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Hundreds of residents in Southwark will be evacuated from their homes


It follows investigations carried out after the Grenfell Tower fire.


BBC London took a safety expert to inspect tower blocks


on the Ledbury Estate in July and their report said


the buildings could be at risk of a catastrophic collapse


Southwark Council said the experts were wrong -


but has now told residents their gas and water supplies will be turned


off, leaving them unable to cook and with no hot water or heating.


This was Ronan Point, a block of flats in Newham.


Because of the structure of the building, one


Homes were destroyed, four people died, and the law


was changed so that blocks with a similar design


But the fear nearly 50 years later is that this could happen again.


Tonight, at a different block of flats, the gas is about to be


turned off and all the residents will have to leave while they


A lot of the residents I've seen are very upset.


They want to know why has this happened.


They want to know why these problems weren't picked up sooner.


Do you think you've been safe during that time?


The Ledbury tower blocks are a similar construction to Ronan Point.


The council thought they were reinforced too,


After the Grenfell Tower fire they were being examined


by structural engineers to check they met fire safety measures,


but our independent expert was concerned by the gas supply.


The council should immediately cut off the gas supply until they know


that the building can withstand the blast of a gas explosion.


At the time the council told us the blocks were safe.


The four tower blocks on the Ledbury estate were actually


built after Ronan Point and are of a different design.


So therefore we feel that they are safe to have gas in them.


However, we have asked the structural engineers looking


Why are you keeping people in the buildings before


We said to people if they don't feel safe we will move them,


but a mass evacuation isn't the right thing at the moment.


We've put measures in place to ensure there is safety.


But today, residents heard that the council would turn off


the gas imminently and all of them would be asked to leave while repair


At every stage of this investigation we've put residents' safety first.


We've acted on the best information available.


Residents have been given hot plates and told they can shower


There's no word yet on when the gas will come back on.


What exactly does this mean for residents? If you are resident in


those tower blocks you will be temporarily moved out, you are


evacuated, only bit by bit. Not everyone will go in one moment. That


will be while they make the repair work. What about more widely, other


people in tower blocks tonight might be concerned about their own safety.


Well, at the moment we don't know. It was 50 years, nearly 50 years,


that this tower block was potentially dangerous and we didn't


hear about it. The council have alluded to that in their statement.


