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and other observations on BBC Two. That is underway on BBC Two.


Now on BBC One, it's time for the news where you are.


The Grenfell fire disaster has led to much public fury vented


Tonight, it planned to hold a meeting in private


But things didn't go according to plan, for them


And they're using you guys as an excuse.


You should be allowed in there, so should everyone else,


The council had wanted it to be a private meeting,


because they were concerned about this order.


because they were concerned about disorder.


The public was banned, but the press were allowed in after a judge


Inside, things had descended into what one


The leader of the council had left the meeting


after reading a statement, and saying following legal advice


there could be no open discussion, because the press was present.


Once outside, there was more anger from opposition councillors,


who said residents had been let down once again.


I decided half an hour ago, before the meeting,


because I was in two minds whether to come here or not,


because my child is clinging on to me since this has happened,


he doesn't want to let go of me because he saw the fire


and his friends died and my friends have


So I decided half an hour before this started to leave my child


and come here to try and get some answers, and I've come


here and they've just cancelled the meeting without giving


The lives of the people of North Kensington have been


changed in a way that can never be put back the way it was,


and they should be allowed to look to the political leadership of this


council to lead them, to comfort them and to support them,


and this council is just not doing it.


I am looking to the Conservative group to sack the leader


of the council, to certainly sack the deputy leader of the council


who did have responsibility for housing, and who has not been


seen in public in the last ten days, and I would call on the government


But not everyone wants to see resignations.


One resident told me she wanted to see accountability.


When they're coming out calling for his resignation,


So if he resigns, Paget-Brown, Robert Black will resign,


the rest of them will resign, they will no longer be accountable


and can't be brought into the case in an inquiry,


where they are held possibly for criminal charges.


We haven't been able to speak to any Conservative councillors,


but the anger from Labour councillors and local


There will be a council meeting in July, which will be open


to the public and people will expect answers.


So, the Grenfell fire has led to much public fury vented


And tonight its leader told this programme that


their response was as good as it could have been,


although he recognises more could have been done.


Nicholas Paget-Brown also insists he still has


He spoke to our Political Editor, Tim Donovan.


A fortnight on, a leader under pressure wants to remind


people of the sheer scale of what faced him.


The events of Grenfell Tower two weeks ago, I think is probably


the biggest tragedy to have hit in London since the end


The fact that it's in our borough and that it's in part


of the community that we know well means that this is one


of the most difficult periods in the council's history.


The key thing has been to try to ensure that everybody gets


some form of accommodation immediately and some financial


He has met traumatised survivors, he says,


Have you apologised to any of these survivors personally?


I need to apologise if the response on the ground to the tragedy has not


been quick enough or appropriate enough or on the scale


Not in person, but I do apologise here to you if anybody feels that


Kensington and Chelsea Council should have been doing more.


Where was that council help visible on the ground


The Prime Minister acknowledges that right across, both


at national and local level, the response was not good enough


and we acknowledge that and we need to see what could have been done


quicker and better, and we will learn from this.


The public inquiry will throw up issues about communication and how


quickly other boroughs can come to our aid and whether we should


Early on, it was hard to contain the anger.


The demonstrator community had long felt neglected.


We will need to look at this over the longer term.


There are many people in the community in north Kensington


who do recognise that the council has played an important


part in community life, supporting the voluntary sector.


So you don't accept that this has shown you to have


I am trying to avoid getting into a political dogfight.


Is it political, though, or is it just about a community


says, we have wanted more attention from you.


We haven't got that and this is what happens.


I understand and hear that allegation.


It is not one I am going to respond to at the moment.


I think we have a good story to tell about our record


in north Kensington, but clearly, some relationships


There are concerns about what happened


with the refurbishment of this tower.


We were trying to refurbish and improve the quality of housing in


Grenfell Tower. The most senior paid


official at the Council, Should it have been the unelected


head of this council rather That is something we will


look at in due course. My job at the moment is to make sure


the council has a head I am the public face of the council


and I need to be seen to be making sure that the proper response


to people's lives that have been so devastated by this


tragedy is in place. Would you expect to be the leader


in six months' time? That is not a matter I am


able to discuss now. I am asking whether you have lost


the right to be heard. Whether or not that is fair,


to restore confidence... No, I don't think I have lost


the right to be heard. But there is a time and a place


and at the moment, people don't They want to feel that


as leader of the council, I am putting in place a range


of services that will support them and their vulnerable


neighbours as best we can. BBC London has seen emails


showing how residents in Camden flagged up serious concerns over


fire safety in their tower They were assured by the council


and contractors that the work would be put right,


but ten years on, the Fire Brigade has declared


the building "unsafe". Homeless, desperate,


still they come, but could, In 2007, the Chalcots Estate


underwent a massive ?153 million


refurbishment. Rydon, which also worked


on Grenfell Tower, was the main As well as adding cladding,


windows were upgraded, The gas and electrics


were overhauled. These pictures, residents say,


were sent around of a show flat, But this is what they say


they were faced with. These pictures were taken


by various residents after work was carried out,


showing a raft of problems, the worst of which -


exposed gas pipes not boxed in or properly sealed


through firewalls. I mean, that's how they


were doing the work. This wasn't temporary work,


this was literally proper pipes for water and gas,


but we're more concerned with the gas pipes


literally just being bashed We've seen emails to Camden


and Rydon, in which tenants In September 2007, they got a reply


from a Camden official. A month later, a senior


manager at Rydon added... Work was then carried


out to fix things and, as far as residents knew,


it was all signed off After Grenfell, the fire brigade


was called in and declared these buildings were unsafe to live in -


ten years after the refurbishment It's no surprise to me


that the residents identified these problems years ago,


and the disgusting part about that is that nothing was done,


which I'm also not surprised about. We don't know what would have


happened, if there had been a big fire, I think we were living


probably on borrowed time. Rydon said they were not responsible


for gas rises or wiring in Chalcots, so complaints would have been passed


onto those responsible. They maintain all their works met


required building regulations. Camden told us the UK needs


a whole new safety regime. Years of cutting so-called red tape


and discrediting of health and safety have taken their toll,


change is needed. Scotland has been topping up on the


rental today. It has been a wet month here. For us, it has been dull


and cloudy for much of the day. We are beginning to see a few breaks in


the cloud moving across from Kent. Overnight, those breaks will


continue to migrate across south-east England. There will still


be a lot of cloud around. Looking at the forecast tomorrow, early on


there will be bright sunny spells getting through this area of cloud.


And although for the majority of us, it is a dry day, it might be worth


taking the umbrella because there is a chance of showers. Looking ahead


to the weekend, we are looking at a dry prospect weather-wise, with some


sunshine and it should turn a bit warmer.


June has been a crazy month, with quite literally extremes. Last week


was about the heat, the hottest days since 79. This week


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