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the President achieved six months on? Join me now on BBC Two.


BBC London has been shown footage of one of the London Bridge


attackers, Khuram Butt, who, with his accomplices,


killed eight people last month near Borough Market.


The pictures show Butt arguing with another man


The man he was arguing with, who gave BBC London the footage,


He claims Butt told him he should be killed for leaving the faith.


not telling the police about what happened.


Gareth Furby has this exclusive reports.


This is the ringleader of the London Bridge terror attack,


Khuram Butt, wearing a Superman sweatshirt and arguing with other


people at Hyde Park Corner just months before he organised


We know it's him because it has been confirmed to us today by a relative.


And compare his face pictured at Hyde Park with the image


issued after the London Bridge attack in June.


Butt is seen smiling, but just moments before


the mobile-phone camera had been turned on to capture him arguing,


he told a former Muslim he should be killed for leaving the religion.


The man that was threatened is called Aftal.


He comes from north-west London and has asked us


to withhold his identity, so we've used a producer


Were also going to show you some of the things Khuram Butt said at the


time. He came up and said I want


to have a discussion. He turned suddenly and got personal


and started threatening that He was just threatening and very


aggressive but when the people started to come, he just got


a bit calmer. He said, "If you don't obey my


religion, you should be killed." I knew it, you know,


this guy was going to do I just regret, why didn't


I inform this to the police? Because if I did, I could


have saved many lives. Maybe the police


would have listened. This mobile-phone footage,


filmed we were told, last August, was given to us at the weekend


after we visited a London address It's the headquarters of a group


who called themselves the They claim a growing membership


and say in London some people Sadia Hamid says she left


the religion when she was 19. Because of the inequality


between men and women. Now she claims people


who work here faced threats. Threats of being shot,


threats of being bombed. Another ex-Muslim says


he's been threatened in London The threats, I went on a bus,


for example, one day, and two people recognised me,


and they said, This weekend, the group organised


a conference at a London address that wasn't revealed


to anyone except those involved, We can fight for the right to leave


and criticise religion, and especially Islam,


without fear, without threats, A leading London imam says no true


Muslim would threaten anyone Islam does not promote


hatred, homophobia or Islam promotes equality,


dignity and honour of all people. But some ex-Muslims disagree,


and it was at this conference that Aftal gave us this mobile-phone


footage of his encounter with the leader of the London Bridge


attack, Khuram Butt. I felt really bad


when the attacks happened. I could have reported him


to the police. And tonight the Met Police said


that they'd encourage the public So you've probably heard the news


that new diesel and petrol cars But what kind of an impact


will that have in London? but can the city cope with having


to charge all those batteries? This new superfast charger


for electric cars It cuts charging time


from 3-4 hours to half an hour. 100 more are planned in the borough,


but we're going to need a lot more like this if the whole of London


is going to be driving According to TfL,


there are already 1600 electric cars here in the capital,


and around 8000 charging points. But right now there are 2.6 million


cars on our roads, so what's the priority in preparing


for that many electric cars? I think it's just a question


of getting charging points in place. If you're installing


charging points from scratch, it's a tricky process with planning


applications and all that stuff, but if you're just installing


a socket on the side of a lamp post, But many in the capital say


the focus on electric cars and a date 23 years away is a red


herring and that today's cleaner strategy from the Government


won't help our immediate The Environment Secretary has


pledged ?225 million for local authorities to tackle their worst


roads, but City Hall has repeated its claim for a diesel scrappage


scheme in the capital, We think targeting, you know,


a couple of roads here and there If you look around London,


we have multiple roads breaching the pollution limits,


so you need an area approach and the funding to be


able to tackle that. Finding a solution and fast


is pressing. Air pollution contributes


to 9000 premature deaths A businessman from north London


has been found guilty of being part of a conspiracy to pass off


horsemeat as beef. Inner London Crown Court


heard how Andronicos Sideras, one of the owners of Dinos Sons


in Tottenham, mixed the meats Two other men had already pleaded


guilty to their part in the plot. Rail passengers are being warned


they could have to wait up to 45 minutes at rush hour while major


improvement work is carried out Around half of it will close


for most of August, which wll also have an impact on Clapham Junction,


Vauxhall, Wimbledon, and other stations used


by South West Trains. More than one in ten women


who die within a year Yet the mental health of pregnant


women and new mothers is something which isn't often talked about,


which is why a hospital in Paddington is trying


to change things. When Pippa fell pregnant, she says


she shouldn't have been happier. Her daughter was wanted,


she was in a happy, stable relationship,


so she couldn't understand I always thought being depressed


was being sad and tired, and I was really angry and did have


thoughts of not wanting to be here, not because I didn't want


to be here and be alive, just because I didn't feel like


I could cope with all of it. There was one moment


when I came driving home, and I wondered what it would


be like if I crashed my car. While postnatal depression


is widely recognised, having mental-health problems


when you are pregnant One in five women


in the UK who have a baby It is the most common side effect


of pregnancy and it is dangerous. One in seven women who die


in the first year of their baby's life will have killed themselves,


so why does no-one talk about it? It makes you feel like you're


failing, it makes you feel like you're not being the mother


that your child deserves. And telling someone


that, that is hard. This woman leads a team


at St Mary's Hospital who treat pregnant women and new mothers


who have mental-health problems. I'm finding it hard to get out


of bed in the morning. A ?3 million grant means


the centre can offer help Abuse victims, new mums who can't


bond with their baby. Society doesn't give women


permission to become unwell or to be honest


about how unwell they can feel. Many women have fear of childbirth,


or they might feel very strange with their babies and these feelings


are very difficult to disclose. Are they normal?


They are absolutely normal. 11 weeks old and baby


and mother have nothing The secret is catching the signs


early to secure a happy future. Finally, cars parked in private


driveways on a road in Gants Hill have been regularly getting fines


because the ends of their cars Residents are furious,


saying there's nothing they can do about it,


as the driveways were constructed as early as the 1920s


when cars were smaller. Redbridge Council says


they'll work with residents to Ben has the weather for us,


and quite wet at times today, Ben. It certainly was, some outbreaks of


rain in places, but that was not the whole story. Things started pretty


bright for the Weather Watchers, but things clouded over, and cloud


brought outbreaks of rain, and tomorrow will see heavy showers and


some sunshine, particularly during the afternoon. It is fine at the


moment, and it stays dry through tonight, although more in the way of


cloud creeping in from the west later in the night, 12-14d. Tomorrow


gets off to a largely dry start, if a cloudy one. The cloud will be


thin, I suspect it will be bright but not desperately sunny. Into the


afternoon, the sun will break through, more brightness, but the


showers will turn quite heavy, and there could be thundered mixed in as


well, highs of 18-21, quite a blustery wind. On Friday, rain from


the west, then sunshine and showers at the weekend. If you are heading


further and of field, Matt Taylor has the national forecast.


If it is staycation for you at the moment, there is an unwelcome guest


at Hotel UK, the jet stream to the south of the UK, quite important,


because it is bringing weather systems, and it forms on the


boundary between warm air to the south and cooler to the north, and


we are on the wrong side of the jet stream at the moment, we have got


cooler and low pressure in charge. It will be with us through the week


and a weekend, and this weather front has cleared, but we have some


nasty showers at present, south-west Scotland, boogie across north-west


England, thunderstorms, torrential downpours, moving across the


Pennines shortly, fading away through the night. But the rest


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