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Good evening. I'm Katharine Carpenter.


A fantasist who killed a man in West London before fleeing


to Italy, has been found guilty of murder.


Jason Marshall strangled another man there, and pretended to be a police


officer and secret agent during his attacks.


It was thought his first victim had died in an accidental fire,


until a relative stumbled across a video recording


Our Home Affairs Correspondent, Nick Beake, has the story.


A bungalow in a quiet street in west London. A visitor arrives. He has


come to kill. Over the next few hours while acting out the role of a


policeman, he will attack his victim and leave him for dead. It is all


captured on this CCTV. But Jason Marshall nearly got away with it. On


his way out, he set fire to the property. In 2013, investigators


concluded Peter Fasoli, a 58-year-old with heart problems, had


died in an accidental blaze. Some of Peter Fasoli's possessions,


including his computer, had been recovered from his flat after the


fire. They were kept in storage for more than a year. But then his


nephew, out of curiosity, thought he would have a look at the hard drive.


And at that point he discovered the video that showed his uncle had been


murdered. It is obviously disappointing that the CCTV wasn't


seen until 18 months later, but I'm satisfied with the initial


investigation into the cause of the fire was sufficient. And again,


there was no pathological evidence to suggest third-party involvement.


Marcia Ladd smothered his victim while classic FM played in the


background. He then drained his bank account and fled the country. Three


weeks later, at this flat in Rome, he strangled a 67-year-old, who had


also -- who he had also met online. Days later, posing as an official


from the British Embassy, he tried to kill another man. Marshall was


caught and jailed in Italy for both crimes and brought home to stand


trial for the West London killing. In the dock at the Old Bailey he


claimed he had no memory of the attack. A killer who thought he had


covered his tracks and food investigators. But the emergence of


this evidence has now brought him to justice.


Another teenager has been been stabbed in London,


the second fatal attack in just 24 hours.


When the new Metropolitan Police Commissioner took


office a few months ago, she made it clear that


tackling knife crime would be a "top priority".


Cressida Dick says "using stop and search" would help "bring


We'll hear more about that in a moment but first,


Sonja Jessup reports from Thornton Heath.


Yet another police cordoned in London. Yet another young life lost


to knife crime. This one, a schoolboy just 15 years old. This


latest stabbing happened in Thornton Heath last night. Police and


paramedics rushed down here but couldn't save the teenager. He was


pronounced dead just before midnight. Local residents say they


are sick of the violence. This man told me he is leaving the area. I


was speaking to the guy in the cafe the other day and he said there had


been about 12 stabbings in three weeks. It is madness. They are


killing one another. It is silly. Now I can see lots of changes and


it's hurtful really because a lot of it seems like black gangs, and


they're fighting against each other. Why, I don't know. The murder of the


15-year-old comes just 24 hours after another stabbing, a


19-year-old man killed on the Old Kent Road. 13 victims are known to


have lost their lives to knife crime in the capital so far this year.


That is already more than the previous year, when 12 teenagers


died. And every month, almost 650 young Londoners are victims of


serious violence, most from the poorest and most disadvantaged


communities. It has sparked calls for more use of controversial stop


and search checks. The Home Secretary and the Metropolitan


Police Commissioner Saeed is a useful tool to tackle knife crime.


About one in three stops and searches result in some positive


thing being found in London. It is something you shouldn't have in


essence. So that is quite a high proportion. It's like we're living


in the wild West. Despite the fear over knife crime, some residents are


furious about the use of stop and search. This woman says many don't


trust the police. Thy can't come with their stop and search. They


have been doing it for the last time many years around here. That don't


go down too well. A lot of the officers think because they have got


on that uniform, they think they are Almighty God and they come with this


overpowering aggressiveness. No. A 15-year-old boy who died here has


not been officially identified but he has been named locally. So far,


no arrests have been made. With more on that story,


Charlotte Franks joins me now. What more do we know? As you


mentioned earlier, the Metropolitan police commissioner says tackling


knife crime is her main priority. Cressida Dick has said in the past


she wants her officers to use stop and search. Today the Home


Secretary, Amber Rudd, wrote an open letter in the Times newspaper where


she supported the use of stop and search. Three years ago the previous


Home Secretary, Theresa May, told officers to stop using the tactic.


She said it had been used too much. It was reduced by around 60%. Today


there is a move to increase it. It is something they mayor Sadiq Khan


has been talking about. Nobody is suggesting we should have stopped


and search used on an industrial scale. Nobody is saying there should


be indiscriminate use of stop and search. I understand. I have been


one of the biggest critics of the disproportion is use of stop and


search. -- disproportionate. But the game changer is not simply better


training of police officers, but the video means when you encounter a


police officer, that encounter will be recorded. Body worn video is the


largest in the world. The true test of course in this increased use of


stop and search will be whether or not it does bring knife crime down


in the capital. Thank you very much. They're better known


for transportation than trendy restaurants,


but shipping containers are fast becoming the new home of shops


and businesses in the capital. The latest temporary


development will be in a car park in Camberwell, where


the news has received a mixed reception, as Gareth Furby


has been finding out. It's a car park in Camberwell,


but soon it could be filling up with these,


shipping containers, and turning into a new restaurant


and retail centre based on a new use If it happens, it'll be


the fifth in London. In Shoreditch, where this


all started back in 2011, the businesses inside


the boxes seem happy. Tristan pays ?40,000 a year in rent


for two units for his fried chicken It's in desirable locations


and the property scene in London is almost unattainable


at many levels. So you can do it with a little


capital and a little For this man, a cook, it meant


he could stop working for others Once you get used to the small


space, it's absolutely fine. It's actually quite


exciting knowing that this is a shipping container


and what you kind of like do. In Camberwell, where the debate over


plans for the latest container retail park is just beginning,


some high street shops I know they've got something similar


in Brixton, just down the road, and to bring it to Camberwell


as well, it's definitely an up-and-coming area,


I think it's fantastic. There's always going to be


competition in London, I've always been in business


and I've always thrived on it because it keeps


you on your toes. But some residents who live


near to the proposed Camberwell It may be trendy, but I


think it's quite ugly. I think that they could


have something more Kieran, a youth worker from Brixton,


says such gentrification could end up effectively segregating people


on high streets based on income. The speed it's happening


in south London and in areas like Brixton and in Woolworth,


Elephant Castle creates a separation between the people that


are able to consume new pop-up products and those that are not able


to consume those things. But many who use these


places disagree. The Camberwell project is said


to be at an early stage and there will be further


discussions with nearby residents. But let's find out


what the weather's up Conditions can't get worse in August


than they did today. Tomorrow is looking better. Dry with sunny


spells. Overnight it will take a while for the cloud and rain to


clear away. Dreyer across London and the Home Counties. -- drier. A


chilly night. Into Thursday, a cloudy start. Outbreaks of rain


across Kent and showers into the afternoon. But generally speaking, a


better afternoon. Sunshine and feeling quite warm. As we head


towards Friday, a glorious start for a tent and London. Lots of sunshine


before the next weather system moves in. Thicker cloud, strengthening


breeze, outbreaks of rain. The rain will clear away on Friday night and


it is looking pretty good for the weekend. Plenty of sunshine around.


Temperatures 22 degrees. Stay tuned for the national weather.


Hello once again. If


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