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Here on BBC One, it's time for the news where you are.


Good evening, I'm Asad Ahmad.


A specialist team is to take over the housing department


at Kensington and Chelsea council following criticism of its response


The Government says the task-force will include experts


But opponents say its not enough - and they want to see Commissioners


Here's our Political Editor, Tim Donovan.


There are so many things to do, so much help needed,


and not just for those in Grenfell Tower itself,


This man owns a flat in the block overlooking the tower.


He hasn't stayed there since the fire, where, he says,


When you feel safe when you see people, high vis officials informing


you, updating you what's going to happen, then


And at the moment, who are you seeing?


No detail yet about the new task force; how many people,


who and where from, but we do now know this.


The special focus of this recovery task force is going to be


on housing, regeneration and community engagement.


This seemed to one Conservative councillor in Kensington to be


The focus is on helping people in North Kensington,


not on issuing parking permits to people in Chelsea or whatever.


It's about helping the people of North Kensington,


that's where the resources should be concentrated.


So I think this is absolutely the right thing to do.


But Labour, including London's Mayor, argue it is not


enough, wanting a full-blown team of commissioners to take


over the whole council, well survivors say better


If that's improved in the proper way, we shouldn't have many


Because we're going to be linked, we're going to be one unit,


the communication is going to be more clear.


The councils face protest and criticism and with its own staff


stretched to the limit, this looks like vital relief.


You can't exist in an emergency situation for a very long time.


If Kensington and Chelsea need assistance, in respect of being able


to run business as usual and dealing with this disaster that


has landed slap bang in the heart of their community


in North Kensington, then that's absolutely


the right thing to do they would need that support.


There's no indication yet how long that support will be needed,


but nothing after this looks like being easy.


Well, earlier today, a building housing some offices -


which neighbours Grenfell Tower - was evacuated.


London Fire Brigade said there were concerns


about Fire Exits being blocked - because they backed


Some people working in the offices raised concerns about the length


of time it's taken the authorities to come to today's decision.


We were going about our normal daily business, saw some firemen doing


We were then advised to immediately evacuate, urgently.


Whilst outside, we spoke, a police officer spoke to me


and explained that the fire brigade had made a recommendation three


weeks ago, so the day after the fire, to the council


that the building was not safe for commercial use,


The rear fire escape is the crime scene.


My concern is, not only have we been in there for three weeks,


we've had clients, some from the tower, coming


And another major development regarding Grenfell, which BBC London


has discovered, is that more equipment


could be on the way to help tackle future fires.


Louisa Preston has more details.


This could be a major addition for the London Fire Brigade. It could.


You will remember during the night of that fire, we saw the shots of


the fireman on those aerial platforms but they couldn't get high


enough. That platform they were using on that night was actually


borrowed from Surrey, which could reach 42 metres. Now questions have


been asked since the fire, saying why doesn't London have the aerial


platforms that can reach the heights the New York Fire Department can


reach, 70 metres? BBC London has been to Finland where they have


ladders of 100 metres, and our reporters were talking to


manufacturers there, he said if they had ladders of 100 metres, it would


have made a big difference. We know London Fire Brigade is considering


higher aerial platforms as they are about to renew their fleet. It is


something the Fire Commissioner spoke to us about a few days ago. We


are fortunately just about to replace our aerial fleet, so as part


of that we will look at the new technology that will allow us to


have taller aerial platforms. The problem until now and London has


been the streets are quite narrow, there is weight loading and machines


are too big but now it will be one of our priorities. There seems to be


some movement on that as well? Yes, the Fire Commissioner and the Mayor


of London met last on Wednesday, and he has more or less said to her,


tell me what you need. Basically draw up a list. So an incident by


Grenfell can never happen again and she has done that, we are being


told. On that list consists three aerial platforms. They are not


cheap, it is a hefty price tag between 2.5- ?3 million and that no


one have to go to the government for that money. I've asked the London


Fire Brigade Commissioner to do an urgent review of what else she


thinks we need is a Fire Service in London to make sure we can deal with


fires and tower blocks. That will mean additional resources from


central government to pay for the additional equipment the London Fire


Brigade needs. What are the chances of getting that money? Many would


say this is a time to make that argument. I think many would be


extremely astonished if London Fire Brigade to get the money to provide


the equipment that they so desperately need. A lot of people


will have their eyes on what happens there. Thank you for that, Louisa.


