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part of the problem? The head of the CB. Joins to see her vision of a


Brexit so soft, Research by the BBC shows that


around half the people in the UK convicted of terrorism offences


relating to Syria and Iraq are from Among them is a pensioner


who was convicted of handing out leaflets deemed to be


of an extremist nature. And the convictions have led


to a warning that would-be foreign fighters who don't manage to travel


abroad could instead target Britain. The face of jihad in the UK -


over 100 people jailed for offences linked to so-called Islamic State


and 51 of them are from London Among them, Tarik Hassane


from West London, a medical student and the son of an ambassador,


found guilty of being part of a plot to shoot police


and soldiers, and Nadir Syed, an unemployed Londoner convicted


of planning an attack The terror attack on London Bridge,


one of the Islamist-inspired atrocities in recent months,


two of the men responsible is said to have wanted to go to Syria


to join Islamic State, They are amongst the rising ranks


of thwarted foreign fighters. The Director of Public Prosecutions


told me that could increase We need to be acutely aware that


if people can't go to Syria - and we have certainly seen this


in some of the cases that we have prosecuted -


they may plan an attack here instead or they may do more to radicalise


other people to attack. At this youth centre in East London,


they use activities like boxing to try to engage young people


and fight the extremist ideology, Here they have years of experience


in tackling radicalisation head-on and there is concern


that the Government attempts to clamp down on extremism could end


up alienating Muslim communities. Going into communities,


penetrating the wall of silence, having the credibility and trust,


without the community trust and engagement,


we can't have conversations, But, especially since the attacks


in London and Manchester, there is a premium on community


involvement, according to ministers. We have to work with the community


to deliver counterterrorism, that's where we get information


from, that's where we get diversions for young people


if they are being groomed, and so we are incredibly


alert to those issues. We do make sure to remind people


it's really about safeguarding Some of those convicted here have


served their sentences and are now On the battlefields of Syria


and Iraq, Islamic State may be in retreat, but support


for its ideology shows no Thousands of commuters are suffering


tonight as there are no trains It's the second successive


day of disruption. We can get the latest now


from Claudia-Liza Armah. Claudia-Lisa, I heard earlier this


evening that trains would be running Yes, that was the promise, wasn't


it, and I can say that some trains are now back up and running, but a


very limited service, far from being back to normal. The earlier issue,


the signal problem between Paddington and Slough, has been


fixed. As you can imagine, there's a huge backlog. Earlier I was here for


the evening programme and there were frantic, chaotic scenes. Hundreds of


passengers, many of them angry, demanding to know exactly why they


were experiencing a second day of major disruption. I spoke to a few


of them. Some of them were saying if they were lucky they were hoping to


get home around now. If I get home for 10pm then that will be a


victory. My season ticket costs me ?10,000 a year. My last to train


journeys this morning and last night were both delayed, by 40 minutes.


Now everything is cancelled. That's what I get for ten grand a year.


Relative to the amount of tax I pay the cost of the ticket, it's clearly


a very disappointing situation. The guy in the middle says it all


really, ten grand a year spent on a season ticket to face long delays


and cancellations. Let me bring you up-to-date on the situation tonight.


Heathrow express is running and back to normal. Trains are running every


30 minutes instead of the usual 15 minutes. The great Western Railway


train line is also up and running, very limited service though. Some


trains remain cancelled. The Heathrow connect service, no trains


running at the line. The advice to all passengers is to make sure you


check before you travel. Claudia-Liza Armah thank you.


In her first interview in office, the new leader of Kensington


and Chelsea Council has told BBC London that she doesn't think


the council "got it all wrong" after the Grenfell Tower fire -


but there will be a review of its actions.


Elizabeth Campbell also complimented the way the community


responded to the tragedy - although she accepted it


probably felt "disconnected" from the council.


She spoke to our political rditor, Tim Donovan.


It may prove a long, hard task to restore trust


and confidence in this community, but the new leader,


the new face of the council, says she's listening.


I think they do feel, some of them, that they have been


Others have said that we have always had great funding,


great education, sent loads of children to university.


