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The Government made a pledge to those who lost their homes


in the Grenfell fire that they would be rehoused


Some families have told this programme that what they've been


Tonight, Downing Street says it's trying to get the right balance


between sticking to that commitment and giving people what they need.


This is the hotel that we were accommodated


Sajad has been living in this hotel room since Grenfell fire.


He, his mother and sister escaped from the third floor.


Same hotel that my neighbours and my mum and my sister have been.


In the aftermath of the fire, the Prime Minister promised that


every affected family would be offered a good quality,


Sajad's family are one of more than 100 households


He says they will stay in the hotel until permanent


Why wouldn't you accept temporary accommodation?


To accept a temporary accommodation, knowing that you are already in one,


And people, they just don't want to be moved


So, how many people would you say are still living in this block?


In this particular area, I know he's there, there,


Those living in neighbouring blocks to the tower,


some of which are still without hot water and gas, have also been


Councillor Beinazir Lasharie has chosen to remain at her home.


They have tried to offer me other accommodation,


but it's very difficult with children, and you know,


I've got to try to look out for them before anything else.


She says many people simply don't feel the accommodation that's been


put forward is suitable for their needs.


I've spoken to people who've said they've been offered stuff


which is completely out of the borough, or it's


After everything that everyone's been through,


to still be moved around and shifted around and fobbed off,


So, for many like Sajad, the wait for a home will go


Well, tonight, families affected by the tragedy had a meeting


with the police officer leading the Met's criminal


Here's our home affairs correspondent, Nick Beake.


This was the first opportunity that families affected by the fire have


had to put some of the many questions they have


to the senior police officers leading the investigation.


The meeting lasted more than three and a half hours.


Many were accompanied by specialist family liaison officers


Many people did not want to talk about some of the distressing detail


they'd heard inside, but a short time ago,


we spoke to one man who lost six members of his family


He gave us a sense of what happened inside that meeting.


We personally asked, where is our family?


We want to know, is our family's bodies still there?


Whatever it is, we want to know exactly what it is.


And the answers that were coming back was,


we don't know, we don't know, we don't know.


Talking to some other people who were inside that meeting,


it's clear there is a real sense of anger among the families that


although Grenfell Tower is a crime scene - the Met have now launched


there are, it would seem, no suspects, only witnesses, at this


And there is a level of concern that documents may be being destroyed,


and families wanted answers from the Metropolitan Police.


Of course, Scotland Yard say that this is one of the most


complicated investigations they've ever carried out, and they've warned


that some of the answers to the questions the families have


been demanding may take weeks, or even months, to be able


Meanwhile, there's still concern that some of the money raised


through donations isn't getting through to those who need it most.


So how much HAS been raised for victims and survivors?


And what's being done to make sure those working on the ground get it


Claudia-Liza Armah has been going through all the figures.


So, we already know the Government pledged ?5 million -


that works out to around ?5,500 per household.


Communities Secretary Sajid Javid has already said that half of people


entitled to that pot of money have got that.


But what about the charitable donations?


Well, there has been a massive amount of fundraising and donations


made, and we've been going through all the figures


and have estimated that more than ?17 million has been


Well, it's come from a number of different charities,


crowd funding websites and that Simon Cowell charity single.


The largest amount has been raised by The Evening


Standard's Dispossessed Fund - that's raised ?5 million.


While The Red Cross appeal has raised more than ?4 million.


As has the Kensington and Chelsea Foundation.


So now we have an idea how much has been raised,


how can victims and survivors get access to that money?


Well, someone who shed some light on that was Gerald Oppenheim


from the London Emergency Trust, one of the charities overseeing


If they're next of kin, if they were injured,


they need to get in touch either with one of the humanitarian


teams on the ground, at the Westway Centre,


or, if they have a police family liiaison officer,


They'll get a little form to fill in just to tell us


who they are and how to pay the money to them.


Well, the London Emergency Trust is focusing on people


For those who have been displaced because of the fire,


they're being advised to get into touch with the Rugby Portobello


Trust, among others, which is working closely


Police are hunting a dangerous prisoner who was released by mistake


just a few months into a nine-year sentence due to a clerical error.


25-year-old Ralston Dodd stabbed a man after


25-year-old Ralston Dodd stabbed a man three times after


The court incorrectly recorded his sentence.


The Ministry of Justice says it's urgently


The RSPCA says they are a "huge and growing problem".


Now, the charity is urging the public to help find those


In one case, a dog which had been left to die after being used


Yvonne Hall's report does contain some images


Found dumped and bleeding to death on a street


This shar pei bitch was emaciated, couldn't walk and was suffering


from life-threatening eye and womb infections.


Her claws had curled round three times -


some had grown right through her paws.


Vets say she was in excruciating pain.


She was literally dripping pus, because she had pyometra,


and that is a fatal condition, and that's why the second vet said


The dog warden asked us, and we said, yes, let's


Glenys, as she's now being called, is recovering


at the Rescue Remedies kennels in Surrey.


The RSPCA believe she'd been kept for about nine years cramped


in a tiny cage and repeatedly used as a breeding machine


They estimate she'd had about 60 puppies.


Each would have sold for at least ?1,500.


These pictures from a raid on a puppy farm show


Dead animals are also found in plastic buckets.


It's feared these puppies were dumped by a roadside


in Hertfordshire when they couldn't be sold.


The RSPCA in 2016, we received around about 3,500 calls


about puppies coming from places where maybe the conditions


aren't good enough, and perhaps from bitches


It's a huge problem, it's a growing problem.


Glenys is one of the very few lucky ones to survive.


Even her tail is starting to curl again.


It's now five weeks since Glenys was found dumped bleeding to death


As you can see, she's now recovering well.


But everyone involved with her care says it's amazing that she survived,


the degree of cruelty she was subjected to.


And the RSPCA is now urging anyone with any information about Glenys,


or any illegal puppy farms, to contact them immediately.


I'll say good night now - and leave you with Chris Fawkes


Today, we got up to 25 degrees, despite the clouds in the sky.


Tomorrow, it's going to be even hotter. For the next few days,


temperature is will be about 30. It will be feeling increasingly humid


as well. For the moment, outside, the cloud is continuing to break up.


Temperatures will only be getting down to about 16 by the end of the


night. Tomorrow, a beautiful start to the day. Sunshine to take us


through the first part of the morning, a bit of cloud bubbling up


in the afternoon but not spoiling the sunshine. And it's going to be a


hot one. Temperatures could hit 30 degrees in some places. On Thursday,


it looks likely that we will see some thunderstorms moving up from


the near continent. In between, some humid sunshine coming through, and


similar kind of temperatures. Will the hot spell last? It looks like it


will do for another few days yet. We're going to see similar


temperatures on Friday, when it should be a similar day.


Hot weather is coming back to some parts of the UK over the next few


days. The warmth and humidity will be coming back up across the UK. It


is England and Wales which will see the higher temperatures. Even the


Lake District is going to improve. Today, it was no better than 15,




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