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The sister of a 15-year-old schoolboy murdered in south London


says she doesn't want her brother's death to be in vain.


Jermaine Goupall was attacked with knives and a machete


He's the 15th young victim of knife crime in the capital this year.


Police know some people saw what happened -


they're urging witnesses not to remain silent.


A week on, the flowers left here are fading.


The messages to a sweet, loving young man.


15-year-old Jermaine Goupall, stabbed to death at this spot.


He was always smiling, always had something funny to say.


Jermaine's sister thinks he was attacked as he


Targeted by three men in balaclavas, armed with knives and a machete.


Tilisha tells me she spoke to her brother about the dangers


of knife crime, but never thought he would be a victim.


You know, if someone was in that lifestyle,


then you kind of expect it, but when they are not


There are a lot of "I don't understand" questions.


That's how we're feeling at the moment.


Today, two boys aged 16 and 17, and an 18-year-old woman,


appeared at the Old Bailey, charged with Jermaine's murder.


Police are struggling, though, to get witnesses to speak to them.


Earlier, on the same day that Jermaine was attacked,


on the same spot, there was another incident.


Some on mopeds, some armed with sticks.


Police are trying to establish if the two cases are linked.


This area has unfortunately suffered from an increase in youth violence.


I know working with the local borough, they're doing a lot


of work around this, working with local authorities.


We just want information that is going to help us in this


enquiry and to try and find out why this has happened to Jermaine.


It's thought some are too scared to come forward.


Even some of Jermaine's friends who were with him that


I understand that they may have fear in terms of making


But it's important that they do, because I don't want my brother


to die in vain and what happened to him to be in vain.


A fundraising page has been setup to help pay for Jermaine's funeral,


but what his family really want is answers.


Why their son lost his life and who was responsible.


A high-end jeweller in Knightsbridge has been robbed


Footage of the incident, filmed by a witness,


shows smoke emerging from the Boodles store before


the suspects make off on bikes, carrying bags of stolen goods.


Tarah Welsh is here and can tell us more.


Talk us through what happened. As you said, the raid was all captured


by a mobile phone from somebody in a nearby building, but that it shows a


group of criminals pulling up to the jewellers on mopeds is just after


10:30pm. Two Govind, one has a sledgehammer and they smashed their


way to the counter displays. Some sort of smoke bomb is less self, you


can see smoke emerging as getaway driver 's circle outside. Not long


after they arrived the criminals are wrote and make a very speedy


getaway. This is just one example of an increasing number of crimes on


mopeds. There have been smash and grab is like this, acid attacks and


mobile phone thefts. This is a big problem for the match? Look at the


figures, last year there were 5647 crimes on motorcycles or mopeds. It


has tripled this year. 17,897 crimes. It seems to be the vehicle


of choice for criminals. Scotland Yard said no arrests have been made


in this case yet, nobody was injured, but you can imagine a


terrifying experience for anyone involved. Thank you.


Two people have pleaded not guilty to manslaughter


after a seven-year-old girl died when the bouncy castle


Summer Grant suffered serious injuries at a funfair


Fairground workers Shelby and William Thurston


from Cambridgeshire, appeared at Chelmsford


NHS patients are calling for a private ambulance service


to be stripped of its contract after cancer and kidney


dialysis patients missed crucial appointments.


The company involved - P.A.S - has admitted letting down dozens


It has since apologised and says improvements are being made.


83-year-old David Gower has a severe neurological condition,


He's been relying on the Private Ambulance Service to get


to crucial appointments, but the former railway manager


has been left waiting at his home in Luton


I've been let down four to five times.


I'm asking myself, "What have I done to deserve this?"


And the last time when I was so badly let down,


at the podiatry or the foot clinic, I'm afraid I had a stress tremor.


It lasted for about two and a half weeks.


Since March, the Private Ambulance Service has been contracted to carry


out 17,000 patient journeys every month across Hertfordshire


and Bedfordshire, but in just four months, more than 100 people have


lodged complaints - including cancer and kidney dialysis patients.


The company says it hasn't had enough ambulances, and some haven't


It admits significant delays in picking up


and dropping off patients, and problems for people trying


The Luton Clinical Commissioning Group has told the Private Ambulance


Service that it's now got just a month to dramatically


improve its performance or it'll face a heavy fine.


The company says it is very sorry for letting down


so many sick patients, but it says improvements


Including increasing the number of ambulances and staff available,


and improving response times at the company's call


David Gower says, so far, he hasn't seen any improvements,


and long queues to get through to the Private Ambulance


I think their contact should be terminated at the end of this month.


Westfield's expansion of its White city shopping centre will open six


months ahead of schedule. The ?600 million extension will open in March


next year. It will have new shops, restaurants and leisure space,


including a new flagship John Lewis department store. Westfield is


trying to counter the rise of online shopping by bringing more of its


retailers to all of its shopping centres.


When a team of Sea Cadets left London for a Tall Ships race around


the seas of Northern Europe, they didn't expect to become


the first British crew to win the event for 31 years.


The group of 15 to 17 year-olds were given a triumphant homecoming


Our reporter Chris Slegg joined them as they celebrated their victory.


The celebratory return of TS Royalist - surprise winners of this


year's Tall Ships' Race in the Baltics, beating 77 other


Today, the Sea Cadets aboard headed up the Thames,


where Tower Bridge was due to open in recognition


Around 100 Sea Cadets took turns throughout the Tall Ships' Race,


with 18 teenagers and six adults on board for two weeks at a time.


We've got a good crew, so we all get along.


It's not too bad, you don't notice how long you've been away.


It still feels like the Monday we joined.


The Sea Cadets gives opportunities to young people.


It's supported by the Royal Navy and charitable donations.


For many of these teenagers, this was their first race


For the youngsters, it has been an absolutely fantastic trip.


They've all had the time of their life.


To mark that history-making moment, at just before 3pm this afternoon,


the Port of London Authority agreed to open Tower Bridge


Seeing so many people and having so much support for us.


We haven't won in 32 years or something?


31, something like that! That's fine.


It's really nice to bring home a wining ship.


TS Royalist - Tall Ships' Race champion 2017.


That's it for now from me, but lets find out what the weather's


I certainly have. The next few days will be pretty changeable across the


UK. As far as those years concerned, for us in the south-east it is a


mixture of sunshine, showers and quite breezy day on Thursday. At the


moment we have rain on the way, if you have left your washing out, it


will get wet. Look at that rain coming through, pretty wet and soggy


but not cold, temperatures no lower than around about 15 or 16 in the


middle of the town or out in the countryside towards the North.


The cloud and the rain might drag its heels in the morning but then it


should be out of the way and we are left with a breezy day, a few


showers, some of us will get sprinkles of rain, others won't, it


is one of those days where almost anything could happen.


By Friday a better day, but the winds will be stronger and in the


afternoon we will probably catch some showers around.


Top temperatures ending the working week at around 22 degrees in London.


Saturday is looking pretty good, temperatures in the low 20s, but a


change on the way for Sunday. We have got the remnants of the former


Harry Kane, but it will bring some cloud and that is it. Let's see what


Darren Bett is to say. Sunshine and showers for tomorrow, a


spell of rain moves in from the West and clears away from Northern


Ireland, just about, but we will see rather ragged rain, heavy at times


with stronger winds, sweeping into England and Wales but clearing later


from Scotland, back to Wales on the north-west. Temperatures will dip,


but under the cloud and rain it will be quite a one night ahead.


Still some cloud and rain early in the morning across southern and


eastern England, it


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