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government can do anything about? Join me now on BBC Two.


Welcome to BBC London News with me, Riz Lateef.


Police have appealed for information after a jogger appeared to push


a woman into the path of a bus on a bridge in London.


The bus driver had to swerve to avoid her.


Officers are searching for the man after the incident was captured on


CCTV. 7. 41, the man jog on Putney bridge


and then this. The quick-thinking of the bus driver


saved the woman's life. The police believe the jogger


deliberately pushed her. When you look closely, you see him raise his


hands and make contact. The woman's head and shoulders are


then on the road in the path of the bus.


15 minutes later, the jogger came back across the bridge here running


straight past the woman he previously knocked over. She tried


to talk to him. He, just ignored her. Passers-by, as well as those


who got off the bus, helped the injured woman. The police say she


was shocked and upset but was not seriously hurt. It's very small


margins. If it hadn't been for the good reflexes on the part of the bus


driver or the level of force was such to push her even further into


the road, almost certainly this could have ended in a fatality. The


investigation is focussed on finding this man, the mysterious jogger.


Detectives say they have received a number of useful calls, including


other people reporting similar incidents elsewhere in London. Those


leading the investigation stress they believe this was an isolated


incident. But struggling to understand why anyone would


deliberately push someone into the road during the morning rush hour.


The Metropolitan Police Commissioner has told the BBC that tackling hate


crime and Islamophobia is one of the best ways of combating


It comes as Home Office figures show hate crime in the capital has risen


Nusrat and her family know what it's like to be


Last year, they were the victims of hate crime.


It happened around the time of the EU referendum.


One day I left my window open by mistake and when I came


kg tomatoes on window, kitchen shelf, floor


Three kilogrammes of tomatoes thrown through your kitchen window?


Yes, yes, then they started calling my husband names by his beard,


They called your husband Osama bin Laden because he had a beard?


They smashed my car, they break car's windscreen...


Her husband had to install CCTV to capture the intimidation.


After presenting the evidence to police, the boys


Over the last five years, there's been an upward trend


in the number of reported hate crimes across England and Wales.


In London last year there were more than 15,000 reports of racist abuse


For many the fear of becoming a victim is very real.


I can hear swearing coming out or you can hear someone saying get


out or you can hear someone saying leave our country.


It's why police are patrolling on foot around east London,


a visible presence to reassure the community.


Superintendent Waheed Khan is responsible for clamping down


on this type of crime in the capital.


Hate crime can take many forms and all of them


Whether it be online and increasingly we are seeing


But it can happen equally anywhere, it can happen on a bus,


The war against hate crime on the internet is being fought


It was launched in April by Mayor Sadiq Khan and works


closely with social media sites to identify and prosecute offenders.


The police hope that this combined approach of street and cyber patrols


will help to reassure London's diverse communities that they can


Charlotte is here now. We heard from concerned east Londoners there. The


Commissioner has been vocal about tackling hate crime. As we heard,


after recent attacks in London there was a sharp rise in reports of


so-called hate crime in London, particularly amongst the Muslim


community. The Commissioner said today that trend has now fallen off


but it is still something they're hugely concerned about. She said The


Met needs to work doubly hard to achieve confidence in the Muslim


community at New Scotland Yard today she took part in an hour-long radio


show with the BBC's Asian network and answered calls from listeners


and made the point that if The Met was seen to be tackling Islamophobia


that would then lead to confidence within the Muslim community which in


turn would help them to tackle extremism and terrorism.


One of the ways that we can tackle extremism together


is to ensure that Muslims, for example, feel protected


and feel properly protected and that we are taking hate crime


And I think if you look at the terrible


attack at Finsbury Park, a British Muslim and a proud


British man, we treated it as a terrorist incident,


it's charged as that, that is about extremism.


So basically it's about getting the community on board? Well, yes it


really is. That's really the key here. She said if you would start to


see progress when Muslim communities felt that they were able to


influence the police and also when they started joining the police. The


hope would be then that if you achieve a level of confidence within


the community then it would give you that extra opportunity should


someone perhaps suspect a friend or a neighbour, they would then be more


confident in getting in touch with the police and really expressing


their concerns. Thank you. A row over airport parking charges


that has left some holidaymakers Some have been leaving their cars


in residential streets near Luton airport, only to return from holiday


to find them vandalised. The council says it is


consulting about introducing The bond between London and Paris


hasn't been affected She's been speaking


candidly to BBC London about her view of the UK leaving


the European Union. Here's our Brexit reporter


Katharine Carpenter. When Sylvie Bermann was posted


to the Embassy here in London three years ago, colleagues warned her it


would be boring after Well, I think it has been


an historic period because I arrived just before the referendum


on Scotland and then I had two general elections and of course


the Brexit and Brexit is kind Around 100,000 French people living


in London voted in the French election earlier this year


but they had no say in the UK's Some have already left,


not a huge number of people, but some decided to leave


because they feel maybe less welcome in the city now and again the main


problem is uncertainty. You have talked about the Brexit


negotiations as being Do you still think


that's a good analogy? Well, that was a funny analogy


and I hope in the future there will be no losers,


I am not sure it's Does she think the City will be


one of those losers? I think that London will remain


a very important financial centre but at the same time,


some people and some activities will be relocated


as a consequence of Brexit, Generally speaking we have a policy


of strengthening the attractiveness of Paris.


If she's keen to play down any rivalry between Paris and London,


she's equally keen to talk up the friendship between what she


It's close, it's always been so and also we suffered terrorist


attacks and so while there was a lot of displays of solidarity


I was very touched also when I was invited to Wembley


and the Prime Minister and the Prince of Wales


It's understood she's off to Russia next, so what will she miss?


I like the culture and the sense of humour as well.


So I really enjoy my time in London, it's a bit too short


And I'll leave you with Lucy Martin for a look at the weather.


Umbrellas tomorrow, I gather? Yes, unfortunately, it's not looking too


summery yet. Today we managed to miss the majority of those showers.


A lot of dry weather across London today. But as we move into tomorrow


we don't look so lucky, heavy rain in the forecast and we actually have


a yellow weather warning in place because some of that rain could be


heavy, heavy outbreaks and one or two showers that could cause


localised flooding and tricky driving conditions.


As we move through tonight a fair amount of cloud, a few showery


outbreaks of rain. You can see that rain feeding in from the north-west


into the early hours. Overnight lows of between ten and 13. Some dry


intervals to begin first thing, particularly the further south and


east you are. But that rain feeding in from the north-west, some heavy


bursts in there and thunder and lightning could be seen.


Temperatures struggling with highs of between 15 and 18.


We will start to see things improving as we move into Thursday.


A ridge of high pressure means we will see sunny spells into the


afternoon. I will leave you with the outlook.


afternoon. I will leave you with the outlook. It's certainly wellies at


the ready tomorrow. Up next the national forecast.


I hoped to be starting the show with a temperature league and trying to


avoid saying what a scorcher. Instead these are the rainfall


totals. Showers in the south-west,


underneath that cloud


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