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security services are already testing it as a tool for hunting


testing it as a tool for hunting terrorists.


Figures obtained by the BBC show the number of reported sexual


assaults on the London Underground have more than trebled


So campaigners are now calling for everyone who uses public


transport to take responsibility for keeping others safe.


Tolu Adeoye has been speaking to a victim -


I was stood behind loads of people and this guy was behind me


and he sort of started rubbing himself up against me,


and I thought, maybe I've got the wrong impression here,


but then I realised, as it became more pronounced


that he was actually, you know, feeling me up, groping me.


Imogen Groome was assaulted while travelling on the Central line


She says the experience has changed the way she now


I will usually try and plan around and take the bus where I can,


just because there's more space and you're not going


It shouldn't happen, that's the bottom line.


People shouldn't just take advantage because they can.


The number of reported incidents is rising.


Statistics show, in the year to March this year, there were more


than 700 reported offences on the Tube.


That's gone up threefold from 225 five years ago.


You know, he shouldn't get away with it.


Police say campaigns like this one mean more victims have


But certainly it will help us build that picture and we can establish


when people come on the system, when people come off the system,


That can open up lines of enquiry to help catch these people.


Research on the London Underground shows that most offences


are reported during rush-hour, dispelling the myth


that this has anything to do with late-night drinking culture.


It's often sober men travelling to and from work


And campaigners say everyone using public transport has


to take responsibility for keeping women safe.


There's lots of bystanders lots of the time just turn the other


eye because they don't want to intervene, but I think it's


really important that we all say, this is not on, it's not


what we want for ourselves, it's not what we want for our children.


We want to create a society where women are free to walk


around and be in public safe without fear of attack.


Imogen didn't report the assault, something she now regrets.


In hindsight, I wish that I had reported it


because it is every little detail that makes the difference.


If I'd just said the time and that this guy was tall and had


a rucksack, which was all I knew of him, that could have


helped to paint a picture of who had done it.


She's urging other women to speak up.


500 people have been evacuated from their homes and businesses


in north London after fears of a possible explosion -


at a fire on an industrial estate in Edgware.


With the latest, here's Jennifer Conway.


Eight fire engines and dozens of firefighters were called


to the blaze on Watling Avenue in Edgware this afternoon.


A workshop on the Edgware industrial estate had caught fire,


behind a row of shops with flats above.


Residents and businesses were evacuated when the London Fire


Brigade became concerned that gas cylinders on the site


Big smoke, like black smoke filling the streets.


People were being evacuated from their shops.


I tried to get some personal belongings as long as it's obviously


safe, which we needed confirmation from the structural engineer.


I'm supposed to be going on holiday on Tuesday so I need


Burnt Oak Tube station was closed as smoke filled the sky.


Tonight the fire was brought under control, shortly before 9pm.


Experts from the 9/11 terror attack in New York,


have been brought in - to help provide specialist knowledge


to police investigating the Grenfell Tower fire in North


Metropolitan Police Deputy Commissioner Craig Mackey said


the "extraordinary size of crime scene" meant the "only comparable


advice" that could be found was from investigators who worked


on the collapse of the World Trade Centre in 2001.


This is one of the most complex recovery operations certainly many


of us in the UK have seen in time, and the people we're taking advice


from, which gives you an idea of the skill and complexity of it,


are some of the people who worked on 9/11 and the fall


of the towers on 9/11, because it's an extraordinary


size of crime scene, and extraordinarily complex.


Criminals in London make millions of pounds a year


The money often goes to gangs - which helps fund their other crimes.


So a crackdown by Trading Standards has begun -


and on the front line, are specially trained harmless


Unregulated, untaxed and under the counter,


illegal tobacco in London is big business.


It is an increasing problem in London.


The issue is that the cost of cigarettes have


become much higher and counterfeits are cheaper, so people tend to go


This is one tool on the front line, working


with trading standards officers to identify


what is fake and what is


not, and her handler says she is an important part of the team.


She has been doing this for five years.


The last five years, she has found over


?7 million worth of illegal tobacco products.


But officials estimate this is just the tip of the iceberg.


It's thought criminals are making ?100 million a year


third of London smokers admitted they had been offered illegal


Now campaigners say bargain basement tobacco is finding


its way onto the playground and are tempting


Brian bought his first illegal packet from a friend.


When I was in high school, it was me and five


other people smoking in my school, in my


year, but altogether in the


school, there were so many people smoking.


And there is another problem campaigners are concerned


Illicit tobacco is linked to gangs and criminality and we also


know that there are extra substances added to cigarettes, for example


London trading standards say foreign language on packets, unusual brands


and knock-down prices are all tell-tale signs that what you are


There is no doubt that trading standards is


having an impact and they say that, even with the help


to be done to stamp out this growing illegal market.


A woman from Hertfordshire has been quietly remembering the day,


ten years ago, when she became the first person in Britain


to donate her kidney - to a complete stranger.


Her unselfish act led to a change in the law allowing


others to do the same - and its helped save


Yvonne Hall has been speaking to her.


Quiet and unassuming, but this 73-year-old grandmother has


Kay Mason battled with the NHS for years to try to


change the law to allow helping people to donate kidneys to


-- healthy people to donate kidneys to strangers.


They could not understand one's motivation to do something for


somebody who they did not know and they reckoned


doctors would not want to


I realised what a privileged life I had lead, I had


not had any serious illness and I had four


healthy children and even a


In 2007, what Kay describes as her stubbornness paid off, the law was


Kay and others hope the tenth anniversary of her


donation will inspire more people to do the same.


There are currently 5000 patients in the UK waiting for


Incidence of kidney disease is rising and, every


year, 250 people die whilst waiting for a suitable donor.


It is a big step to offer your kidney to somebody you


The NHS are very thorough in making sure that every


potential donor is aware of the risks.


John says having a kidney transplant has transformed his life.


I am at the gym three times a week, I can run, cycle, tennis, football,


play with my family, which they all notice,


You have helped save the lives of 600 people.


That is a very flattering way to put it, but it is good.


I do not think about every day but, when I


I think she deserves to feel more than good.


Now over to Phillip for the weather.


The good news story. We got there eventually today, quite cloudy to


start with. Here's the good news, tomorrow, mostly dry. A bit breezy,


coming in from the south. It won't be a cold start to the day. You are


stepping into dry conditions. A decent commute, some sunshine


around. The cloud fills in a bit during the day. I wouldn't be


surprised if you saw a shower mainly to the west of the area, rather than


the east, which could stay dry all year. Temperature is 22-23. If you


are out tomorrow evening the cloud will thicken up and I think there's


a greater chance the longer you spend out of seeing some rain. It's


tied in with that front, which eventually pulls away first thing on


Saturday. Then we fall into a bit of a gap. Make the most of that because


it will be a decent day. The chance of a shower, perhaps.


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