04/08/2017 London News


The latest news, sport and weather from London.

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Now on BBC One, it's time for the news where you are.


Welcome to BBC London News. I'm Louisa Preston.


First tonight - hundreds of thousands of commuters


using the UK's busiest railway station face weeks of disruption


with major engineering works due to begin this weekend.


A multi-million-pound revamp of Waterloo station will see half


The upgrade work is in order to create extra space for passengers.


From tomorrow, there won't be any trains leaving


Commuters will have to find other ways to get into London.


From here, it is bus service part of the way,


onto a train that is already probably going to be rammed.


I'm going to suffer it for a week, probably work from home for a bit,


It is just one of those things, really.


It is a pain, but if it is needed, it is needed.


Waterloo is the UK's busiest station with 100 million passengers


It is essential we do this work, lengthen platforms,


delivering more modern trains, getting more bums


At the moment, platforms 1-4 are pretty short.


Look at the rest of the platforms. They are much longer.


That is hundreds more passengers per train.


There is no doubt, then, there will be some long-term gain.


South West has colour-coded the level of disruption.


Stations in green should be OK, yellow more crowded than usual.


Stations in orange will be extremely busy, with fewer trains.


Those in red will be closed at least some of the time.


Notably, the line through Clapham Junction will be cancelled


to Chessington and severely disrupted out to Dorking,


on the Shepperton line and as far as Winchester.


Services to Reading will also be affected.


Controversially, there won't be any blanket compensation


Compensation will continue to be available throughout


August as it always is, and that is based on the journey


that our passengers have compared to the timetable that we have been


At Earlsfield station some commuters are already planning


The plan is I am going to cycle every day into town I hope.


That is good for you. Yeah.


I like an extra half hour in bed but that is gone now.


I wouldn't mind if it was a week but three weeks is a bit extreme.


But the works are extensive, costing ?800 million,


Extra trains will be laid on to try and cope but with 250,000 journeys


likely to be affected every day, it could be a long


The terror attack on London Bridge saw hundreds of businesses suffer


financially because of the closure of Borough Market for 11 days.


Two months on, and a number of traders say they've yet


to receive sufficient insurance payments to cover their losses.


One claims staff may even have to be laid off as a result.


It is one of the city's most popular destinations,


with millions of people visiting every year.


But earlier this year, a terror attack here forced businesses


The consequences have been significant.


In the months following the attack, one stallholder said it had


Another said it only survived because of a charitable donation.


But the whole market felt the effects.


Sean estimates his business lost between ?10,000 and ?15,000.


We couldn't get to our business. We couldn't access our stock.


We couldn't get to our office. We couldn't do anything.


You have been in touch with your insurers and you are getting mixed


It has been a real challenge with the insurers.


They've not been helpful at all in this process.


Our initial enquiry, we were told they wouldn't


Most of the other businesses here have had that message.


Our insurers have now sent a loss adjuster down to review


the claim but two months on, no sign of any money.


And if Sean doesn't get the insurance money he says he might


His MP Neil Coyle believes some businesses here could even


He believes the Government has not done enough to help.


Not only have they not provided direct support but they have failed


to ensure that the Government-backed insurance system pays out swiftly.


If businesses are forced to close, jobs and livelihoods


are lost and income is lost, then the Government


The Government set up an insurance system to make sure companies


are covered if they are damaged in a terror attack, but currently it


doesn't include business closure, which is what happened here.


But some stalls here say they need help and action now.


After a spate of horrific acid attacks in London,


there are calls for tougher charges, for those using it as a weapon.


Today the Crown Prosecution Service has clarified how the crime


Acid attacks are pretty high profile at the moment, aren't they? They


feel like the new menace on our streets, the threat of an acid


attack. And so the Crown Prosecution Service have responded to the fact


that lots of people have been calling for tougher laws and


sentencing and clarified what the sentencing actually is and it is


already pretty tough. If you are caught carrying acid with intent to


cause injury, you face a four-year sentence. If you throw acid on


someone, even if it misses its target, you face a life sentence.


The big news really is that the Home Office are carrying out a review at


the moment and that could lead to even tougher sentences. And also,


restrictions on access to acid because essentially, what we are


talking about are corrosive liquids that anyone can currently buy from


pretty much any DIY store. Thank you for joining us. Jim weevil, there.


That's it for now from me, but let's find out what the weekend


How good-looking? Not too bad at all and today was


pretty spectacular at its best, hopefully the sunflower was not the


only thing which saw some sunshine. The odd light shower overnight,


temperatures starting Saturday where we started Friday. Saturday


morning's early showers will be quite light compared to what comes


later in the morning, on through lunchtime and into the afternoon.


They could be heavy enough of the odd rumble of thunder. Top


temperature if you see the sunshine, 21 degrees or so, showers tending to


fade away and under clear skies, look at this, I know it is August


but single figure temperatures for some so chilly start but that


equates when the sun is up to a bright and sunny start to the new


day. Can we keep it going all day? The cloud fills in a bit but if you


have a plan for the day, the weather will fit in with it, drive for the


most part with a high of 21 or 22. Into the start of the new week,


changeable weather Into the start of the new week,


changeable weather to say the least. Good evening, mixed, unsettled,


changeable, many words you could use to describe the weather we've had in


the last week but heatwave would not be one of them. That is a far cry


from the weather we have been seeing across southern Europe. Today was


another day of dangerous heat in places from the Balkans westwards


towards southern Spain, temperatures well up into the 40s, close to 45


degrees in parts of southern Spain, a lot of this down to the jet


stream, southern Europe is on the southern side of the jet stream and


we are on the northern side of it, the cold side of the jet stream. It


is the jet stream, the winds high in the atmosphere, that pushes the


weather systems around the globe. And you can see we have a queue of


them waiting in the wings to moving over the next few days. The weekend


essentially stays pretty changeable with a mixture of sunshine and heavy


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