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The father of a 20 year old who died after being restrained by police


officers in Hackney called for justice and for peace tonight.


Traffic was disrupted and some people are still out in the streets


after a vigil was held outside a police station.


Earlier Rashan Charles' father spoke to the crowd.


We are seeking justice today and basically I want everybody


This is obviously a peaceful protest.


This is not anything that we are obviously


We ask for justice, and I thank everyone for coming.


Scotland Yard say Rashan Charles tried to swallow an object -


and that officers had tried to prevent him from harming himself.


The case has been referred to the police watchdog.


Katharine Carpenter has more details.


In the early hours of Saturday, a police officer followed


Rashan Charles into a shop on Kingsland Road.


The police say he was seen trying to swallow something.


But, despite getting first aid at the scene, Mr Charles died.


It's led to questions over the police's handling


Within an hour and a half of the incident, the Independent


Police Complaints Commission announced it was investigating.


But in Hackney, some say they have little faith in that.


Three young men have died following contact with the police


Edir da Costa died six days after the car he was travelling


On the 16th of July, a 16-year-old boy died


Then, at the weekend, Rashan Charles also died.


We do not want this brushed under the carpet.


If this continues, we'll be standing in another few weeks,


outside another police station and asking what's happened


to our sons, what's happened to our daughters, and demanding


This has been going on far too long, and it's time for justice.


Tonight, the local MP urged the IPCC to reveal its findings


We have to know what happened in this case.


We don't know the full facts until the IPCC has investigated.


That means, actually, other investigations can't happen


I urge everybody to be calm while we find out what the full


facts of the situation is, and I'll be watching very closely,


Earlier, the borough commander addressed the crowd here.


He said he understood that local people needed an explanation


for what had happened, and that could not


He also said his officers knew they could be held


Safety experts looking at other London tower blocks


following the Grenfell disaster - are claiming four blocks in Peckham


could be at risk of catastrophic collapse if there's a gas explosion.


Southwark council says the experts are wrong but has asked structural


engineers for a strength test of buildings to re-assure residents.


After the events at Grenfell, it hardly bears thinking about.


But that disaster has led some independent safety experts to look


And now they are worried about this estate in Peckham.


Tyrone Thomas lives on the ninth floor and he's worried, too.


It's a bit like being in prison, but you lock yourself in.


The dangers in prison are probably less than what they are living


In many flats there is cracking between walls, which could mean fire


There are now fire wardens on constant watch and Southwark


But independent safety experts are now warning


If it's leaking, we can end up with an explosion


and a major collapse, affecting and killing


What the experts claim is that the blocks at Ledbury


are of similar construction to the block which collapsed in 1968


at Ronan Point in Newham, killing four people.


That disaster was caused by a gas explosion and, afterwards,


gas was seen as a real danger in all similar blocks,


A Government inquiry set up after the disaster recommended that


gas should be removed from all system-built blocks.


The inquiry called for buildings to be strengthened


But an independent expert who recently visited


the Ledbury blocks wasn't happy with what he found.


The council should immediately cut off the gas supply until they know


that the building can withstand the blast of a gas explosion.


Another safety expert with concerns is Sam Webb.


After Ronan Point, he investigated the weaknesses of this type of tower


block and now he wants the walls at Ledbury checked to make sure


they can survive a gas explosion, saying there could be consequences


It could blow out the load-bearing end plank walls


If there are people in the living rooms,


in the kitchens of those flats, they will collapse and kill people.


Today, we put the two experts' points to Southwark Council


and they said they were wrong - the buildings' problems


are being sorted out, and they are also safe for gas.


The four tower blocks on the Ledbury estate were actually


built after Ronan Point, and are of a different design.


They are the Type-B property, Ronan Point was a Type-A structure.


Therefore, we feel they are safe to have gas in them.


However, we have asked Arup, who are our structural


engineers looking into it, to do that safety check.


Why are you keeping people in the buildings before


We said to people, if they don't feel safe, we will remove them.


