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Here on BBC One, it's time for the news where you are.


A number of businesses, politicians and institutions have


joined forces to send a strong message to the Government,


calling upon it to protect London's interests during talks over Brexit.


They argue London has specific needs and it must have access


Our Brexit Reporter, Katharine Carpenter,


has been to a business in east London which was today


celebrating a very special honour bestowed on it -


This family have been smoking salmon in London for over a century.


It's now a cultural artefact, protected by European law.


It's the same status that champagne has, and Parma ham.


It really puts London up there with great foods.


So our food can compete with Europe, but can our city


32 officials have signed up to an open letter to the Government,


asking it to bear in mind London's specific needs when it comes


In particular, it wants to see a stable transition period


with access to the single market, so businesses can plan.


It wants to see a liberal migration policy so there


And a deal which will mean it is easy to trade goods


I don't think this letter will dramatically change the course


of Brexit overnight, no, of course not.


But it is just one walkway to keep...


To keep the conversation going, to make the voice


He says there has been a drop of European students signing up


If we don't have a trade deal, many businesses in London will not


Accountants won't have their qualifications recognised. Airlines


won't be able to travel between the countries.


Intellectual property rights may not be recognised in film and TV.


Many vital services may not be able to trade if we do not have a good


trade deal in place, a good transition.


Back in the smokehouse, the Environment Secretary


was sampling the fish, while the ambition to get a good


He said that Brexit will afford opportunities.


I think the object is to resell ourselves and to rebrand


There is an irony that you're celebrating an honour given


by the European Union, a body you campaigned to leave?


And we have been in business since well before the EU came


into being, and we were unaware that was going to happen.


If Britain had its own award scheme, we would have done that.


He doesn't know if he will keep his protected status after Brexit.


Like everything else in this process, that has


Our reporter Louisa Preston is with me.


Calls for the Mayor of London to be allowed to be more involved


That's right. We know many prominent figures in London are extremely


concerned about the city in these negotiations. They are very


concerned about businesses. It could be very damaging, with up to 70,000


jobs going just in the financial sector. A report today specifically


says that the mayor, Sadiq Khan, should have a prominent input in the


negotiations, and he definitely wants a foot under the table. He's


said that. But the EU Brexit cheap, Michel Barnier, says he'll only


negotiate with the UK Government. But today Jeremy Corbyn met Michel


Barnier, giving him an Arsenal shirt today with his name on it. We are


told that went down well. And he met the Scottish and Welsh first


ministers. But with EU nations relying heavily on the City of


London for their financial needs, and Michel Barnier saying in the


past, it would seem likely that Sadiq Khan will have some say at


some stage. Thank you. A parliamentary vote on plans


to expand Heathrow Airport has been delayed further,


until at least next year. In a statement, Transport


Secretary Chris Grayling said June's general election


had led to the postponement. A Commons vote is expected


to take place next year. The Queen has opened


the Metropolitan Police's New Scotland Yard is now based


at Victoria Embankment. The old headquarters


were sold for hundreds of millions of pounds,


and will be turned Last week, the Home Office announced


a 12-month amnesty for illegal immigrants who'd been living


inside the Grenfell Tower Investigators believe 350


people were officially living there at the time,


but it's not known how many more people may have been staying


in the block when the fire started. We may never know how many illegal


immigrants lived in Grenfell Tower, She agreed to speak


to us on the condition What support have you received


since the night of the fire? I'm not paying the rent and I'm not


supposed to be in the tower. Investigators believe


that around 350 people were living inside the tower,


but residents like Rhea were not registered,


and it's not known how many other people were in the same situation


and whether they are among those Last week, the Home Office granted


a 12-month deportation amnesty But with a young son


in the UK and a family to support in the Philippines,


she still has fears Her friend and her daughter


both managed to escape They have since been


discharged from hospital. But the ordeal has


deeply affected Rhea. How have you coped with the trauma


of surviving something as horrific That was an illegal immigrant


speaking to our reporter. An aristocrat has been sentenced


to 12 weeks in prison after being found guilty of making


menacing communications towards the businesswoman and


anti-Brexit campaigner Gina Miller. Rhodri Philipps - the 4th


Viscount St Davids - wrote a post on Facebook offering


?5,000 to anyone who ran her over. The 4th Viscount St Davids,


Rhodri Philipps, forced to answer for his threatening


abuse on Facebook. Well, justice will be


served, without question. I have belief in the British courts,


and anything that I've done wrong... He targeted Gina Miller,


who took the Government to court over Brexit,


writing: At first, I sort of read it


and re-read it, because it seemed so barbaric, but that was the first


time that I felt truly threatened. Lord St Davids was given the chance


to speak to the court in person and, in a passionate speech,


he said he realised that his comments were very unkind,


unnecessary, self-indulgent expletives of anger


which he could not contain. He'd claimed he was motivated by his


family motto, love of country. The district judge, Emma Arbuthnot,


said it was actually hatred of anyone who disagreed


with his views and of those Privileged, entitled


and now heading to jail, an establishment man brought down


by the menacing racial abuse That's it for now from me, but let's


find out what the weather's up It's not too bad, is it? 23 degrees


today, and that was despite quite a bit of cloud across the capital and


surrounding area. This was sent in late in the day, a lovely end to the


day. It doesn't have to be sunny, does it? It doesn't look as though


it will be quite as cool as last night, certainly comfortable. Just


the outside chance of a light, drizzly shower in the north of the


region tomorrow morning, but otherwise it looks a decent today.


Despite starting on the cool side, the sun comes out and the afternoon


looks fine for the men's semifinals. 22, 20 three Celsius, strong


sunshine. Friday night and into Saturday, more chance of picking up


the odd drizzly shower. A week weather front drapes itself to the


north of us, but still lots of dry and bright weather. The outlook, it


has been very hot in Spain, as and bright weather. The outlook, it


has been very hot in Spain, as you may have seen. We could get some eat


next week.


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