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BBC London has discovered that hundreds of confidential documents -


some relating to child protection - have been dumped in


an unlocked storeroom on an estate in south London.


The papers show names and addresses and now a survivors group


for child sex abuse victims in Lambeth has contacted us,


saying the hoard could include files relating to abuse at a local


Sarah Harris has been investigating, for this exclusive report.


Concerned resident Mitchell Krishnan contacted BBC London


But on closer inspection, it was clear the documents


Lambeth ACPC child protection interagency protection...


This is data protection against possibly child abuse or whatever.


The piles of Lambeth Council paperwork have been stored


in the unlocked ground floor storeroom as long


They also include names and addresses of families


It's a disgusting thing, that it's just left here


for anybody, like myself, and yourself to be able to see this


information and possibly use it in an horrible,


ugly way that it possibly it could be used in.


It's not, it's not being protected while it's exposed like this, is it?


We took some of the documents to a leading solicitor on data


This is very serious from the council's perspective...


He's worked for the Australian government and the Obama


administration in the US, advising on data protection issues


and says this kind of security failure is being taken increasingly


seriously by the courts under the Data Protection Act.


Organisations have very serious responsibilities around


the data that they hold and the data they create.


So if a local council were to just dispose of data in a basement


or in a way that's inappropriate, that would probably breached


Watching BBC London's report on the dumped documents


He was a victim of abuse at Shirley Oaks children's home


in Croydon, and leads the survivors group.


He says he's been told by Lambeth Council 140 boxes


of documents have gone missing relating to the case.


He wants to be sure these files were not left in this store room.


I think about those care files being people, human beings,


and I think about their stories being left just in any situation,


But we also think about what we believe has been a cover-up,


and it's consistent with what we know Lambeth have done


They've been removed from council buildings and just locked


The physical and sexual abuse of children at Shirley Oaks


while in the care of Lambeth Council, was said to be


on an industrial scale, stretching back to the 1960s.


A former detective working on the case then says this


It's imperative that the history of these documents


How did they arrive in the basement of this tower block?


Who actually put them there, and what was the reason for these


sensitive documents being placed in effectively an insecure basement?


Because the continuity and integrity of that documentation could be


the difference between a successful or a failed conviction at court.


It will be a painstaking job, going through these files,


but there are many people who want questions answered.


How did they get to this store room and why?


Well, we asked Lambeth Council for an interview but they declined.


Protestors angry at the death of a black man following a police


chase have blocked a road in east London.


Crowds have gathered in response to the death of Rashan Charles


who died on Saturday after unverified video footage


showed him being restrained by a police officer.


Alpa Patel has the details, and Alpa, as well as the trouble,


some developments tonight as far as the investigation is concerned?


Yes, the death has caused a lot of anger in the local community and is


the subject of an independent police investigation. Rashan Charles was


chased into a shop in Hackney last Saturday. Pictures show a police


officer tackling him to the ground. A member of the public also helping.


Police say Rashan was trying to swallow something as he was


struggling and when he arrived at hospital he was pronounced dead.


Since last Saturday, there have been angry scenes near the shop where


this happened. Tonight, protesters are out again, some have clashed


with police, as these pictures show. I have just spoken to the police and


they say the protests are still ongoing, even though no arrests have


taken place so far. There is an IPCC investigation, perhaps telling that


they are updating us on the investigation even though it is not


yet concluded. The Kbits of that say that they are looking through body


camera footage and CCTV not in public domain. This is the third


death in five weeks, in contact with police. It is an extremely tense


time when it comes to community relations. A tweet by Hackney police


says that officers have been subjected to abuse and violence and


that would not be the wish of the family. We will keep a close eye on


what is happening. Thank you. Let's find out what the weather's


going to be like tonight and for the weekend,


with Jay. It, since God, but it didn't take


long for the cloud to thicken up. By the middle of the afternoon we were


seeing some light rain and drizzle. Some rain around at the moment but


it will clear away. Tomorrow, we get off to a dry start. Make the most of


that because there will be rain coming in later on. Wet for a time


overnight tonight. By the end of the night, any rain is confined to the


far south-east. The skies will be clearing for many of us.


Temperatures of 40 or 50 degrees by dawn with a bit of a breeze. The


further north you are, a bright start. Good spells of sunshine. Make


the most of the morning, that is when you will see the best of the


dry and right whether through the afternoon. As you go through the


afternoon, some of the rain could turn out to be on the heavy side.


Top temperatures, getting into the upper teens, maybe the low 20s. It's


going to feel a bit cooler underneath all that rain. Let's look


at the Outlook. Sunday looks like a better day overall. Monday or


Tuesday, largely dry. at the Outlook. Sunday looks like a


better day overall. Monday or Tuesday, largely dry.


Hello, I am sure anybody on holiday in the UK right now is not too


impressed with the holiday. This weather watcher picture sums things


up. In Highland Scotland, at least there was some sunshine between the


downpours. Further south across England and Wales, thickening cloud,


outbreaks of rain, initially heavier in Wales, and then in northern


England pushing to the North Sea. Dribs and drabs of rain heading


across the Midlands to the south-east. Walt two heavy bursts


and gusty wind in the south-east ahead of the rain. Later, skies were


clear and the wind will drop a bit. In the north-west, we are going to


hang on to the showers. Temperatures about 12 or 13 degrees. Into the


start of the weekend, some more showers around and some sunshine for


Scotland and Northern Ireland. Showers initially near the north


coast of Northern Ireland, western Scotland, that bit dry across




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