They said they didn't own the tower block when it was constructed, so


they are reliant on records that are about 50 years old. They also said


in a statement that they have referred this matter to the


government, whether or not this will affect other buildings around the


rest of UK and potentially London, that doesn't mean people should


panic about it. It just means that we might see further investigations


into the strength of some of these buildings structurally in the


future. Very much. Meanwhile, London Fire Brigade


won't receive any more money from the government to fund


lifesaving equipment - following the Grenfell tragedy -


despite a request from the Mayor. He'd written to the Home Secretary


asking for help to buy, among other things, new breathing


apparatus for firefighters, But Amber Rudd says


they have the resources they need and it's up to City Hall to decide


how it's spent. Jeremy Corbyn has told


this programme he wants Here's our political


correspondent, Karl Mercer. The Grenfell fire led


to calls for London's They had to borrow an aerial


ladder from Surrey and a drone from Kent to


help tackle the blaze. London's Fire Commissioner then drew


up a list of new equipment Top of the list, three


new aerial platforms, 1200 new breathing


apparatus sets and two new drones,


along with more masks, The mayor has said he will raid


savings to pay for now, but wants the Government


to cover the cost. I've had, this week, an initial


response from the Home Secretary which I regret to say is not


encouraging and stresses that it is a matter


for the GLA to manage within its existing


funding arrangements. This is the letter the Home


Secretary sent to the mayor. "Funding of the Fire Brigade is a


matter for you," and says City Hall already gets


enough money from Government. She signs off with,


"Best wishes, Amber." The message from the Home Secretary


to the mayor is a blunt one. She said, in the wake


of the Grenfell fire, if London's Fire Brigade wants


more kit, City Hall will The worry here at City Hall is that


paying for it now will leave a black hole in the finances


in years to come. How can we afford all this


if the Government doesn't help? I think this will be a serious


problem in the future, about balancing the books


for the London Fire Brigade. Let's fund our Fire Service properly


and recognise how vital I ask the Home Secretary,


think again. Sadiq Khan has been


elected Mayor of London. He understands the


situation in London. He's making that call,


he's doing it for a reason The mayor says paying


for the new kit could mean scenes with the potential for fire station


closures and the loss of jobs as was seen three years ago,


when similar savings had to be made. The Home Secretary's letter says


City Hall is getting enough money Police believe a van driver may have


been killed on the M11 in Essex after a lump of concrete was thrown


from the bridge. Detectives say the object hit his windscreen as he was


driving close to Stansted Airport yesterday afternoon. The man, in his


60s, lost control of the van, feared off the road and hit a tree. He


Three people have been treated for minor injuries


after an "unidentified substance" was delivered in an envelope to a


The Metropolitan Police said the incident is not


An investigation's under way after a double-decker crashed


into a shop in south-west London during this morning's rush hour.


Two passengers trapped on board had to be cut free.


A nurse who was on the bus, claims the driver told her he had blacked


At the start of rush hour in south London,


A passenger travelling on this number 77 bus along Lavender Hill


in Clapham described how it veered off the road and into a shop.


There was a lot of screaming from passengers on the bus.


There was a lady wedged in the front right seat, you could only see


She was screaming for help, there was a lot of blood.


Went to try and help her, the first reaction was to try to


pull her out but it was physically impossible to pull her out


It was then up to the London Fire Brigade to save her.


She and another woman also on the top deck were rescued


That's an aerial ladder platform which is a height vehicle


which we use to reach either tall buildings or in this case,


when we have casualties trapped on the upper deck of the bus,


as in this situation, we can use it to provide


to bring the casualties down, which is what we've done.


Other passengers on board were treated by paramedics at the scene.


And the driver was also taken to hospital.


It has been claimed he had some sort of seizure


I didn't see the bus driver but I heard from other passengers


Another lady on the bus said she saw him slack-jawed,


No one was inside the shop as it hasn't yet opened.


The upmarket kitchen showroom said in a statement that its thoughts


As the bus is meticulously and slowly taken away, you can see


the full extent of the damage and how the front top end of the bus


Transport for London along with the Met police are now


A cinema that's been shut for more than 30 years is to be restored.


The Savoy Cinema in Hackney was built in the '30s, but shut in 1984.


The new owners are going to turn it into a cultural hub for film,


theatre and music, to be called the Hackney Arts Centre.


That's it for now from me, but let's find out what the weather's


Good evening. After yesterday's deluge, today came as something of a


relief, because there was a lot of dry weather and gradually things


brightened up. We saw some sunshine. That's how tomorrow starts off. It


will be dry, there will be spelt of some sunshine around. Staying dry


through the rest of the night. There could be the odd mist patch under


clear skies. It will turn a bit chilly, 13 in the centre of London,


but out in the countryside some spots could get down towards single


digits. Tomorrow, a cracking start. Blue skies and sunshine for the most


part. We'll see some high cloud streaming in from the West. It will


turn the sunshine hazy around lunchtime, I suspect, and the cloud


macro will thicken up in the afternoon, maybe some rain in the


west later. 22 top temperature. We will see some patchy rain moves


through during Friday night. We'll keep a lot of cloud on spots of


drizzle on Saturday. Temperatures around 20. Sunday should be a


brighter day. We'll see some spells of sunshine. If you are heading


further afield, let's check the National forecast with Helen


Willetts. Good evening. A much nicer day after


yesterday's deluge across southern and eastern areas. As you can see,


it has already been a wet month. A very wet month across southern and




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