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First tonight, cracking down on knife crime in the capital.


The Home Secretary has outlined plans, targeting


It would force customers to collect them in person,


enabling shops to carry out ID checks.


One mother, whose son was killed, welcomes the move but says parents


She's been speaking to our reporter Tolu Adeoye.


On the 24th February, my son Jonathan, nicknamed JJ got


stabbed in the heart outside the Town Hall in Islington.


They took out his main artery, punctured his heart and punctured


This CCTV footage shows the chaos as Michelle's son tried to skip


The 28-year-old father of two was stabbed in the chest would later


They leave, their faces are not covered up.


That's how confident they are they're not


You know, my boy didn't carry a knife.


JJ's killers still haven't been found.


Knife crime is on the rise in the capital.


Between June 2015 and May last year, there were nearly 10,000 offences.


In the year to May this year, there were nearly


Just designed to go in and pull everything out, it's horrendous.


The Home Secretary has been shown the sorts of knive that's have


been found by police, all handed in in London.


It's illegal to buy a knife if you're under 18, but some young


The Government plans to change the law so knives purchased have


We know from our own experience, from police information that we've


had, that young people have been able to buy knives who might


be underage online and we want that to stop.


The other thing we're announcing is making sure we can


consult on new legislation, potentially, so that


knives that are illegal, but are held in private property can


JJ's mother welcomes anything that will restrict the sale of knives


but says policing must start at home.


A lot of these weaponry is coming out of the kitchen drawer.


As parents, you need to be checking your children's bags before


Talk to your children, find out who they're hanging out with.


Because you really do not want to feel like I'm feeling now.


If you think about someone you really love and close your eyes


and think you're never going to see them, touch them, feel them,


even just get a phone call from them, "Mum,


You know, that's how I feel every moment of every day.


There were tears tonight from both residents and council


representatives at a meeting to update the community


The response team faced questions on support for victims


and over charity donations not getting through.


Arriving for answers, armed with questions, many gathered this


evening for a meeting that, at times, became emotional from all


sides. I saw everything from the fire, from the beginning to the end.


From a 17-year-old's side of it, growing up in this community, I


loved, it I thought, you know, everyone's loving. And this whole


tragedy has made me see we have no support from you. What are you going


to do to support us? It's absolutely clear to me that you've been let




And you've been let down by statutory and public authorities.


For many who feel they don't have the truth, it was heated. I have


evidences to suggest that you guys are actually lying about the actual


total fatality. I'm telling you to tread very carefully. Following


questions surrounding where online and charity donations have been


going, Barry Quirk had this to say. First of all, there's 700 just


giving pages, 700. Which is phenomenal contribution for people


round the country. None of this money is controlled by the


authorities. It will be controlled by the Charity Commission. After the


meeting, there was still disappointment from some in the


community. It's clear that although the council and local services are


trying very hard, they are still failing to engage with the


communities and there's a culture of disengagement here in Kensington


Chelsea. The council has promised change. The investigation says it


will give answers, whether it will give this community closure is yet


to be seen. They've been quite public in not


seeing eye to eye when it comes to travel bans


and Twitter etiquette. Now the mayor of London has told


American TV audiences that their president shouldn't be


honoured with a state visit Whether it was courting the NFL


at Wembley or trying to woo the new American owner


of Formula One in the capital last week, London's mayor has been eager


to roll out the red carpet where lucrative deals


with the US might be on offer. But now, he's reiterated


that he won't be doing the same for the American president,


in an interview with a US Would you be open to a state visit


by Donald Trump here to the UK? State visits are different


from a normal visit. At a time when the president


of the USA has policies that many people in the UK disagree with,


I'm not sure if it's appropriate for our Government to roll out


the red carpet for a state visit. It's not the first time the two


leaders have clashed. Last month, the US president took


to social media to criticise the mayor's response to the terror


attack on London Bridge. But now, some of the mayor's


political opponents What kind of message is that


to American companies who want to invest in the United Kingdom,


or indeed, those Americans who've made their home here, that massive


insult to their country? It's not about the personal spat


between Don and Sadiq. This is about a relationship


between two countries. So for him to adopt his own foreign


policy, I think, is irresponsible and it means he's not


treating his job very seriously. So far, President Trump hasn't


responded to Sadiq Khan, at least not through his preferred


method of Twitter. Did the mayor's comments add extra


significance this time because they were made


to an American news network and will be presented


to a domestic audience there? There are people out there willing


to, they'll jump on Khan for having said this if they're


Trump supporters. If they're not Trump supporters


they'll hold this up as yet another bit of evidence that


Trump is not doing anything good for US relations


with the outside world. And yet last weekend,


President Trump did have The carpet might have been


blue rather than red, but many have seen this trip


as a sign of growing closeness Tonight, Sadiq Khan has


made it clear he too wants a strong alliance,


but told us the point of having a special relationship with the US


is that we stand by them through difficult times


but are not afraid to tell It's been described


as an archaeological gem, a sarcophagus, believed to be


an ancient roman relic, has been It's one of only three ever


found in the capital. For most of these archaeologists


this is the most significant find of their careers, a building


site near Boro, once This stone coffin, the last resting


place for someone very important. They would have been very wealthy


and they would have had a lot of social status to be honoured in -


it's not only the sarcophagus. It's the fact that


it's constructed into But whoever was buried


here did not rest entirely in peace, because back in the 1700s, this


grave was robbed. An opportunist person


uncovered the top of the sarcophagus and pushed the lid


to the side and took some The treasures may have been


snatched but the real wealth Lies within the earth under


the two ton lid, which this morning was being lifted very,


very carefully. The last time a discovery like this


was made was 18 years ago. Spittalfield, the woman, as she's


called, was found in tact, a wealthy Italian who's provided


a wealth of knowledge. We know from the isotopes


in her teeth that she was born She travelled all that way


and is buried in this amazing lead coffin placed within this stone


sarcophagus, she is just fantastic. It's no wonder they are


excited about this. It's taken seven months of careful


digging to get to this point, moving the sarcophagus for


the first time in 16 hundred years. The sarcophagus is headed


for the Museum of London, The story of this


mysterious Roman vip to I'll wish you a very goodnight


and leave you with Elizabeth Rizzini We could be in for a stormy night


indeed. Here's the warning signs, some cloud as captured by Helen in


Hackney earlier. Here is the Met Office weather warning, we see


torrential down pours in many places overnight. There could be thunder,


lightning, hail, the lot. Here are the storms just tracking up from the


south at the moment. Parts of west London have been badly hit. These


storms could pop up anywhere through the early hours of tomorrow morning.


We could see very heavy rain within just a short space of time. Tracking


northwards, it should be a drier picture by tomorrow morning.


Uncomfortable night's sleep for many. Lows of 18 or 19 degrees.


Tomorrow should be mostly dry. Thunder storms may pop up through


the late afternoon. Probably a sunny start. It will feel warm and even


more humid tomorrow. Clouding over through the afternoon.


Highs of 27. Here's the outlook: Good evening. There is some dramatic


weather out there at the moment. Some vicious thunder storms that


have pushed into southern parts of the country. Earlier on, we saw some


really torrential rain across the south-west, particularly west


Cornwall, where we had issues with flooding. Then this evening, storms


have developed across some other southern areas of England. One


particularly potent


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