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Two weeks on from the Grenfell Tower fire, a survivor has told us


how he thought he would die as he tried desperately


to escape from the 14th floor of the burning building


It's led to sleepless nights for Olu Talabi,


who says he feels more traumatised now than he did when he


least of all for the people he had to leave behind.


He's been speaking to our reporter, Tarah Welsh.


When I saw the other side of the building was kind of burning,


I didn't want my girlfriend or my daughter to panic or anything.


When Olu woke to find his building on fire, from his 14th floor flat,


That's when I started tying all the bed sheets together.


I already opened the door and I saw the smoke.


There was no way I was going to through that smoke.


I was dangling from the window and I tried...


I told my missus to pass my daughter.


She was thinking, what are you doing, like?


And I didn't want to look down because I felt if I looked


His neighbours pulled him back inside.


The firefighters had brought five people into his flat that night,


He'd inhaled a lot of smoke and lay down on Olu's bed.


As I went through that smoke, I was thinking, what am


There's no way I'm going to make it downstairs through the smoke.


I don't know if I would have made it through the stairway.


I'm not going to lie to you, I gave up already.


Inside of me, I couldn't see what was there.


I could feel myself taking my last breath.


My missus was dropping on the floor, I was trying to pick her up.


I don't know what she was tripping on.


I didn't think I was going to make it.


I don't what damage this has done to me.


I don't know if, in a year's time, I'm going to fall sick from this.


I don't know what this has done to me.


Steve, who lived on the 15th floor, a very nice guy.


Since that night, he's learnt that only one person and his family


And as the days go on, he learns of more friends


Of everyone that died, the one that has affected me


Because I can still picture him on my bed.


If you've ever received a phone call from someone telling you there's


a problem with your computer and they can help you fix it


for a fee, then the fraudster has got their eye on you


to become one of tens of thousands of people who fall


But now four people have been arrested on suspicion


of committing the fraud, after a joint operation between City


You're told your computer has a fault, but it often ends


with the caller taking large sums from your bank account.


And the scam is getting more sophisticated.


I simply saw this on my computer screen when I was


Simon Greaves' computer then froze, he was instructed to ring a call


centre and after hours on the phone, he ended up being


I felt embarrassed, actually, that it had happened to me.


I felt a sense that I had been deeply cheated.


It feels like there's somebody intruding in your life.


Microsoft has been working with the City of London Police


to investigate this global scam and this week in the UK,


The police officer leading the inquiry says the focus


This is a global issue, but focused very much with Indian


I think we have what we need now to work with our partners in India


to have a dramatic impact to take out this organised criminality.


This has become one of the most common frauds.


Over the last year, getting on for 35,000 cases were reported,


and the police suspect there were far more.


The average loss was ?600, and the typical


If people receive a phone call from someone pretending


to be from Microsoft, they are being scammed.


If they think they've been scammed, they should get in touch


Of course, if you keep them on the phone for long enough,


The Royal Albert Dock in east London goes back to the 1800s,


when it was a hub for ships sailing in from around the world


But today, the start of a massive transformation for the dock began


in which a new business district will take shape, thanks


Counting cranes is an odd hobby, but if you do, you'll have a sense


It's not 100% accurate, but then nor are the economists.


This so-called crane count suggests that investment is still coming


into London and new buildings are going up.


Nowhere more so than here, beside City Airport


and the Royal Albert Dock, where the good and the great


There's a ?1.7 billion Chinese investment in London


It's something which could easily become


The plans are bold, the models shiny and the signs are encouraging.


but I was here four years ago when this was first announced


Then, it was all about an Asian gateway into the EU here


in London, which is a bit awkward now that we're leaving the EU.


I put that point to its Chinese backers today


TRANSLATION: Compared to the situation four years ago,


I think we are at a more advantageous stage.


Although there is Brexit, Britain is now more independent and mature


and it also shows more confidence in the British economy,


so there will be more cooperation between China and the UK


What of recent fears by the Bank of England, no less,


that our commercial property is too pricey?


Are we also in danger of building too many offices


They're trying to attract companies from Asia,


so what they're trying to do is create something additional.


But given where we are, the price and anything else,


this is a fantastic place to come, I'm not worried here.


I think other people should be worried about the competition


He also assured me that no golden handshakes were offered


A gilt-edged investment, then, or a risky bet?


The Victoria and Albert Museum has had a bit of a makeover.


But it is impressive, very impressive - and you'll be able


or just see it now, with Tolu Adeoye.


There are some flashing images in this report.


the Victoria and Albert Museum in over 100 years, allowing visitors


to enter the grounds from a new entrance


on Exhibition Road, which is home to some of the most important


I think that when they walk in, we'll see a lot of jaws drop


We get a much more informal entrance to the visitor.


You have, over on Cromwell Road, quite a traditional,


almost cathedral-like entrance to the museum, which can be quite


In Victorian times when the museum was set up, this was where


I remember this moment halfway through the project


where we took the scaffolds down and it was like we were in


The work we've done here is so diverse,


the work detailing scheduling every single stone so it can be


there's these beautiful manufactured porcelain tiles.


All of those things are exactly what our mission here is.


It's a museum of art and design and manufacturing,


and that is exactly what this space is telling.


And the changes don't stop above ground.


A brand-new gallery has been constructed underneath the courtyard


which will host some of the museum's biggest exhibitions.


To have something that has been purpose-built and designed to house


A free week-long festival will mark the opening of the new entrance


bringing, its creators say, the city into the museum and taking the V


And that is the only place in the world with porcelain floor tiles.


Now the weather. The brightest thing in north London today was probably


the flowers. We did quite well, actually. It was much wetter further


north and west of us. But all this cloud over night is at least going


to help keep temperatures up. Not a cold start on Thursday. But you will


not need your sunglasses. I'm afraid it is going to stay cloudy. Like


today, there will be enough clout for the odd bit of rain patting on


the breeze. But if the sun does come out, there is a chance we could


burst through 20 Celsius. Friday looks to be somewhat writer for many


of us. But as is often the way, if you get too much brightness, the


temperatures rise and that will pop off one or two sharp showers.


Saturday starts on a damp note, but the weekend is not bad.


Saturday starts on a damp note, but the weekend is not bad.


It looks like summer has disappeared for the time being. Already, some


parts of the country have had a month's worth of rain this week.


Today, the wettest weather was further north across in the


Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. About an inch of rain in some places. This


picture was taken by a weather watcher at Headingley in


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