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with a bit about Spanish sunshine here! The weather is coming up soon


but A hospital treating


a mother-of-three who was shot while on holiday in Brazil says


she's lucky to be alive. 46-year-old Eloise Dixon from Hayes


in Bromley and her family mistakenly drove into an area controlled


by drug gangs. We can get the latest


from our South America Correspondent The doctors treating her said she is


responding well, she went into surgery on Sunday afternoon, she was


shot twice, one of them scraped her chest and one went through her


abdomen but luckily none of the shots hit her vital organs, the


doctor said she is lucky to be alive.


STUDIO: Givers a sense of what happened and dangerous these areas


are. The understanding is the family was looking for water and


misinterpreted some instructions and ended up in a favela. A favela,


slum, it is not recommended to go into them, in fact, if you do you


need to get a local guide, or someone familiar with the area. But


the family ended up in this favela by mistake, the consequences could


have been much more tragic as they were obviously they were very


serious. OK, Katy Watson, from Brazil, thank you very much.


The Mayor of London has criticised tech giants like YouTube and Google


for refusing to remove videos which he says boast


He believes the policies they have in place around violent content,


Here's our political correspondent, Karl Mercer.


Four videos at the centre of a row between the Mayor and an


Sadiq Khan says these glorify gang violence and


The Met police asked YouTube to do so in December.


Today, as City Hall hit out at YouTube, one


Actually, we have specific examples of where, you know, YouTube


is being used as a platform to incite violence against others.


The police, who have the expertise, and


the intelligence have let YouTube and Google know and it beggars


belief that they have hidden their head in the sand and not


Some show gangs trying to provoke their rivals.


Police say they asked for them


Each video will have a different element which we see as being


important as to why it might be taken down.


So that could be a straight incitement of violence


Normally somewhere near their own territory.


They might even film it in the opposing gang's territory


for extra measure to really show that level of disrespect.


We also might be taking it down because we know it is linked


to other crimes or we know that we might need to work on some


The Mayor's team have met with YouTube


and parent company Google about online hate crimes.


But since Christmas, these videos have been viewed more


Bobby Kasanga spent eight years in jail for


Two years ago, he set up a new football club to


help stop local young people following in his footsteps.


He agrees some of the videos can be a problem.


Now because of YouTube, people say, "Oh, that's that guy,


the so-called tough guy from this area",


so when they see them, they


So the video works in a different way as well where it


actually highlights the people who are meant


But it also puts them in danger now because someone who, they


just want to challenge them and try to attack


It said it works closely with the Met


police to understand where artistic expression escalates into


Extra staff were brought in to London's busiest station today


to deal with expected crowds - after the closure of ten platforms


But much to the surprise of commuters they were greeted by empty


People were advised I guess to avoid Waterloo, work from home etc?


May be they heeded the advice. Maybe they did, I'm sure that seems to


have happened but what I'm sure did happen was there was a huge sigh of


relief from commuters as they came into Waterloo. It was quieter than


they expected, this was a huge project. Platforms are literally


being demolished and rebuilt and length and, crucially for longer


trains. On Waterloo, of course, is the UK's busiest station. There are


some 270,000 journeys a day that happened there. This is an ?800


million project, the reason for that, to create 30% more passenger


space. What do businesses think of this?


These works are essential but they are going to be very


disruptive and passengers need to ready themselves


That said, I think it is absolutely right that we do these


works in one go at a quieter time of year rather


than the drip-drip of, you know, weekend closures over the


Commuters have long memories, I'm sure, about upgrade work. Are their


fears these works could overrun? I don't know whether there are fears


but that is certainly a big question. There have been some


rather unfortunate precedent is recently, London Bridge towards the


end of last year, engineering works overran there. King's Cross in 2014,


at Christmas people literally couldn't get home for Christmas day.


Now, this is meant to last for about a month. It started this weekend and


is due to finish on the 28th of August. Network Rail feel pretty


confident. They spoke to our transport correspondent Tom Edwards


earlier. Years and many months of planning


have gone into this project. I think it's fair to say pretty much


it's military precision you see We've got 1000 guys working 24 hours


a day seven days a week for the next three and a half weeks


to make sure we deliver So, what's the advice? Well,


basically, in short, don't be lulled into some false sense of security


because it was quiet today. The advice is avoid Waterloo if you can.


Clapham Junction as well. And just one small thing, don't forget the


Eurostar platforms are due to be reworked as well soon, but that's


for another day. Jim Wheble, for now, thank you.


Next, London has thousands of structures that are listed


because of their historic or architectural significance.


On the 70th anniversary of protecting buildings


with this special status - more have been added to the list -


70 years of listing buildings to protect them from demolition,


and today in London, this was one of the latest.


The cabbies who enjoy tea here delighted that their hut has


They've been here many, many years, since the horse


and cart and everything, so, now it's good that it's


listed so we know that it's not going to go.


And Sue Webster, who runs the hut, won't let it go to her head.


I can't say that while they're over there.


The idea of listing buildings started after the Second World War.


London was being rebuilt and the temptation for some


was to knock down the old, even where it hadn't been damaged


and listing ensured that many buildings were not


Now it means anything with a past worth retaining can be considered.


This was a funeral at Willesden Cemetery one century ago,


and now the buildings here have been listed - and interesting


We're delighted that Willesden Cemetery is listed Grade II.


These buildings are from 1873, the heart of the Victorian era,


and they have survived almost exactly as they were.


And also newly listed, the mortuary on the right.


A bit spooky perhaps, but soon open to the public,


who will gain an understanding of Jewish burial rituals.


This is the original tiling, the original floor and tahara,


which is the name for the ritual preparation, the washing


of the body, took place here until the early 1980s.


Historic England is looking forward to continuing with its job


protecting the best of London, be it quirky or spooky.


We have saved many buildings across this fine city


and we hope to do the same in the next 70 years.


Much of the London we love could have been lost,


but thanks to luck and a good deal of effort, it lives on.


That's all from me so I'll wish you goodnight -


and I'll leave you with Wendy for a check on the weather.


The Weather for the Week Ahead is complicated, we will surmise it


like, this, it will be drier and on the cooler side. This is the


situation, we have had a weather front bringing showery outbreaks


which pulled away from us but it will be back with a vengeance


because tomorrow we have heavy and thundery showers which will surround


the low pressure system and on Wednesday that front drags itself


back across us and we have a further few pulses of heavy rain, summit


show the Met office has it covered by a weather warning because we will


have heavy bursts and by the end of Wednesday we could have had a


considerable amount of rain and that could lead to problems on the


transport system. There is the front moving away northwards, leaving us


dry with clear spells, temperatures between 12 and 14 degrees and we


start tomorrow just about dry, maybe even with a hint of brightness. It


is quite unpredictable through the day, showers build-up, not for


everyone, but they will be slow-moving and if you get caught


under them they will not go away quickly. 17-20d is the temperature


through the day tomorrow. On Wednesday it looks like we will get


a really good spell of a few hours of rain and in places it will be


heavy and feel cool. Better day on Thursday afternoon and on Friday.


The outlook for Thursday afternoon and on Friday.


The outlook for the weekend the: it will gradually improve. Over to


Philip Avery. Hello, yet another day goes by and


it is not a dry sphere behind me. I expect, Headingley is in there


somewhere, the fear of that that keeps guys like this hard at it at


this time of year and I expect they have seen the forecast


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