This programme has seen figures which show reported


acid attacks in London have more than doubled - since 2014.


One of the latest was in Beckton, as two cousins sat in


a car at traffic lights, with the window down.


Police are treating it as a hate crime,


and it's heightened fears in the Asian and Muslim


And a warning, that some viewers may find images


Two cousins out celebrating a birthday.


She was sitting in a car with her cousin, Jameel,


when acid was sprayed into their faces.


This shocking attack two weeks ago is being treated as a hate crime.


I can't sleep, I keep thinking this guy's going to come for me.


There's no reason why this wouldn't be racially motivated.


And ever since, has some in the Muslim and Asian


So many acid attacks occurring in London recently,


People can get hold of acid and attack people so, so easily.


Police are investigating a suspected acid attack


here in Mile End, where two people were taken to hospital.


The motivation of that attack is unknown, but it appears to be


It does make me worried, because I heard this on Facebook,


Whatsapp, Muslim people are getting attacked, they are being acid


I do feel scared sometimes, to go outside, because


People can go around me and they can throw acid on me.


Young people like us don't feel safe to go


out in London any more, because of things,


Overall, acid attacks have risen year-on-year.


In 2014-2015, 188 people were injured as a result


The following financial year it increased to 317.


And up until April this year, it jumped again to 398.


There seems to be a right and it's prevalent to East London,


The perception that it's being used more and more in hate crime,


I have no evidence to suggest that it's used


I've not seen that as an increase, and I would say if anybody


believes that's the case, then they need to tell us.


Sarmad Ismail set up a petition, calling for more restrictions


on household products which can be used in such attacks.


Just like family members being attacked, so hopefully try


and get some letters sent to some MPs, they will debate it


in Parliament, try and get a law put in place or some sort of deterrent


and then see a crackdown on the purchase of corrosive substances.


The hard evidence doesn't show a rise in acid being used in hate


crimes, but the perception after this attack is


Finally tonight, transport for London has launched a new map to


help people with claustrophobia and anxiety. The map will help them to


navigate the network more comfortably by showing brutes with


fewer tunnels and also highlight which services are in tunnels.


That's it for now from me, but lets find out what the weathers


It has been a lovely day to day weather-wise.


Yes, it was gorgeous. Temperatures got up to 30 degrees at both


Heathrow and Surrey. More of the same coming up over the next few


days. But, for some of us we might see some of these in the next 24


hours, so it won't be entirely dry. Overnight tonight, 23 degrees at the


moment outside. Those temperatures low to fall so another warm nights


sleeping. Later in the night we could start to see a few


thunderstorms move up from the north of France, moving across the forced


if the storms arrive in the morning it might be they don't have a huge


amount of rain. Not everyone will see a storm and there will be some


warm weather, it will feel hot and humid once again through the


afternoon, temperatures up to 30 degrees. I would say, if we see some


storms breaking out late in the day towards evening, they could be


torrential, but we think they will develop to the north-east of our


area. Looking at Friday, either way it looks like the weather will


become dry for everyone with plenty of sunshine. A familiar picture with


temperatures and the high 20s or low 30s. It looks like this hot weather


will last at least into the first part of the weekend as well.


will last at least into the first part of the weekend as well.


Temperatures should get up to about 28 on Saturday. That is the weather.


Good evening, I expect the Dave met or exceeded your July expectations


because it looked for the most part a bit like that in the southern


isles. One of the great parts would be it was 30 degrees in the London


area, or just about. Further north, 13 under quite a banner of cloud. We


don't care how arty you get with your weather


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