Do you think there has been an unfair characterisation?


I think it's a deeply unfair characterisation and I don't think


I think it's a bit politically pathetic to start saying


that there are rich people who don't care.


While the main focus is forward, she accepts she also needs to look


review of what went wrong in the early days.


A lot of family and children's services, social workers,


were there from 5am onwards so they didn't get it


all wrong, but obviously we were tried and found wanting.


Were your civil emergency procedures up to date and robust?


I don't know, that's what I'm about to find out.


My instincts are that they probably weren't.


What was the taskforce announced yet going to amount to?


Is the task force going to be ten people?


They haven't given me any indication yet.


So it doesn't have much meaning as a task force.


She said housing was the priority and survivors needed much more time


to consider what was right for them, but the area would recover.


What you saw in the aftermath of the fire was an incredibly


strong community coming together, binding together.


At the moment, there's a disconnect between them and the council


and that is a chasm that we're going to have to bridge,


but the community is very, very strong, and I absolutely have


The leader of Kensington and Chelsea Council,


speaking to our political editor, Tim Donovan.


Controversial spit hoods will be in every Metropolitan


Police custody suite - after Scotland Yard said


trails in east London had been successful .


They re designed to protect officers from suspects


who bite or spit at them - and the force claims


the hoods are effective, as long as they're used correctly.


But several human rights groups describe them


The world's first scan - which gives parents and doctors


a much clearer idea of how twins are developing in the womb -


has gone into service at St George's Hospital in Tooting.


Victoria Hollins explains how it's expected to make pregnancies safer.


It's good news for this expectant mum, but she had more


When we found that we had twins it was a big shock,


But thanks to a world first - a scan using twin growth charts -


she knows her baby boys are developing well.


Everything is going fine, the babies are growing beautifully.


Until now, twins in the womb were measured against charts


meant for single babies, so doctors were left


to their own judgment to estimate size and growth,


and that meant sometimes it was hard to work out if there was a problem.


That's because twins are often smaller than single babies,


The new charts will reduce what is currently


There is evidence that using using twin-specific charts


reduces the risks of stillbirths in pregnancy and we are hoping that


once we use this chart we will see a reduction in the number of early


delivery because of presumed growth problems in the twins.


The new charts are based on data from 10,000 scans.


Research was funded by existing parents of twins through the Twins


The charts at St George's Hospital in Tooting are a world first,


but they will be available for parents across the country.


A really warm day today. Let's see if it's going to last this week.


It was a scorcher of a day, London was the warmest place in the UK, a


number of places got to 32 Celsius. No rain for the gardens, it's going


to stay warm and muggy overnight, temperatures no lower than 17-18.


Tomorrow will be another warm day, not quite as much sunshine as today.


There will be some sunshine around. Through the afternoon it looks like


the cloud will thicken up, so a few sunny spells here and there, is that


of wall-to-wall, like today. 27 degrees, it will be present at


Wimbledon for the spectators and players. -- pleasant. This front


across the UK will introduce thicker cloud and showers to the region,


perhaps more to the north of the region. Through the afternoon they


should tempt disallowed. It will turn dry with some sunny spells. A


fairly warm day, 23-24. In the Sunday it looks like it might turn


warmer but on into Monday, increasing chance of showers.


warmer but on into Monday, increasing chance of showers. Here's


the National weather. Hello, we managed to cram in a lot


of weather today, 32 degrees at Heathrow, nothing like it away to


the north-west of Scotland, where it was as dull as that and wet at


times. It was absolutely glorious across some parts of southern


Britain, but there has to be a fly in the ointment and it came in the


form of some thunderstorms. A wise woman had the sense to take this


particular picture as these thunderstorms rolled across the


south-east and in the East Anglia and later this afternoon it was


North Yorkshire that really got a pounding in places, around the A64,


around Malton, I saw 35 millimetres and a couple of hours and virtually


as we speak, 10:45pm, it's the turn of Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire


the season quite violent thunderstorms. They will take time,


probably around midnight or one a four cars 1am before they get away


from eastern


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