But I think it must evacuation isn't the right thing at the moment.


We've put measures in place to make sure there is safety there,


Southwark Council insists the blocks are safe,


and says it's working with London Fire Brigade


on a permanent solution to all of the issues,


and says the results of the strength tests will be known shortly


Now, if you don't like rodents, you may want to look away


Harrow, in north west London has been nicknamed Ratland,


with locals saying the situation is out of control.


A video's emerged online of the problem,


showing a large number of rats swarming around bin bags.


The council says it's taking the problem extremely seriously.


It's a video provoking horror online.


Rats brazenly running around this car park in Harrow.


Not too far down the road, Bryony filmed this


Dear Harrow Council, council tax has gone up


substantially in the last few years, yet the bins are


overflowing and we're plagued with rats.


It's one of dozens of complaints on social media.


She's set up a Facebook group highlighting


And rats are one of the biggest concerns.


The thing that's causing the problem is the


amount of rubbish and litter we have in the borough on a regular basis.


Every day and getting people posting in my group massive fly-tips,


We've been here for the past few hours, we haven't


actually seen any rats but people tell us they have been spotted near


As you can see, they are overflowing and people say it is


What we have done straightaway is put rat traps and poison to deal


And where we do get complaints, and we do know there is


an issue, we issue fines because people that fly-tip


and make Harrow disgusting, it's something we want


You've got rat droppings all the way along.


You've also got burrows at the back you that you can


You can also is not the UN, that's when you know


there's a real infestation on the surface.


David Piggott has worked in pest control for 12 years.


He says Harrow is one of the areas in London


The council says it's putting traps and


poison down, is it going to get rid of the rats?


It might reduce the numbers but it won't control the


entire problem because as you can see if there was a food source here,


the bait isn't going to have much effect on that


free food source, the poison is a bit more of a risk, leaving poison


That's it for now from me, but lets find out what the weather's


The weather of the week ahead, a bit of everything. Really it's a typical


summer week. Don't forget how spoiled we've been so far with all


the sunshine and heat. Some rain in the forecast. Also going to be


breezy but bright spells. Not going to be a complete wash-out. Today we


were shrouded under this cloud. If we wiggled into the sunshine we


would have got to temperatures of 24 degrees but instead we were under


the cloud at 17 degrees. Still producing bits and pieces of rain,


but it's been breaking up through the day and one or two weather


watchers did send pictures of a bit of sunshine right to the end of the


day. This is the picture as we go through the night, temperatures


between ten and 14 degrees as the cloud continues to break up. Still


drifting around as we go through the day. Still a breeze coming in from


the north but more in the way of sunshine through the afternoon and


the temperature responding nicely to that. That northerly breeze is


bringing in some quite warm air. 23 degrees into the afternoon in


central London. On Wednesday this is what happens, plenty of cloud. Not a


huge amount of rain but there will be bits and pieces of light patchy


stuff going through the middle part of the day, then a bright end to it.


Some sunshine by the evening. The end of the week isn't looking too


bad, lots of dry weather. There might also be some sunshine breaking


through on those Thursday and Friday days. Temperatures average for the


time of year. The outlook for the weekend is that it's going to be


remaining unsettled. But there will still be dry and bright spells, on


the still be dry and bright spells, on


the cool side perhaps. Darren Bett has the National forecast.


All our weather this week will come in from the Atlantic. We started the


week with some major differences, sunshine here in western Scotland in


the Highlands, temperatures of 25 degrees around Glasgow. Contrast


that with grey skies, cool breeze in Southwold in Suffolk. Temperatures


are struggling to around 15. Still cloud spilling into the eastern side


of England overnight, still rain or drizzle here and there. Away from


here many places will be dry and there will be some spells of clearer


skies following the sunshine. Temperatures in towns and cities no


lower than 12 or 13. A cloudy start, we'll see the nagging breeze easing


away from East Anglia. Drizzly showers pushing through by late


morning and the power breaking up, sunshine coming through. Nice day


with light winds


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