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I'm Asad Ahmad. for the news where you are.


An area of London has become the first place in the country


where shopkeepers are signing up to a voluntary scheme


restricting the sale of corrosive substances like acid


It's aimed at addressing the current rise in acid attacks.


But Londoners are also being told that their role


if they see someone sprayed with a substance can be crucial.


With details of what to do, here's Marc Ashdown.


Video footage released by police today after an acid


They want to trace these two men on the moped.


They threw a corrosive substance in the face of a pedestrian.


He suffered minor burns, mainly because a passer-by


He just started squeezing it in our faces...


In June, Jameel Mukhtar and his cousin suffered a random


Specialist burns units like this one in Chelsea and Westminster have seen


in recent months, reflecting police figures.


Now surgeons are calling for more public awareness.


Witnesses can play a crucial role in minimising long-term damage.


The danger is relatively superficial.


Usually, it can be treated just with dressings.


But if the injury is of such a severity to damage


surgery will be necessary and the use of skin grafts,


and therefore, the need to inform the patient


that there will be permanent marks or scarring


But quick first aid reduces the chances of that?


The first thing you should do is dial 999.


Delivery driver Javed Hussain was attacked three weeks ago.


I was really scared. I didn't know what to do.


Drivers have become so scared that Deliveroo has


improved security measures and is trialling helmet cameras.


It's thought acid is being used in attacks


because it's easy to get hold of, and legislation is much looser


than rules surrounding possession of a knife.


Shopkeepers in Hackney are signing up to a voluntary scheme to restrict


the sale of products containing ammonia and acid.


It's the first of its kind, and it is backed by the council.


They'll be asking for identification and refusing to sell these kind


of products to anyone under the age of 21.


They'll also be reporting any suspicious sales.


Police say there are far fewer acid attacks than knife crime and people


But being properly prepared to help could


The police watchdog has tonight been forced to reveal more details


surrounding the death of a black man who died after being restrained


Rashan Charles died last month leading to anger in the area.


Our reporter Tolu Adeoye has the details.


Rashan Charles died on the 22nd of July. He was followed by police


officers into a shop. He put an object in his mouth and later lost


his life. His death led the protests, one of which was quite


violent. The police faced criticism over how they dealt with the


incident. Yesterday, the IPCC said an item removed from his mouth was


not a controlled substance. The BBC understood that to mean it was not


an illegal drug or a so-called league high, but no other


information was given. But today, the IPCC revealed that the package


he swallowed consist of a mixture of paracetamol and caffeine wrapped in


plastic. This was information they did not want to give us, but they


said they had given the information because of pressure. The


Commissioner overseeing the investigation explained why in this


statement. At this stage, we still do know what


led to Rashan Charles's death. The postmortem results are pending. But


the IPCC will look to reassure the public by giving out more


information and put to bed some of the speculation. Thank you for that


update. The mother of Sally Anne Bowman -


who was raped and murdered in Croydon over a decade ago -


says her daughter's remains have been exhumed after her grave


was repeatedly desecrated. Linda Bowman told a newspaper that


"cruel people" had targeted the She said they'd covered the grave


in dirt and dead flowers Fire safety work carried


out at a block of flats in Camden has been described


by an independent fire safety expert as being nothing more


than "a tart up and a cover up". His concerns reflect those felt


by many residents who feel "unsafe" after emergency work was carried out


following the Grenfell Tower fire. Camden Council argue


the work has been properly approved and signed off,


as Frankie McCamley reports. This door, they've


just put these on. Lulu lives on the 17th floor


of Taplow Tower on the Chalcots estate with her two children


and is staying in a hotel because she says she's too


scared to come back here. I have two young children


aged one and four. How am I going to be able


to concentrate on their safety? I'm going to be a nervous


wreck the whole time. After the building was evacuated,


the council added a fire door closer to her front door


to make it safe. That's meant to make


my door slam shut. Fire wardens have been placed


on every floor of the towers but despite this, another


who lives on the ground but despite this, another who lives


on the ground floor says she doesn't It's meant to be some


sort of material, As you can see, the wires


are just left stuck in. It makes me feel like


like my landlord doesn't An independent fire safety


expert has been carrying out his own assessment of some


of the flats. But more work still needs to be


done, Camden Council insisted but crucially, I didn't ask anyone


to move back to those blocks until I'd heard from the fire


brigade who are on site The removal of the cladding


from the blocks will begin in the coming months,


but restoring trust in the council One of London's oldest pie


and mash shops, which has survived two world wars,


looks to be staring defeat in the face -


which comes in the form It's in Chapel Market in Islington -


and there's no shortage of customers Nicola Ford has been


to meet some of them before The green is the liquor


and you've got the potato, and the puff pastry pie,


and it's delicious. It's a lunchtime rush at Manze's


on Chapel Market, but customers had better be quick,


as the shop is due to close. I'm 88 now, so that's 80


years of pie and mash, and I don't think they should


close it down. The owners say a recent rise


in business rates are to blame, where in Islington, rates on average


have gone up by 45%, something that is causing local


business groups concern. For me what's sad is that this


is the bloodline of the community. Chapel market, the independent


businesses here, they create It's a focal point, it's


a place people know, it's a place where people


come to visit. It's a community,


families come down... It's part of Islington, it always


has been, and once that goes, it's another small part of Islington


that's broken up, I'm afraid. Anyone moving into the borough has


got to have money now. And that's fine, it's lovely,


but I mean, the kind of things... They're not pie and mash


kind of people, not Manze's is opening another


restaurant in Essex, where there is still a market


for pie and mash, but what about We weren't originally going to come


here, we were going to go down the road, but this one


was recommended to me, The council say they are happy


to discuss with the owner if they can help to keep the shop


open, and say they'd be extremely As it stands, the last pie will be


served at the end of the year. That's it for now from me, but let's


find out what the weather's up to A better day than yesterday, but


windy? Indeed, a real pie and mash day. These trees, I suspect, were


rocking and rolling. For some, it did shower. Not a cold start, and


the wind is less noticeable than was the case today. A dry enough start


for the early morning commute, and I think we will get most of you


through the morning dry. But there is a chance of one or two showers,


rather like today. Top temperature feeling more like 23, given that


there will not be as much wind as I was today. There will be fewer


showers as the evening goes on. As we get into the weekend, the low


pressure which has driven the weather so far today, moves away. We


have hope that Saturday could be a dry affair for many. A bright start


on Sunday. Then more clubs billing in from the west.


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