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Welcome to BBC London News with me, Victoria Hollins.


Noah Serra-Morrison was just 13 months old, when he was killed


The family was known to children's services in London,


but when they moved to Luton, social workers didn't properly


Today a review into the killing found serious failings in the way


the local authorities handled Noah's case.


Noah Serra-Morrison was just 13 months old when his life was so


violently cut short. He had suffered multiple injuries over a sustained


period at the hands of his mother's boyfriend. The couple's life


revolved around drink and drugs. This video was shown in court. No


was alone in the next room. Hardeep Hunjan was jailed for life last


year. His mother, Ronnie Tayler-Morrison, was jailed for six


years. But could more have been done to protect him? The family was known


to social services in healing but they move to Luton weeks before


Noah's death. Today a serious case review highlighted multiple


failures. There is concern that information is not transferred


between councils, which means vulnerable children can slip through


the net. Health visitors are described as the crucial eyes and


use of the safeguarding system. But there are critical vulnerabilities


in a system which lead to errors. There is no clearer understanding of


the risks to children whether its domestic abuse. Better training and


resources are needed to enable cases to be investigated thoroughly.


Melanie has been a social worker for 19 years. These findings were no


surprise to. I think every case review says the same thing. Social


workers need to step away from some of the bureaucratic processes and we


need to be allowed to work with families more. We need to be allowed


to spend more time on the ground. In terms of information, I think the


information would flow more easily. The report stresses the difficulty


of dealing with on cooperative or avoidant parents. Noah's mothers


spent days getting high drugs. When Hunjan battered him to death, she


waited three hours before calling an ambulance and claimed he had fallen.


He is out of his cot and he is not breathing. The NSPCC is concerned


that the pressure on children's services mean anyone in science can


be missed. Sadly although organisations often talk about early


intervention, what happens in reality does not match the rhetoric.


There is not enough early intervention and therefore families


can slip through the net. Both Luton and Ealing councils say this review


increases the need for national guidance on transferring cases


between boroughs. They insist measures have been reviewed and


strengthened. But this case brings into view the tragic cost when the


system fails. Two teenagers have been


injured in a suspected acid Emergency services were called


to the scene in Bethnal Green at about seven o'


clock this evening. It's the latest in a spate


of attacks in recent week. Dan Friedman is in Bethnal


Green this evening. This is the car behind me were two


young men were travelling in when a corrosive liquid was sprayed in


through the window. It hit them. That was a three minutes Drive away


from here. They got here as quickly as they could to go to a local shop


to access some fresh water. You can see some footage of the fire brigade


and police a short time afterwards, posing one of these young men down.


The two young men are in hospital. There have been no arrests. If you


look closer at the card, you can see where the acid has started to


corrode the bodywork. Earlier I spoke to the shopkeeper who treated


them. Two young Bengali boys came into my shop asking for water. I


gave them some water to wash their face. I was calling an ambulance for


them as well. There have been a spate of


incidents, haven't there? Yeah, particularly in this part of London.


Less than two weeks ago, there were five acid attacks in less than 90


minute in this part of town. And only yesterday police said they


would issue a thousand acid kits, response kits, to the Metropolitan


police. That includes five litres of fresh water as part of their rapid


response to this. So that when police get on the scene they can


treated quickly. I am joined by Rabin can, an independent councillor


from Tower Hamlets. We saw some officers on the scene earlier. Do


you believe this is gang-related? We should leave that to the police to


investigate it and we support them. We have certainly seen a spike in


acid attacks in east London. In Tower Hamlets, we have had 84


attacks. We need to realise that predominantly it has been a weapon


of choice and has disproportionately impacted on women. We are now seeing


that it is being used by young people in gang rivalry, it is being


used as part of hate crime, as part of burglary and robbery. We have to


make sure we support the police their investigations. The mayor of


London has called for a life sentences for people carrying it. Do


you believe in that? I think it is very important. We need to make sure


that young people do not access the sale of corrosive substances. Thank


you for joining us. Eight penguins have been killed


by a fox at Chessington World of Adventures, according to staff


at the resort. It's believed the animal managed


to get into the birds' enclosure. The remaining 20 have been moved


to a safer area while security Penguin Bay was only built in 2015


and had special measures put in place specifically to deter foxes


and we are therefore shocked The remaining penguins have been


relocated while we make additional measures to secure Penguin Bay


which we hope to reopen It was one of the bloodiest battles


of the First World War, in which nearly half a million


troops were killed or wounded. The Battle of Passchendaele saw


the British launch a series of failed assaults against German


forces in Belgium. Today, relatives of some


of the soldiers who died attended the unveiling of an art installation


made in honour of the victims. Over the top and into the unknown,


this was the Battle of Passchendaele, one of the bloodiest


episodes of the First World War. 100 years on,


a specially commissioned sculpture was unveiled


in Trafalgar Square. Rebecca's great-grandfather


and his son were killed on the They were both in the same


battalion and when Ronald was wounded, the father set


out to find a doctor. He was insistent he would get help


but unfortunately he was shot as he went out to find


the doctor by then Ronald was dead anyway.


It was a hideous waste of life. 500,000 people were wounded


or lost their lives. It was one of the biggest


and bloodiest battles It is important because it shows how


intense and appalling the First It was one of the darkest


years in British history. Driving rain turned the battlefield


into a city of mud which drowned The sculpture is to


remember the men who It is not the only way


Passchendaele is being To help the next generation


understand the brutality of the battle, the British Legion


has created these videos. Like these cadets,


they want the public to You get more respect


for how horrific it All the effects are so much


more real like the It definitely gives depth


to the You get to see lots of


different bits around you. Also the information is given


to you, you take it in much better. The mud soldier will be worn away


by rain, falling to the air. But hopefully the


memories it invokes But let's find out what


the weather's up to, with Wendy. Thanking you. It was a beautiful end


to the data across London and the Home Counties. This is looking along


the Thames from Wapping. I don't think it will look like that of


tomorrow. We'll get some rain and it will turn breezy the rest of the


week. Nothing much to worry about. There is patchy cloud. That will


increase as we go through the night. Mainly light winds. It is feeling


quite warm. If you get help super early tomorrow, you will see some


brightness in the sky before the cloud comes in. The rain arrives in


Surrey at 11 o'clock. It sweeps through pretty quickly and is light


and patchy. It will be a breezy day. Towards the end of it you may see a


return of some sunshine west of London. Temperatures 19 or 20


degrees. Low pressure prevails through the end of the week. We have


an active jet stream hushing tonnes of stuff towards us through the


Atlantic as we get to the weekend. On the outlook you can see, Thursday


start sunny. Heavy showers in the afternoon. Probably less of them on


Friday. At the moment it looks like there will be further rain over the


weekend as well. there will be further rain over the


weekend as well. More on that pesky jet stream with Matt Taylor.


Good evening. Temperatures for the rest of the week fall below


expectations. That all comes after a spell of wet and windy weather


tomorrow. If you are on holiday, do not despair. There will be some dry


moments. The rain courtesy of this son of cloud. It will take most of


the night before the rain settles in Northern Ireland, parts of Wales and


south-west England. Patchy rain in the north-east of Scotland. Most of


you drive. Mostly clear skies tonight. Temperatures in the


countryside could drop into single figures. Most in the teens. The big


driving force behind not only tomorrow's weather but the rest of


the week is this area of low pressure. These weather fronts will


bring a wet and windy start to the west. In the eastern half of the


country, this is the best part of the day. Enjoy


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