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An 82 year-old grandmother who was attacked on her own doorstep


after being targeted by a female stranger says it was


Catherine Smith, who was strangled with a dog lead, says


she wants her attacker caught before it happens again to


She's been speaking to Tolu Adayoye about her ordeal.


I pushed the door and as I pushed the door she pushed it back on me


and then she knocked me down on the floor.


She grabbed me and said, give me your money,


82-year-old Catherine Smith was attacked on her own doorstep


last week in what police have described as a vicious


Now recovering at her home in Streatham, she believes


she could have lost her life that day if she hadn't fought back.


It's an instinct, you know what I mean.


She grabbed me and I grabbed her because I really had a go


at her as best I could, you know what I mean.


I was surprised how strong I was in my left hand


because I've got arthritis in the fingers and that.


But I grabbed hold of anything I could get hold of.


Police believe the suspect saw Catherine here in


Palace Road Nature Gardens while she was out on her mobility


She then a followed Catherine home, repeatedly asking her for money.


When Catherine tried to go inside her home,


When that was refused she became aggressive,


pushed the front door open, causing Catherine to fall back


She then grabbed Catherine's dog lead and started to strangle her.


I thought, no, I'm not having this, I'm not going to die here.


So I got hold of the lead and I pulled it down quick


She has been described as a black woman, about 5'5" tall,


She was wearing a khaki coloured zipped coat,


I got here and open the door and there was blood all up


the side of the stairs, all up the banister.


Catherine's son said it crucial she's caught before


She's beat my mum black and blue for ?60.


And she needs to be taken to hospital.


She's done this to my mum, she could do it to anyone else.


Press the green button for about five seconds


Catherine now has a panic alarm but she's worried for those


She is urging anyone with information to contact the police.


I mean I'm vulnerable enough but people that


are worse than I am, you know, that won't


If I hadn't have done that, she'd have strangled me to death.


There are reports of a serious disturbance tonight


Riot trained officers have been sent the male prison.


The Ministry of Justice says there is an ongoing incident


but the facility is secure and there is no risk to the public.


Adina Campbell has the latest from Bovingdon.


What is the latest you are hearing? In the last hour or so the Ministry


of Justice has confirmed to us that this disturbance has now been


resolved and authorities are back in control here. The emergency teams


were called at around two o'clock this to new after reports of a


serious disturbance. Specially trained prison officers were called


to two wings which housed up to 230 inmates but we know that the


Ministry of Justice has told us that significantly fewer inmates were


involved in the disturbance. There have been reports recently of a


concern about staff shortages and the day to day running of the prison


but Mount prison is a category C prison, category A being home to the


most dangerous criminals, it is home to more than a thousand prisoners


and has been open since 1987. A recent inspection in 2015 found the


prison was performing well but there will be concerns tonight and ongoing


questions about how peaceful the prison will stay. Many thanks.


EU countries have until midnight to bid to host two agencies,


currently based in Canary Wharf, that will move after Brexit.


Between them, they employ just over a thousand staff.


Sonja Jessup is here with more details.


Given these are European agencies, this was on the cards


That's right. We are leaving the EU after all and losing the European


medicines agency which monitors the safety of medicines and the European


banking authority that deals with banking rules but you only have to


look at the competition this has sparked between different countries


to get an idea of what we could be missing out on. They are pitching


with glossy brochures, promotional videos, it has been likened to the


Eurovision Song Carr says -- contest. The agencies employed


around a thousand highly skilled staff, and of course they come with


their families and bring a lot of business. 36,000 visitors came to


the BMA in 2015, that is 30 dozen hotel nights between -- to the EMA.


There has been a lot of talk of companies relocating so put this in


context. It is a blow but we should be cautious about seeing this as the


start of some sort of mass exodus. It is true that some banks have


looked at moving out of the capital but the Centre for London think tank


says we should be cautious at seeing this as an example of that with


these agencies and it is not a typical example.


