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A family desperate to bring their ill mother home


after she suffered a suspected heart attack on holiday


say they're facing huge medical bills because of what they say


was an innocent mistake when taking out travel insurance.


The 62-year-old is currently is on life support in Turkey,


For ten days now, 62-year-old Heather Pyke has been in a coma in a


hospital in Turkey following a suspected heart attack while on


holiday with her two daughters and granddaughter.


It was horrible, me and my sister just broke down.


My poor niece was outside, with one of


We had to put our sunglasses on, because I did not


They discovered that their mother did not have travel insurance.


She had what is known as a European health insurance card, which gives


access to state provided health care in EU countries, but Turkey is not


The money will just get higher and higher.


About one quarter of British travellers go


abroad without insurance and today, experts warned of the need for


Am afraid it isn't unusual, people go away


EHIC card or do not understand that cover that the card provides.


Wherever you go, it is worth checking that


you have a EHIC, everybody should have


won, it is applicable in the


place you are going to but you should underpin it with travel


While a EHIC card provides valuable health insurance


cover, it does not provide the rest of the benefits proper travel


The Foreign and Commonwealth Office do not pay


medical bills or the costs of flying people home by air ambulance.


The family set up a Just Giving page to raise money.


it, another reason we have to get her home.


If anyone is going abroad, make sure you have travel insurance.


It was their first family holiday together


and one they will now remember for all the wrong reasons.


More and more young people are seeking advice about what to do


in the event of an acid attack - that's according


It comes after the recent spate of incidents here in the capital.


St John Ambulance already run an education over, giving advice on


things like knife and gun wounds. This is the first time they've


included anything on acid attacks. It is driven by young Londoners,


evidently they have more and more been approaching first a desert


festival is on that type of thing and asking what they should do in


the event of an attack. I teach in schools every single day and hear


about lots of different things happening to our young people. This


is the biggest shocker, I believe. We do a lot around gunshot and knife


wounds but the acid attacks are so very damaging. This type of attacks


do seem to be on the rise. Yes. We have had 12 alleged attacks in the


last month. Police believe that is due to tougher legislation around


nice. They believe there should be an outright ban on carrying


corrosive substances. These classes are all about educating. You could


be selected because you are the first person at the time because it


is random makes it scary. What she said can be quite useful. It is


unfortunately had to learn about bad and could possibly potentially have


to implement it. If it does happen, and hopefully it does not, I would


know how to help them. Community leaders we have spoken to say they


believe outright bans are short-sighted and do not tackle the


cause of this worrying kind of trend. They think more social


policies are needed. Until then acid attacks are real, live issues. St


John Ambulance say it is responding from young people for calls for


practical advice about how to deal with an acid attack. Hanky. That is


what this thank you. A special opera performance has


taken place in Holland Park this evening - to raise money to help


support those affected The production company behind it,


which is mourning the loss of one of its own, has been criticised


in the past for being Birdie's Requiem is often used in


memoriam. Tonight in Holland Park it is being performed for those who


lost their lives and homes a couple of miles up the road in Grenfell


Tower. It directly affected one of their own, a member of staff, Debbie


Sample, who lived on the 16th floor, missing, presumably dead. It is


difficult for me to talk about. The last time I saw her was sitting at


this bench on the night of the fire. You're listening to the end of the


opera we were performing that night. We said good night at the end of it.


It was lovely and that was it hit helps the feeling about why we


wanted to make such an impact on why we wanted to do something. Grenfell


lies to the north of Kensington, the poor part of Kensington. The part of


the borough the council has been accused of neglecting. Until two


years ago, the opera in Holland Park with the council service, the same


as any other council leisure facility like Jim Morrison mean


pool. That has led to criticism about those who have questioned the


authority of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. They have


misspent government and council taxpayers funds on countless vanity


projects and hand-outs as we have heard while underfunding essential


services. Those who run the opera insist that there's is the


accessible opera company in the country. It has had direct


involvement with the community. When you pitch it as opera is not as


important as homes and living standards in the borough but that is


not an argument I would ever have with you or anyone else. They spent


millions on what sort of other services. It is the word, opera,


that is clearly a problem for people. Perhaps if we were straight,


theatre company, it would not be as controversial. In this country opera


generally as this stereotype that people tend to hold. Stereotype or


not, tonight was my one-off performance was a sell-out with all


proceeds going to help the victims of Grenfell Tower.


They go back hundreds, if not thousands of years as a way


of preserving the image of a loved one.


Beethoven, Oliver Cromwell and Napoleon were all rendered


Now death masks seem to be making a come back.


So you've got the guy laying here dead and I literally just


pour it out of the bowl, and the whole of his head


is literally covered in this thick blue moulding substance.


This was the former manager of a Soho club.


The mask was commissioned by his friends.


That's exactly how he looked when he died.


And as you can see, it picks up every detail.


Nick Reynolds says he's now made almost 100 death masks.


And in the kitchen, which is Nick's workshop,


One so recent, we've been asked to hide the face,


But Nick says a death mask helps some people deal with their grief.


Some people take the death mask to bed with them.


They wake up in the morning, roll over and bingo,


But they are tremendous cathartic tools and they help people come


I have had moments of, you know, of just talking to it, you know.


Joe Corre, who runs the company Agent Provocateur, commissioned Nick


to make a death mask of his father, the artist and performer


A copy of the mask is now in Highgate Cemetery.


It was made while his body lay in a morgue in Chalk Farm.


My exact thought, I walked in, wow, that's Malcolm,


Nick's masks can cost upwards of ?2,000.


The Highgate Cemetery Trust says if more death masks


are more being made, it would be good to


Time for me to say goodnight and as August begins I'll leave


you with Wendy for a look at the weather.


It was not too bad today. There were some decent spells of sunshine once


again but there were tell-tale signs in the sky that things were about to


change that there is a bit more cloud and some rain on the way at


the moment. It is out in the Atlantic that the low pressure


system developed. A beautiful swirl of cloud you can see that it has


been pushing its way towards us. There is cloud in the sky at the


moment and the rain is about to come onto the shores of Cornwall. For the


time being, we do have a bit of high cloud around which is keeping the


warmth of the day came. Temperatures not much lower than 13, 15 tonight.


It will feel muggy in the morning. A bit of brightness. The cloud begins


up. The rain will be on and off throughout the afternoon. Some of it


will be heavy. The brutal pick-up and temperatures will struggle


between 17 and 19. Something heavier through the evening. On Thursday it


is back to sunshine and showers to end the week. Fewer of them


is back to sunshine and showers to end the week. Fewer of them over the


weekend. Hello. We have changed the month but not the weather. You will


know that if you got caught in a heavy downpour. The Met Office says


July was wetter than average in the UK. Perhaps when it comes to


sunshine, in one of the few yellow areas that you have more sunshine


than average. It continued today on the first day of August with blue


sky on view at Lerwick. Some cloud in Cornwall. A funnel cloud, a


tornado that has not touched the ground. Quieter overnight but not


for long. Low-pressure is about to come in. It will be wet and windy


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