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So as you may have heard, a meeting is taking place tonight


at Kensington and Chelsea Council - with survivors from Grenfell Tower -


voicing their anger at the way the tragedy has been handled.


So Elizabeth Campbell, the Council Leader, has


once again responded, with the words,


But tonight, she also added a promise for more social housing.


There were plenty of protests outside.


The first full meeting of Kensington and Chelsea's council


since the Grenfell fire saw and heard the anger of a community


that feels betrayed, and from survivors of the fire


TRANSLATION: Does anybody remember this key?


It is the key of my home in Grenfell Tower.


I used to open the door with this key.


This has got lots of memories for me.


Behind these memories, hundreds of people have


Every time I look at this key, I wonder and I ask,


what is the difference between us human beings?


The family of the deceased are being treated like rubbish.


If we are not being treated properly, how can we have faith that


If you cannot have respect for the dead, how can we have faith that you


If you cannot have respect for the dead, how can we have


faith that you will deal with the survivors the way they deserve?


The people must choose you and they have not chosen you.


Survivors and local people were allowed to speak but only


after the new leader of the council was elected.


Bringing the commissioners before it gets


Would all those in favour of Elizabeth Campbell please show?


Tonight, I would like to ask if I can speak directly


to the victims, survivors and community groups of


That we did not do more to help you when you needed it the most.


She promised to build or buy 400 new social homes


And promised a new culture at the council with local


Promises she will be held to in the coming weeks and months.


Just to let you know that meeting is still ongoing. Some other news now.


A pioneering way of helping people with dementia


is being tried in parts of London and the Home Counties -


and its success could see it rolled out to the rest of the country.


It uses technology to monitor sufferers and send help when needed.


Tolu Adeoye has been to south west London to see how it works.


Inside John and Marion Edwards' home, more than a dozen devices


designed to monitor John's health and activity around the clock.


He was diagnosed with dementia just over two years ago.


If I do fall over, this will send a signal to the monitoring centre


to note that I have fallen over and they will send somebody


It's all part of the clinical trial designed to improve the lives


of people living with dementia and their carers.


All the information gathered can be remotely monitored


and if the technology identifies a health or safety concern, doctors


The couple say it has transformed their lives.


I feel a lot safer for John and myself as well because I know


there is somebody that the whole time who are looking out for us.


She goes to choir practice twice a week.


She can go out and know somebody is looking after me


And this is where all the information is monitored.


The Surrey And Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust


Based on the data we get here, we decide if the person is stable


or not, do they need to see their doctors,


The trial is proving promising so far and the hope


is that it will eventually be rolled out nationally.


I think the fact we are able to connect through these devices


and look at the information together, it is ground-breaking.


Today is the Edwards' 48 wedding anniversary.


Marion says the trial has helped John to become more


You're a glass half empty person, I tend to be


But this is helping you to go the other way.


Students in London, are more likely to drop out of university


One in ten have been found not to complete their course.


And a disproportionately high number of them.


A third are from poorer backgrounds or from ethnic minorities.


Toby Walker dropped out of an English degree when he decided it


wouldn't lead to the career he wanted.


It took me until my second year to work out that I really wanted to


leave it because it was so much money.


He says there wasn't much guidance on choosing a course,


high housing and tuition costs mean he lives with his mum in Greenwich.


He says students are under huge pressure.


Universities, I feel, are treating us as the product which


our parents are buying and if we don't succeed


bought for us, then we are failing and because we are the thing that


they are paying for, we feel like failures.


In fact, new research shows one in ten London students


We know that costs of living in London are


quite high and we also know that quite a high proportion of students


in London commute from home, so that may mean they have less time to do


their studies, it might mean also that they are less engaged


Researchers say some universities, such as here at UCL,


are doing much better than others.


But they found overall London's students tended to be less satisfied


with their courses and that black students are a third more


The reality is we may be getting through the door,


but we are definitely not staying there.


We are having to take on more more like part-time paid work,


students aren't able to enjoy university,


they do not have a sense of affiliations to university


Plenty of work, of course, has gone into encouraging more


You may remember Tony Blair had a target of 50%.


But researchers say there's little point in continuing to push students


to sign up if they then drop out.


The focus, they say, now needs to change.


Their report recommends new government targets.


This time to reduce the dropout rate among black students.


It says the mayor could use his new skills task force


to look at how to help and it calls on universities and schools to do


more to prepare students for what lies ahead.


London boasts some of the top universities in the world, the


challenge now to encourage students not just to sign up,


The chance to rent in prime London locations, is drawing companies


to places they never thought they'd be able to afford.


Around 20 are being rented as either office space,


coffee shops and even mobile repair shops.


One of them - is in one of the most expensive areas of London -


I guess it is funny that the mobile phone has paid the phone box


obsolete so we are bringing it back into public service. I guess we are


making the next revolution, the next form of life for these phone boxes.


They will make one into a flat next! You can keep across all tonight's


developments at Kensington and Chelsea Council


on BBC Radio London or our website. We'll be back on BBC One


and the News Channel But now, let's get the weather


forecast from Stav. Yes indeed. We will see clouds


coming from the south. No lower than 16 or 17 degrees in the capital. It


looks like we will have a muggy start and early showers. Things will


brighten up as we head into the afternoon. It starts off muggy.


Light winds. The odd heavy shower. Temperatures reaching 22 degrees as


the sunshine emerges into the afternoon and wins switching to a


westerly direction, turning fresher. This area of low pressure will bring


unsettled conditions too much of the UK as we head into Friday and on the


weekend. Wins coming up from the south, good sunny spells around and


temperatures around 23 degrees. It is still feeling quite fresh. Then


into the weekend, it stays pretty showery. Temperatures around the low


20s. showery. Temperatures around the low


20s. Hello, good evening. After a


turbulent couple of days, the weather is slowly but surely


beginning to calm down. We should not see too many more scenes like


this, an impressive thunderstorm which affected Reigate. During the


day the focus for showers and storms shifted further west and north.


Those showers are a drifting across north-east England and southern


Scotland. Some of these showers gave a lot of rain


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