It was inevitable once we voted to leave the EU that these agencies


What they do remind us of is the huge contribution that


high skilled organisation businesses like these make to London


London is a tenth of the population roughly,


a court of the economic activity, a third tax take so we can't afford


to lose these really important high skilled businesses.


He went on to say that he thinks this is where a transitional deal is


needed as soon as possible to stop as falling off a cliff edge as he


said. As for the agencies and their staff, they are waiting to find out


where their jobs are going to go and it is understood there are around 20


countries involved in the bidding process. Frankfurt is thought to be


the favourite to host the EBA but we have to wait until November to find


out. Thank you. A study by two London universities


says offering routine HIV tests to people when they register


with a new GP in high risk areas could be cost


effective and save lives. One charity is calling


on healthcare commissioners Tom was diagnosed with HIV six years


ago after a routine screening They kept calling me and calling me


and I didn't want to pick up because I was on holiday and having


a good time. And I finally gave in and picked up


and they told me I had It wasn't really the best way


to find out I don't think. He would have preferred to have


been told by his GP. I think I would have preferred


to have found out about my HIV diagnosis from a doctor in person,


the doctor that is just around the corner from our house rather


than having to go into the city I think if we are doing HIV testing


clinics in GP surgeries, that normalises HIV testing as well


and it puts it in the same bracket as diabetes and I think


that's good for everyone. A simple finger prick test


which costs the NHS around ?25 is all that's needed to find out


whether you are HIV positive or not. But, despite this, it is thought


more than 13,000 people in the UK are living with the virus that


causes AIDS and don't yet know it. A trial by two London universities


involving nearly 90,000 people from 40 GP surgeries tested how


effective it would be to offer finger prick testing


when registering with a GP. They found it led to a fourfold


increase in the HIV diagnosis rate. Now they are calling for HIV tests


to be offered to everyone registering with a new GP living


in a high-risk area and here in London that would mean making


them available to people Having an HIV test at your surgery


will allow you to have access to excellent treatment but then also


prevent you from passing But with estimated roll-out costs


of around ?4 million and huge pressures on NHS budgets already,


health bosses will have to decide whether this is an area where much


needed cash should be spent. I'll wish you a very goodnight now


and leave you with Wendy The weather for the week ahead is


the second week of the unsettled conditions but that does mean we


will have some bright and bright spells but with that some rain and


it will be somewhat breezy. Not all bad even in this unsettled spell,


this was the London sky with a few clouds tonight and the shower


bearing clouds kept a bit away from us. One or two across Kent but most


of north-west London across Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire


and ethics and the capital itself stayed largely in the sunshine --


Essex. It will be clear and dry mostly tonight with temperatures


falling back to around ten to 13 degrees and we will start the


morning with some sunshine. Once again, the cloud will start to


bubble up but we are looking for the same places with the showers,


Berkshire and Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire and one or two heavy


showers. London and south-east of Beckham 's Ntep and temperatures up


to 23 degrees. -- and South East of there. The breeze will pick up on


Wednesday and the rain comes in in the evening and overnight and it


will be heavy going through and we'd resume with the sunshine and showers


at the end of the week. As for the weekend, we will have bright and


breezy conditions, mostly dry and the temperatures will be average


with high pressure building on Sunday.


with high pressure building on Sunday. Now the National forecast


with Nick Miller. Another summer months nearly gone but let's face


it, the weather has not covered itself in glory in the past few


weeks, just a few moments of summer sunshine. It was Merseyside today


and in Kent, they might avoid the showers tomorrow but the rest is not


so lucky. Sometimes the showers fade away through the evening and the


night and some have but some continue as you see in the past few


hours in the western UK and there is a threat later in the night and the


first part of tomorrow of some more prolonged, intense downpours in


parts of north-west England and Wales so be aware of that. Elsewhere


it is mainly dry with some clear spells and temperatures lower than


this rate -- away from town and city centres so tempted into single


figures. Some sunshine to start the day tomorrow, a


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