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Now, on BBC One, it's time for the news where you are.


It's a month since the tragedy at Grenfell Tower.


This morning, friends and family of five-year-old Isaac Paulos -


one of the youngest to die in the disaster -


Five-year-old Isaac Paulos was today described as a smart and generous


little boy who had just learned to read.


Isaac lived on the 18th floor at Grenfell Tower.


He tried to escape but got separated from his family.


His body was found on the 13th floor.


Other pupils in his school managed to escape.


We are absolutely devastated as a school community.


The reception class that he was in, it feels there is something missing


We are trying our best to support families and to look out for those


Johnny Regassa helped Isaac's younger brother to safety


but he lost his best friend in the fight.


I tried to be strong, to go back to work, but I couldn't.


So still we are emotional, even myself, I'm still emotional.


As for those who can't bury their loved ones


because they are yet to be identified, some news today


to say goodbye and keep the tragedy in people's thoughts.


A month on, residents and people from the local community have come


together for a silent march to show support and remember that night that


Some now plan to repeat the demonstration on the


And a few miles away, another funeral, for 82-year-old Ali Jafari.


He tried to take the lift because he had a heart condition.


Well, this evening volunteers who've been working with the community


since the fire invited the media to hear more about how they've been


Claudia-Liza Armah was there and joins me now.


As you said, it has been a month since the fire and organisers


thought it was a fitting time to speak to the media and explain


exactly what they have been doing on the ground. Fittingly it was held in


a storage unit where some of the donations are being held in that the


growth and residents of the Grenfell fire with their brother the Labour


MP was there. I spoke to the main organiser and find out exactly what


he wanted from tonight. It's the right time really for us to come to


the table and tell our story, from the grassroots, the people at the


ground. There's a lot of pain, a lot of trauma, a lot of grief in the


butt out of the Ashes has risen something very unique and special --


but out of the Ashes. One of the big issues was donations and they


explained how they were handing out donations, food and toiletries, to


residents but still very unhappy that the donations from the Red


Cross are being sold in charity shops and they believe those


donations should go back in the community. Thank you.


A warning tonight that a growing number of people could contract


cancer from their exposure to asbestos in hospitals.


BBC London has obtained figures showing 94% of London hospital


The NHS argues it's safe as long as the material is not disturbed.


Doctor Andrew Lawson wrote about his condition in 2010.


He had been suffering with Mesothelioma, a type of lung


cancer caused by breathing in asbestos dust.


I feel that it's terrible that somebody gets cheated


He was only halfway through his life.


Andrew says he contracted it whilst training at Guy's Hospital,


a claim that the NHS Trust refuses to be drawn on.


White asbestos, the type in hospitals, has been deemed safe,


But experts disagree and warn its presence in hospitals


The numbers of people developing Mesothelioma in this country


And the expected peak has been exceeded several times already.


So the prediction of when numbers of Mesothelioma cases


are going to peak has been moved forward several times since I've


There are now calls for the government to urgently remove


We know that it is likely at some time in the future it will be


responsible for the deaths of members of the public


According to the latest figures, a thousand people from London


died of Mesothelioma between 2011 and 2015.


Seven victims were nurses and doctors but it is believed


the true number of hospital workers affected is far higher.


It comes as BBC London has learned from a Freedom of Information


request that 94% of the capital's hospitals still contain asbestos.


Andrew was typical of Mesothelioma sufferers.


It took years for his symptoms to show.


Once diagnosed, most people are only expected to live


They all knew, we all know about the dangers of asbestos


but they simply failed to take enough action to remove the risk


That's it for now from me, but let's find out what the weather's up


Good evening, a fine end to Friday a lot more clout round over the


weekend and it will turn increasingly to humid. Tempters


might drop as low as ten or 11 degrees, particular in Hertfordshire


-- temperatures. The best son is further south. The cloud will


thicken through the morning -- of the best sunshine. There could be


some light rain or drizzle pushing across the capital but not too much.


Certainly a fine end to the day and even though there was more cloud


compared to today, it will feel a touch warmer. If you are out


tomorrow evening it will be dry with some clear skies, fairly muddy and


continue into Sunday. A lot of cloud and a bit of brightness in the


morning -- fairly muggy. But notice by this stage that temperatures


could hit 26 degrees. Into next week, dry and so to begin with, it


turn week, dry and so to begin with, it


turn stormy by Wednesday. Now the UK outlook. Good evening. A bit of a


damp patch heading our way this weekend and not a lot we can do


about it. Let's see what will be happening over the next couple of


days. Quite warm and muggy, particularly in southern areas. This


is the satellite picture, a big thrill of cloud stretching across


the North Atlantic and it is heading in our direction and has already


been pretty wet in Northern Ireland and parts of Scotland in the last


few hours. Some damp and cloudy parts of western and north-western


areas and the cut-off line is around northern Wales, the North West of


England, this area and south of that, the Midlands and South Coast


and the south-east it should be dry through the night but quite


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