden Council.


The statement goes on to say that Rydon prides itself on the quality


of all works that they carry out, they have been working with local


authorities for more than 40 years, and that safety is integral


As for Camden Council, they said tonight they have


been on the front foot, as they put it, to ensure


their tower blocks meet the required safety standards,


and they will be asking serious questions about the management


Well, we know that Camden is a very specific case,


But let's get the wider picture in London.


Jim Wheble is here with more details.


Across the capital eight London boroughs sent cladding away for


testing and it came back with failures. Hackney is the latest to


be added to that list. A block on the Woodbury downed estate, part of


Genesis Housing Association. The others include Camden, Hounslow,


Islington, Brent, Barnett, Lambeth and Wandsworth. And should resident


in these Boers be worried they could be evacuated? -- in these boroughs.


It seems like the concerns on the Chalcots estate have not been


replicated elsewhere. Almost all that failed the cladding test have


subsequently had the London Fire Brigade reassess their safety


procedures and apart from a few alterations, notably 24-hour


patrols, they have said that while the cladding is removed resident art


says -- are safe. I spoke to Genesis Housing Association earlier, one of


their blocs failed the test today, and they said that only a small


amount of cladding covers their building and that they have


reassessed their fire safety assessment and reassured residents


that they are safe while the cladding is removed. Many thanks for


now. 14 police officers have been injured


and five people arrested during a protest over the death


of a young father in east London. Edson Frederico Da Costa died a week


after being stopped in a car His family said they'd arranged


a peaceful march last night, but others threw bricks and lit


fires, as our Home Affairs This was the stand-off outside


Forest Gate police station. Demonstrators said the Met had


questions to answer. A local man had died


after being stopped by officers. How did you start fighting for his


life? That's what we need to know


from the police, simple. 25-year-old Edson Frederico Da Costa


died last Wednesday. The police watchdog said it believed


the Met used CS gas and force. Campaigners claimed he received


significant injuries and anger spilled into disorder


at this latest protest. You imagine in a war zone


or something, you don't imagine The trouble last night happened


on Ahmed's doorstep. Bins burning in the street


where many families were celebrating I haven't see nothing


like this in 50 years. Luckily they did not smash


the cars and didn't throw So what is the background


to the story? On Thursday, June 15th, Met Police


officers stopped a car in Newham. Mr Da Costa becomes unwell,


according to the police He is taken to hospital


in a critical condition. The following Wednesday,


he dies in hospital. The next day, as campaigners claim


he has been brutally beaten, the IPCC says a postmortem


examination found he had no broken neck, no spinal injuries,


or bleeding to the brain. Despite the flames and the obvious


fury, the protest at this police station last night was contained


and did not spread particularly far. The level of anger over the death


of a young black man after contact with the Metropolitan Police has


worrying echoes of another The shooting of Mark Duggan by armed


police started the 2011 riots. This summer, feelings


are also running high. The authorities will want


to try and ease tensions A minute's has been held to remember


those affected by the terrorist One man died and 11


others were injured. A 47-year-old has been charged


with terrorism-related The floral tribute in Finsbury Park,


a reminder of events just a week ago, the fourth terrorist attack


in just three months. The nation invited to pause


and remember those impacted And then, gathered outside


Islington town Hall, civic leaders, the local Mayor,


and members of staff, many working and living locally,


all gathered to show solidarity with the Muslim community in this


multiethnic part of north London. A gesture greatly appreciated by


the chair of Finsbury Park mosque. We know that we are here


in Islington a diverse community, Those people who try


to divide us, they failed. We have proved it


in the last few days. This is why I am really glad that


Islington and the country have come together to make sure


that these people are failing. With the end of Ramadan


at the weekend, there is normally a sense of joyous celebration


amongst Muslims, but following the attack last Monday,


joy has been replaced I'll say goodnight and


leave you with Wendy Quite so, this week ahead will be


cooler from tomorrow onwards and there will be quite cloudy


conditions with spells of rain. This is the grand picture, it is a mess


of low pressure systems, isobars and France and the rain coming with it


which gives you an idea of how unsettled it will be -- and fronts.


At the moment we have some cloud come in with some isolated tiny


showers and there might be a few more through the night. It is fairly


warm with temperatures of 15 degrees and we start with a fair amount of


cloud and I can't guarantee you won't see some rain first thing but


it will become more prevalent as the day goes on. If we get any dry and


bright spot in between it looks likely temperatures might get a bit


higher than the 21 degrees you concede that in the afternoon and


evening and overnight to Wednesday there will be more heavy rain and


that will have a knock-on effect to the temperature, from 35 degrees


last week to 19 degrees this Wednesday will stop we do have


unsettled conditions through the week with further spells of rain.


The weekend will week with further spells of rain.


The weekend will be called with breezy conditions and


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