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Here on BBC One, it's time for the news where you are.


Rail commuters have been warned to avoid Waterloo station tomorrow,


following a derailment during this morning's rush hour.


It was just one of three separate incidents on the transport network.


A train at King's Cross crashed into platform buffers,


And Holborn station was evacuated after a fire on a tube train.


Here's our transport correspondent, Tom Edwards.


At 5:40am this morning, just outside the UK's


busiest station, Waterloo, a passenger service collided with


an engineering train and derailed, causing huge disruption.


All day, commuters have been warned not to use the station.


I was trying to get out of London, so I arrived


One thing on top of another, signal failures, derailments,


train breakdowns, half of the platforms are closed anyway.


I don't know if they have told us anything, really.


Just that it was slow and taking an hour and a bit


No-one was hurt but investigators are trying to find out why


the passenger train went onto the wrong track.


At 6:20am this morning, this train failed to stop in time


at platform nine at King's Cross, and hit the buffers at speed.


They said they were sent flying due to the impact.


And at 9am this morning at Holborn tube station,


it was evacuated after a train motor caught fire.


It later reopened, but there was panic as many passengers wrongly


It's the second tube train fire in four days.


There was a lot of people being really aggressive.


There was a kid with her mum and a scooter.


And she was trying to get to the platform, but she couldn't


turn around because there were so many people running out.


A lot of people sort of rushing toward escalators.


It was completely packed, there was nowhere to move.


At one point, the doors were closing and some people


Before the train had even stopped, there was a massive bang.


Then immediately, the carriage I was in, at the end,


People rose from their seats and tried to funnel out of the doors.


People were just manic in trying to get out.


Very few trains have used Waterloo station today.


It's expected the disruption will last into tomorrow.


Marc Ashdown joins me - this couldn't come at


That's right, it's already at the centre of a huge redevelopment to


try to expand some platforms and create more capacity. Ten out of 24


platforms were already out of action. Because of this, a further


three cannot be used. Engineers were on the scene all day, they will try


to get the train back on the rails, see if there is long-term damage and


try to get services back up and running. The redevelopment work is


supposed to be done by August the 28th. The question now is if they


are still on track. Work has continued, including today,


since this incident this morning. We are continuing to


monitor the progress. The project has actually been


progressing very well and we will clearly continue


to monitor it very closely. Does that sound convincing? It


didn't to me, it is a change of June. No firm commitment. Last week


they were very bullish, saying they would get the work done on time. To


be fair, they went expecting to deal with a derailed train. Transport


campaigners and some politicians are saying if things do slip, passengers


should be reimbursed. We do not want the Waterloo


upgrade to overrun. And if it does, we will be calling


on Network Rail and the Government to actually


compensate passengers. There could be more problems ahead.


They are due to change the franchise, a different operator is


taking over who will run the trains out of Waterloo. That is due to


happen on August 20. Will that run smoothly? The advice for tomorrow,


at least, is to avoid travelling through Waterloo at all costs.


A mother whose 32-year-old daughter took her own life


inside Holloway Prison says she needed care, not custody,


and is calling for better protection of vulnerable prisoners.


Sarah Reed, who had mental health issues, died last year.


An inquest found a series of failings by staff


contributed to her death, as Thomas Magill reports.


This report starts with a distressing images.


This is Sarah Reed in 2012 being assaulted


by a Metropolitan Police officer, after being accused of shoplifting.


He was later charged with assault and dismissed.


Sarah struggled with mental health issues for years after the death


She would have seasons where she would go into dark moods.


You know, whenever she thought about the child that she lost.


Because she never recovered from that.


In 2015, she was admitted to the Maudsley Hospital in south London.


Her family claim she was sexually assaulted by another


Afterwords, she was transferred to Holloway


Marilyn says her daughter needed care, not custody


It needs to stop, it needs to be investigated,


we need to have things put in place, that mental health is dealt


It's something that if people had done their proper jobs,


At her inquest last month, Peter Thornton QC raised concerns


about the care Sarah received and highlighted


The jury found amongst the shortcomings there'd been


a failure by staff here to treat Sarah in a timely manner,


a failure in the management of her medication and monitoring


and an unacceptable number of cancelled visits by staff.


It found that all of these failings significantly contributed


Now campaigners say Sarah is just one example of how the system


is failing prisoners with mental illness.


What we need to do is invest in quality specialist


services for women in the community, especially mental health services,


given we know the majority of women who are sent to prison have


The Government say they take mental health of prisoners extremely


seriously and have launched a suicide and self-harm reduction


Marilyn remembers her daughter with fondness, and hopes her death


Next, how does the capital balance the need for more affordable homes


It's an issue which is causing a row at London's oldest allotments -


I've really struggled, but these are supposed to be parsnips.


Nolan is new to Northfield allotments.


It's really about bringing my kids down here and actually letting them


understand how fruit and veg and flowers grow.


Just a short time that I have been here, I have been able to feel that


The allotments were much bigger than they were founded in 1830s.


Now the charity that owns the land, Pathways, want to develop more.


Every bit of land from here back to the road is the area


that the charity want permission to develop.


It's only 4% of the overall allotment - which might not sound


like a lot, but the people here are worried that


So if I said you, just eat one little cube of that bar


of chocolate, you will realise how good it is and eventually


you will come back for more until there is nothing left.


The homes the charity want to build would be for older


He lives across the road in another Pathways flat.


and I was basically homeless, jobless and if I hadn't come


to Pathways, I believe I would still now be homeless.


For the sake of a few allotments, you know, something can be achieved


for people that are in the position that I was in eight years ago.


Some of the properties might be sold privately,


but the charity says that will only happen if they need the funding.


They say they can't promise they will never build on more


of the allotments because they don't want to bind future boards,


What do you say to people that say this is nimbyism?


We realise we are in politically difficult situation because we most


definitely need social housing, but everything I read says


The allotment owners want the charity to look at other options


to build on because once this Greenland has gone, they don't


I'll wish you a very goodnight and I'll leave you with Lucy Martin


Yes, tomorrow is not looking back, and today was not bad. We finished


with a lovely sunset in Greenwich. Tomorrow, we are looking at another


decent day. Dry and bright with plenty of sunshine around. First,


through tonight, some clear skies mean that the temperatures will fall


away. Feeling fairly fresh in the countryside, slipping into single


figures. In the city, overnight lows between 12 and 14 Celsius. Tomorrow,


we start off with sunshine first thing. It will be dry and bright.


There will be some patchy cloud through the day. The sunshine could


turn hazy banks to high-level cloud. Temperatures not doing too badly, a


maximum of 23 Celsius. Tomorrow night, we will see the next band of


rain pushing across to the West. Some heavy bursts into the early


hours. Rain clearing eastwards through Thursday. Brightening up


from the West, a few sunny spells developing. Temperatures reaching 22


or 23 Celsius. Breezy as we move into Friday. A mixture of sunny


spells and showers. Temperatures reaching a maximum of 22 Celsius.


That's spells and showers. Temperatures


reaching a maximum of 22 Celsius. That's it from us.


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