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Good evening. I'm Victoria Hollins.


It was four weeks ago today that one man died and ten people were injured


in a terrorist attack near Finsbury Park Mosque,


in what the Head of the Metropolitan Police said "was quite clearly


Today, the Mosque's Chairman has called for stronger


He says that since the attack they've received a surge


Recall behind me is going out for evening prayers right now. Four


weeks ago it was extremely busy here. It was Ramadan with many


people coming out of the Finsbury Park mosque after evening prayer.


Many were heading up to the high Street. That was where, just after


midnight, a van was driven into a crowd of people.


Everyone was emotional, and it was tough for people,


Sadiq Yusuf witnessed the attack and did his best


There was a guy still underneath the van who we needed to move.


Luckily a lot of people came out of restaurants and houses nearby


and lifted the van so we could get one of the victims underneath.


Some people were conscious, some unconscious.


Yassin was hit by the van, suffering a broken leg.


There is a lot of chaos, a lot of worry and a lot


Everybody was so scared of what happened.


While Islington Council has been praised for its support


of the community, racist crime targeting Muslims has risen.


According to Met police figures, in the weeks before the Manchester


bombing there were on average 17 Islamophobic hate crimes


There was a clear spike following the London Bridge attack


And in the weeks following the Finsbury Park attack there have


still been 81 hate crimes reported every week.


The chairman of the mosque showed us a file of letters full


of poisonous vitriol, all delivered here.


You will have a river of blood, for example.


And we will make sure you get hurt and your community gets hurt.


Expect bombs and other things in your centres,


He discussed the need for stronger deterrents with the Prime Minister


when she visited the mosque after the attack.


Tougher penalties for those found guilty of hate crimes and more


We're not asking to catch every perpetrator who has


sent a letter like that, because we know it's impossible.


But we expect something to be done about some


to the bottom of it and find out who's behind it.


We take Islamophobic hate crime and all kinds of hate


We allocate cases to experienced detectives, and they do


whatever they can in terms of their investigative abilities


to support the victim, to chase the suspect,


and again to bring the suspects to justice.


The Home Office say they've given ?1 million to help mosques


improve their security and are working with relevant


agencies to make sure tougher sentences are handed down


But as these small handprints from local schoolchildren show,


there is hope this community can slowly heal.


I have spent quite a bit of time round here in the last month and


generally the atmosphere is pretty positive. But work continues behind


the scenes to heal the emotional and physical scars. To that end, I


understand victim support workers will be going into the mosque for


the first time next week. Meanwhile, 47-year-old Darren Osborne has been


charged with terrorism related murder and attempted murder. He is


due to appear on Thursday at the Old Bailey for a second preliminary


hearing. There are fears that stress


and exhaustion among London's bus drivers


is contributing to a rise 25 people were killed


either on or by Just to warn you, you


might find the pictures at the beginning of this


next report shocking. Here's our Transport


Correspondent Tom Edwards. This man is just moments


away from the impact. He survived but was badly injured


in the incident in Beckton. And in Ladbroke Grove,


a bus mounted a pavement. Today's report says the capital's


buses could be Major safer. Ten years ago Sarah Hope's mother


died after being hit by a bus. Her daughter lost her leg


in the same incident. She wants operators to reduce


the stress on drivers. We had a terrible incident


in our family and it was caused by a bus driver having road rage,


which is unforgivable, and it must But since that happened,


and since I have been working on my campaign to help bus drivers,


I have learned quite a lot about the stresses and strains


that they are under. And I think we need to really think


about them and what they actually physically do every day,


which is more than driving a bus. 25 people have been killed


on or by buses in the last two Today's report found an emphasis


on punctuality over safety, with drivers facing long hours,


which compromises their ability. The one thing is making sure


the contracts incentivise safety as well as punctuality,


but we also need to make sure Transport for London's


own management having their bonus regime safety


at the heart of it. We need to make sure the life


of drivers is better, and that means making sure they can


have their meal breaks, making sure they don't drive


for 16 hours at a time, because if they are tired,


they may make mistakes. In extreme cases, this incident


shows the behaviour from passengers drivers also sometimes have


to deal with. Bus driving is one of the most


stressful transport Joanne Harris has been


a driver for ten years. Most drivers are doing 12 hour days


and then getting forced overtime 13 and a half hours of all-out


stress, with all those people on board, is not a good combination


for road safety. TfL welcomes the recommendations


and says it's taking It's aiming for no deaths


involving a bus by 2030. But campaigners are calling


for much quicker action. A debate is taking place


in parliament on the growing It follows a big rise


in the number of such assaults. Earlier the Mayor,


Sadiq Khan, called for One victim, who had acid


squirted in face and eyes, has been speaking to BBC London


about his ordeal. And a warning there are


some flashing images They started pushing me about,


calling me racial abuse. Imran, a father of five,


was attacked with acid in November Minutes after he thought he had


avoided a fight here with a large Minutes later he ran


into two of them again. I tried putting my window up


but they have got to my car here and I have realised one of them


had a bottle of Lucozade on him. As I have looked, he has literally


thrown it onto my face. I couldn't see


anything straightaway. I was in pain, and it was


burning and everything. This is how he looked at the time,


but he says his excellent physical It's not physical that's


the problem, it's mental. I can't get it out


of my head, even now. Following five acid attacks


in less than an hour and a half last week,


Sadiq Khan today called I think we should be talking


about life sentences We should be looking at the most


severe sentences when people have used acid like a life changing


and life-threatening weapon. But that hasn't happened


in Imran's case. He says his attacker


is still on the streets. Staring at me, laughing


at me, smiling at me. It's simply that he


is laughing at me. But I could have done something


myself, but I've got kids. That's the only


reason that stops me. It should be classed as attempted


murder or something, Sadly, an agonising increase


in cases like Imran's means that That's it for now from me, but let's


find out what the weather's It looks like it'll be a pretty


interesting week ahead in the weather. It'll start hot and humid


and then we'll see thunderstorms developing before it cooler and more


settled before the end of the week. A warm night tonight, only 16 or 17


degrees by the end, and tomorrow morning some medium and upper level


cloud, but a dry start to a dry and warm day. Windy, wind from the


south-east with humid air, bringing it up to the upper 20s in one or two


spots. Tomorrow evening, we will see showers and thunderstorms spreading


north through the region. There could be heavy downpours but by the


end of the night most will clear away and it's another warm one, 18


degrees for many on Wednesday morning. A southerly breeze on


Wednesday, some showers around but I think we will avoid most of them.


You might catch one or two, but 25 degrees once again. We will not see


those temperatures at the end of the week with a cold front moving


through on Thursday. It will introduce fresh air. Some rain on


Thursday, mostly early in the day. Drying up in the afternoon with


temperatures coming down, 21 and 22 at best. On settled on Friday. Cloud


and outbreaks of rain. Also windy and it will not feel like 20


degrees. At the weekend, it will be quite unsettled with showers around.


It's not all doom and gloom with drier interludes. Here's


It's not all doom and gloom with drier interludes. Here's Ben with


the national picture. Good evening. What goes up must come down. So the


saying goes. That certainly applies to the temperatures. Sunspots cut up


to 27 degrees and tomorrow we could get even warmer with some spots up


to 29. The middle of the week will bring a change. Thunderstorms will


be sparked off and as they clear away, that's when the temperatures


take a tumble all the way down to around 20 degrees at best for most


places by


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