11/08/2017 London News


The latest news, sport and weather from London.

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Now on BBC One, it's time for the news where you are.


Welcome to BBC London News, with me, Alice Bhandhukravi.


Air passengers were most likely to have been delayed


if they flew from Gatwick Airport or with easyJet.


Data from the Civil Aviation Authority for the last two summers


shows that among the ten biggest airlines, easyJet travellers


suffered an average delay of 24 minutes.


Gatwick and easyJet say many of the delays


were beyond their control, as Emma Simpson reports.


Up, up and away, but how often do they take off on time?


The BBC has been looking at the data.


Gatwick Airport had the longest delays,


The summer season can be a pinch point.


Gatwick has the single busiest runway in the world,


with planes often taking off and landing every minute.


Things are going smoothly here today, but if their schedule slips


We absolutely recognise the inconvenience caused


But most of our flights are ready to go, but simply cannot depart.


We are up against the challenge of congested airspace over our head,


bad weather across the European region, and European


We fly to Europe more than anyone else and as a result we are


As for the airlines, easyJet had the longest delays


It said having the biggest number of flights was a factor.


The shortest delays were at Aer Lingus, with 12 minutes.


Airports like Gatwick need to think about building


I think airlines like easyJet should have perhaps more resources


for the schedule they are hoping to deliver, but ultimately it's us


passengers say we want loads of cheap flights, please.


The government reckons 30 minute delays could be the norm,


unless the airspace above London and Europe is redesigned


Emma Simpson reporting from Gatwick Airport.


An investigation is under way after a fire on a tube


Smoke filled this carriage on a Bakerloo line train.


Four people were treated at the scene


Transport for London says it was caused by an electrical fault


Police looking for a moped robber who knocked a woman to the ground


in Lewisham have released video footage of the attack.


The victim was standing outside a temple on Clarendon Road


He then stole a gold necklace she was wearing, before riding


A teenager from Surrey, who's accused of preparing


a terror attack in the UK, is to face trial in January.


Haider Ahmed, who's 18 and from Redhill,


is also charged with three counts of disseminating


Footage has emerged of the moment a double-decker bus ran into a shop


These pictures were captured by CCTV cameras inside the kitchen showroom


the bus crashed into during the rush hour.


Two passengers were rescued by firefighters from the upper deck.


The driver was taken to hospital and several passengers were treated for


minor injuries. They're one of the most successful


acts in the history of pop music. But a plan to build an Abba-themed


party venue has not been Land - in where else but Waterloo -


has been earmarked by a member of the band


for a new restaurant and club. But campaigners say social housing


should be built there instead. # I've been cheated by you since


I don't know when #. They were once one of the most


famous bands in the world. Now former Abba singer-songwriter


Bjorn Ulvaeus wants to bring an Abba themed party spot to London,


following the opening He wants to build a Mamma Mia


inspired party venue where Abba fans But his plans for a 500-seater


venue, in an area near the South Bank, haven't been


well received by these locals. Noise levels are going


to go through the roof. People dropping off,


picking up late at night. It's going to be really horrendous


for the local residents. And a wholly unacceptable use


of the space that's been It's kind of scary thinking that I'm


going to have to deal with five years of Abba music bursting


into my ears. The proposed site is on derelict


land next to a community The organisation who own it


want to rent it out for five years We are working with the team behind


it to arrange to have availability of it during the day when it's not


open to the public. We're hoping young people will have


access into it for training on light and sound equipment,


so we feel there is a benefit. Well, Bjorn from Abba


and the Mamma Mia company has been His PR tell me he was impressed


by its location to the South Bank And these Abba lovers,


in town for a fan club summer party, believe the Swedish company will be


good for London. Having been to Mamma Mia The Party


in Stockholm, I hope it's that. It will open up tourism and job


opportunities for local residents It certainly has done


so in Sweden, where Mamma Mia # Money, money, money...#


The developers say the money paid to rent the land will be ploughed


back into the local community, but for these residents,


that comes at too high a price. That's it for now from me, but let's


find out what the weather's After the week of weather we've had,


don't we deserve a mainly fine weekend? Well, that's exactly what


we're going to get. Today was a decent day. There was some sunshine


around. For the weekend it will be largely dry with some spells of


sunshine. At the moment there's a lot of cloud around and some


outbreaks of rain. The rain light and patchy for the most part. It


will turn misty and murky for some of the hills to the south and west.


Temperatures dropping to 15-16. A bit of a slow start to Saturday.


Grey skies and sunspot soft drizzle if you are out and about early on.


The cloud should break up a bit we will see spells of sunshine.


12-macro showers can't be ruled out but you will be lucky to catch one.


The majority will stay dry. 21-22d will not feel too bad, if you get


yourself into brightness. It will stay fine on Saturday night and


Sunday is looking like a decent day. Some spells of sunshine, and after a


fairly cool start, temperatures up to 22 degrees. I'll leave you with


the outlook for the next few days. A decent weekend, more unsubtle than


to the the outlook for the next few days. A


decent weekend, more unsubtle than to the start of next week. Now Helen


Willetts with the National forecast. Good evening. Despite the unsettled


and often quite wet weather for some of us this week it looks like we


have a window of fairly decent weather and it coincides with the


weekend, but it's not plain sailing. We have this amalgamation of weather


fronts across the country, so it means there's a lot of cloud, if you


are hoping to view the meteor shower tonight, but it looks clearer


tomorrow night. Best tonight in the north and west but even here there


will be showers around on this weather front here, with splashes


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