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It was the council severely criticised after the Grenfell Fire,


with a leader under pressure to resign.


And tonight, Kensington and Chelsea elected a new leader,


one who's apologised and says it's time to heal wounds and ask


Marc Ashdown is at the Town Hall now.


This was an extraordinary meeting of the 40 Conservative councillors in


this borough, called as you said after the former leader Nicholas


Paget-Brown stood down on Friday, they have elected a new leader,


Elizabeth Campbell, who's been a councillor for 11 years, notably in


the Chelsea Ward, nowhere near the Grenfell Tower area and also a


slightly controversial choice, some are saying, in that she served on


the Cabinet which was heavily criticised for its handling in the


immediate aftermath of the tragedy but this evening, she started off on


the right foot, straight after the meeting, coming out and speaking to


the media and striking the kind of tone which I suspect will go down


well with people living around here. The first thing I want to do


is I want to apologise. This is our community


and we have failed it So no buts, no ifs, no


excuses, I am truly sorry. As new leader, I will appoint


a new Cabinet tomorrow and things And the first thing I'm going to do


is to reach out to our community, And the second thing I'm going to do


is to phone up Sajid Javid, the Secretary of State,


and ask for more help. I don't know at this stage


what that help will be like, what plan it will be,


but I know that the thing we need is a plan for the community


in North Kensington So what happens now? Firstly, her


appointment needs to be ratified and approved by the full council which


won't be a problem because the Conservatives have an overwhelming


majority, 40 of the 50 councillors but then the difficult work begins


on trying to win back the trust of this damaged community.


Interestingly, the meeting this evening was chaired by the Minister


for London, great hands. So far, the government has resisted pressure to


step in and take more of a lead because they believe local democracy


should be allowed to work but make no mistake, ministers are keeping a


close eye on this as our local people as to how the council moves


forward under its new leader. Thank you for joining us.


Meanwhile, safety continues to be reviewed at tower


But there are questions about whether local authorities


have the power to force costly safety measures like sprinklers


and fire doors on leaseholders who own their properties.


And whether there should be a change in the law.


Here's our political editor Tim Donovan.


This is, this is the fire door that Croydon Council fitted...


A dispute over this doorway has proved very costly for Julie.


This is a council flat she bought in Croydon.


She installed a plastic coated front door.


The council said it was a fire risk, a danger to others in the block.


The council was saying, we need to set a precedent...


She claimed, as a leaseholder, she had rights over the front door


She ended up paying not just for the front door but owing


I should have been given the opportunity to do it myself


rather than Croydon Council going to the extremes that they went


to and how they are literally persecuting me for the recovery


The key thing about this judgment is that the judge decided,


in the absence of any clarity in Julie's lease itself,


that the council retained responsibility for external features


But this has actually proved a rare legal success for a council.


Experts say it is very hard to force leaseholders to accept


The vast majority of Right To Buy leases, in my experience,


will not let councils just enter properties to make improvements,


to add in whole new fire safety systems that didn't exist before.


Despite the fire at Lakanal House, Southwark reported its hands


were tied because of the fact the council has no right


of access to install PPS systems, that's sprinklers,


We can't have different standards of fire safety in some properties


within a high-rise building compared to other properties.


There has to be a common approach to fire safety.


Wandsworth, like Westminster, is now planning to install


sprinklers in dozens of tower blocks but with many leaseholders here,


disputes over costs and legal rights may lie ahead.


It was exactly a month ago that London found itself once again


the target of terrorism, this time in London Bridge.


It's emerged that more than 160 people who witnessed it


or who were affected have turned to a support charity for help.


A Londoner who was stabbed has been telling us


On Saturday night one month ago, three men drove a van


They went on to stab others at Borough Market.


Eight people lost their lives and almost 50 were injured.


He must have cut my neck and my earhole, I think,


Then there was the stab wounds to my chest.


Roy had gone out for a drink that night and friends had persuaded him


He says he doesn't know how he survived the attack.


I still didn't know they were terrorists


It is only when they pulled the blade out and started


talking about Allah, Islam and something


And he's stuck the knife in me. I don't know whereabouts at first.


But what people said was... I must have fought with him.


I was trying to fight with him but then he has


pulled the other two back that was going into the restaurant


way, where they were going to do more damage or killings.


So people... I'm just...


My memory is blank from after the first stabbing.


But apparently, then three of them came and started attacking me


Roy says he is feeling better and his scars are healing.


But others are still dealing with the emotional effects.


One charity says it has helped more than 160 people that witnessed


The key thing is not to bottle it up because there


is a danger that by doing that, it will actually get worse


and you may develop the symptoms that will require more


And with the recent tragedies in the capital, the charity suspects


there are many people out there that still need help.


The capital's weekend Night Tube service is to be extended to part


of the London Overground by the end of the year.


It'll initially run between Dalston Junction and New Cross Gate.


With more details, here's our transport correspondent Tom Edwards.


Shoreditch, one of the areas that will benefit from 24-hour train


Byron is a local musician. He thinks it's great news.


One of the things that has kind of grown the southeast


and the east has been, like, the arts community


Anything that helps that kind of grow is just a good thing.


So it's just really about connectivity.


From December, on Fridays and Saturday nights,


there will be four trains per hour right through the night


The service will extend to Highbury next year.


We've been experiencing traffic jams in the middle of the night.


There's huge traffic congestion in the evenings


So it's very important that where possible,


we do shift people from car traffic into clean public


According to the mayor, the Night Tube has already boosted


Now there are also calls for licensing restrictions to be eased.


We still have a climate where we don't have


In some areas, people are nervous about granting licences to bars


Rashid has had a stall here for two years.


He thinks better transport will benefit the area.


Well, it makes it more attractive and busier, for sure.


And this won't be the last service to run through the night.


Transport for London says it is already looking to introduce


So I'll wish you goodnight and it's over to Tomasz


I gather it is warming up again? Ochre media, it is going to be


sizzling, like the sausages we saw a moment ago. I weekly look at whether


for the week ahead, on Monday. Temperatures rising, maybe even


reaching 30 towards the end of the week. Once again, the fans will be


out. We are looking at a risk of some storms on Thursday. Sunbury


Thursday potentially at least on the way. In the short-term, quiet out


there. Quite a warm night with temperatures early on Tuesday


probably no lower than 16 in that capital outside of a bit fresher. A


cloudy morning and then the cloud breaks up and then some sunshine but


not a lot in the afternoon. A decent day with some shade, temperatures


still getting up to 25 in London. On balance, a fine day and find for


Wimbledon. Through the middle part of the week, the hot spell begins,


with temperatures getting to around 28 or 29 in the centre of the


capital. A bit breezy up the estuary, 22 degrees, just a bit


fresher. On Thursday, Bunbury Thursday, the margin of error in


predicting exactly where the storms will come as quite large this far in


advance, they could be here, there come a bit further to the east but


there will be storms around on Thursday. On Friday, another hot


one. The centre of London around 29. And just in time for the weekend, it


is all going to grind to a halt and we are back to fresher weather.


is all going to grind to a halt and we are back to fresher weather.


Hello, very warm to hot weather returns for some of us this week but


right now we're watching wet weather coming into Northern Ireland. This


is how it looked earlier, the cloud is even bigger now, with the rain


just about in and courtesy of this weather system which will take the


rain onto parts of Scotland and northern England and it will hang


around for much of the day tomorrow for some of us. This is how it looks


overnight, rain gradually ending in -- edging it bot of north-west


England and southern Scotland, Grisly for parts of Wales and the


south-west the cloud thickens, clear spells for eastern England and


especially northern Scotland and it will turn out to be quite chilly


year with spots into low


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