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Good evening and welcome to BBC London News,


Documents seen by this programme suggest that Camden Council made


savings of nearly ?1 million by removing fire doors


from refurbishment plans on some of its tower blocks.


There's been controversy over the refurbishment of Grenfell Tower,


and now BBC London can reveal details of similar disagreements


over how the Chalcots Estate in Camden was refurbished,


As rows go, this one just turned nasty.


This is a pretty complicated business.


What we know for sure is there are four tower blocks


on the Chalcots Estate which have been evacuated because


1000 fire doors are missing internally.


The cladding on the outside isn't fire retardant.


What we don't know yet is exactly who to blame.


The council thinks it does, blaming its contractor.


As the leader explained to this programme a week ago.


We thought we were working with reputable companies,


and we thought we had what was specified.


We feel let down that's not the case.


The cladding may be coming down, but the rhetoric is being scaled up.


The contractor Rydon has struck back, writing to Camden Council


threatening legal action for those specific comments,


adding the Council itself signed off on the works


BBC London has seen a document showing the omission of fire doors


in communal areas during that refurbishment contract


The allegation is that Camden Council not only knew


the fire doors were being omitted, but they wanted that


In response Camden Council released a statement saying...


We asked an independent fire expert for his view


His response, subcontracting out this sort of work has


All the checks and balances we once had, they've gone.


All the knowledge which was in local authorities,


which was there to provide good, quality building, and to check


to ensure buildings were put up and maintained properly,


Thoughts shared by many of the residents, like Lulu,


who we met as she collected the last of her family's possessions.


I don't know where it is going to end.


This row between council and contractor is of little interest


It is just the beginning of what will be years


After the leader of Kensington and Chelsea resigned


earlier this evening, the Mayor Sadiq Khan has called


on the current administration of the council to be


He said the government needs to get a grip and immediately act


to appoint commissioners to take over the council.


Tolu Adoeye reports on the events of the last 24 hours.


That's something we'll look at in due course.


Due course came sooner than expected.


Just yesterday afternoon, this was Councillor Paget-Brown


telling BBC London's political editor it wasn't


Would you expect to be the leader in six months' time?


That's not a matter I'm able to discuss now.


Hours after the interview this happened.


A council meeting arranged to discuss the fire descending


The press and the public had been banned, but a judge


After receiving legal advice, Councillor Paget-Brown


cut the meeting short, saying there could be no open


In resigning today, he referenced the fallout from that decision


as one of the reasons for his departure.


As council leader I have to accept my share of responsibility


In particular, my decision to accept legal advice that I should not


compromise the public enquiry by having an open discussion


in public yesterday, has itself become a political story.


And it cannot be right that this should have become the focus


of attention when so many are dead or still unaccounted for.


I have therefore decided to step down as leader of the council


Tonight, the mayor Sadiq Khan has welcomed the resignation.


He's called on the government to get a grip and immediately act


to appoint commissioners to take over the running of Kensington


The mayor said he's written to the Prime Minister Theresa May and he's


telling her this council is simply not fit for purpose. He wants these


independent commissioners to come in. They are usually former Chief


Executive Southwark Council that he believes that's what's needed to get


the council through this difficult time. He says they should be in


place until May next year, until local elections take place. We've


had other resignations. Not just Councillor Paget-Brown. The deputy


leader has resigned today, the housing chief went today, and last


week the council's chief executive also went, so this is a council


without leadership at the moment. It's a council that is really in


crisis. Robert Atkinson, who is Kensington and Chelsea's Labour


leader echoed what Sadiq Khan said. He said external help is needed to


get the council through this time. Thank you for the update.


Let's find out what the weather is up to with Tomasz Schafernaker.


The weekend is looking pretty good for most of us, lots of sunshine on


the way. I want to emphasise the word mostly sunny, because it won't


be sunny all the time. There is a bit of rain in the forecast, just


spit sunspots. This is what we have out there right now. A bit of damp


weather. This is going to last through the night. This is nothing


too heavy. If you are up very early in the morning, maybe for a walk, a


walk with the dog, there won't be big puddles. It will be absolutely


fine and dry. Lots of sunshine on the way on Saturday. This is the


temperature in Central under, around 24 Celsius. Low 20s just outside


town, a really nice day on the way on the whole. Another band of rain


is heading our way for early on Sunday morning. If you're up at that


time this rain will probably be a bit heavier. Then it should be out


of the way by midday or 1pm, the sun should be out again. Another decent


day. A bit fresher on Sunday. The wind will change direction out of


the north-west. It will be just that bit fresher. I've disappeared, so


it's time for the Outlook. Temperatures in the 20s Lustig into


Monday. That day on Sunday looking absolutely fine. By Monday, maybe a


bit more cloud. Here's Outlook with absolutely fine. By Monday, maybe a


bit more cloud. Here's Outlook with Darren Bett.


Hello, dry -- July is almost here but June was one of the warmest and


wettest on record. This is from the Met Office, it shows areas


particularly wet, notably in Scotland. This is the first month in


the last year with significantly


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