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Victoria Hollins. broken? Join me now on BBC Two.


Undemocratic, unlawful and discriminatory.


The view of a civil liberties charity over the Met's plan to use


face recognition technology to find suspected criminals during this


450 arrests were made during the carnival last year


and City Hall has said it must be made safer.


Campaigners have now written to the police,


calling for the intelligence trial to be abandoned during the event.


Notting Hill Carnival - a place of colour, music, dancing, food and


fun. You but it's also a place where the police are stepping up


surveillance. For the second year in a row, they will trial facial


recognition technology to try top hunt down known criminals. The


technology involves using overt cameras to scan the faces of people


at carnivals, any matches which includes images of people wanted by


police will be flagged up. Officers can speak to individuals to confirm


their identity and potentially make arrests. In the UK we have policing


by consent but there is no public consent to the use of this


technology. Civil liberty and race equality groups say it is


undemocratic, unlawful and discriminatory. They are calling for


the police to bane done the plan It takes a face print, if you like,


similar to a fingerprint, without people even knowing about it. It is


a great intrusion of people's prif sane really empowers the police, in


a which that is as yet, unchecked. -- in a way. In


One security expert told BBC London, the public needn't be alarmed.


People's data is being captured everywhere, when they walk about the


shops, public areas, hotels, bars, so they are already being recorded.


The only difference here is that the police are looking at the faces


captured and it's being run through a soft algorithim, which only makes


the crowd safer. Those I spoke were split I understand why they want to


do it but it'll make everyone feel uncomfortable. I think it is a good


idea. If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to worry about I


don't think it is really needed, to be honest. What do you think they


should be doing instead? Managing the community better. No arrests


were made using the technology last year. Police say once the trial is


complete there will be a public consultation. For campaigners,


though, it is a gross violation of Carnival-goers privacy.


A South London hospital trust has apologised


after inspectors issued a damning report into its patient care -


The hospital watchdog found that staff working at Greenwich


and Lewisham NHS Trust weren't meeting basic cleanliness


standards, with some staff not washing their hands before


treatments and patients with infectious diseases


Our political correspondent Karl Mercer has this report.


Florence is one of the first patients to try out this new unit


at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Woolwich.


And bosses here hope it will be part of the answer to turning


It's had three inspections from the health watchdog


The general culture, you know, the way staff


are talking to patients, is not what we'd expect to see.


We pulled the trust up on it certainly last year,


when we inspected medical services in the emergency department.


And it's disappointing we're still seeing those failings happening.


Staff had not washed their hands between patients.


Doctors were seen taking outdoor bags into anaesthetic


Some TB patients weren't properly isolated from other patients.


And there was dirty and poor standard equipment.


No, it doesn't make happy reading, and we want to apologise


to all those patients who actually haven't got the level of care


And all those many individual patients who have had that


The hospital, like others, has had trouble moving people out


into the community and at the same time, has seen more people coming


The staff work very, very hard under very


There is evidence of extreme pressure, increased numbers


of patients that we're seeing in the hospitals.


And that does create their own pressures.


We've had problems as well with discharging patients


out of the hospital, which obviously then gives


But you're right, we have to get those basics right.


The fact they haven't been getting those basics right meant


that the Care Quality Commission considered putting them


I think the whole health system are watching Lewisham


and Greenwich very closely, it certainly has a history.


The ratings are such that actually, as a trust that requires improvement


with some inadequate services, we certainly had discussions


about special measures, but considered they weren't


As I say, we will keep them under close observation.


The CQC will be back for unannounced inspections soon.


The trust says it hopes it has turned a corner and will soon be


delivery better care for its patients.


Jim joins us in the studio, and Lewisham isn't alone in getting


No it certainly isn't. Let's look at the numbers. The CQC looked at 18


trusts across London. Six of those were rated as "good." Just


one-third. Ten were marked down as "requiring improvement", like


Greenwich and Lewisham which we heard about in Karl's package and


finally, two, were classed as "inadequate" in other words, put in


special measures. They are Bart's trust, one of the biggest in London


and St George's in Tooting. It seems a lot of these problems come up time


and time again That's right. Look at the reports and there are themes,


financial constraints, basically not enough money. Growing demand, more


people coming through the front door and then the other end of the


problem is - people not being able to get home. This age-old problem of


bedblocking. And another thing that is constantly repeated is vacancies,


staff vacancies and executives for NHS Trusts, they point to these


things and say - these are structural problems it is not just


down to mismanagement in individual trusts. Thank you.


The wait for students - and their parents -


While many will now be making the move to university,


there's concern that students are overlooking another


It comes at the same time as demand for the young trainees has rocketed.


Our Education reporter Marc Ashdown has more.


The nervous faces, the shuffle through, and finally,


Attention now turns to their next step.


The Government wants more young people to swap university


The trouble is, in London, that's not going so well.


Other parts of the country have seen the numbers double, the capital


It's harder to attract high performing students to ditch


I got four As and I'm going to Oxford University


But demand for apprentices is growing, especially


At this cyber lab they are training in online security.


The red team are trying to hack in, while the blues are defending.


For these four apprentices, the upside are clear.


The top thing is earning a salary, a really good salary.


All my friends are huge amount of debt and I have none.


I managed to buy a house when I was 20 years old,


I beat my friends who went to university.


I can work there and see where my work is being tailored to.


I am definitely working and learning.


I dropped out of university after two years.


It was one of the best choices I made.


I am earning, I am learning and I don't have any debt.


I think will see a lot more in the next three


the apprenticeship programme fits London's economy much better.


It just takes a bit of time for it to catch up.


These parents wanted their children to go down the traditional route.


He has broken out of the mould, but I'm glad that he has succeeded.


I realise that now, he has the responsibility,


he is not a boy any more, here's a man.


For these students, it has been a long and winding


That's it for now from me, but let's find out what the weather's


Thank you very much. A warm and humid day. Top temperatures 25. A


fine evening and night, largely dry and warm. Temperatures is a or 16.


Tomorrow looking pretty good. Sunny spells, a few showers around. A


different feel to the air. We have lost the humidity. Although it will


be sunny there could be the odd shower through the afternoon


passing. Temperatures-buys. 21 or 22. You will notice the difference.


It will be breezy as well. Now this area of low pressure


hurtling towards us in the Atlantic, will contain the recommend nabs of


what was hurricane Gert will bring rain to our shores on Monday. For


Saturday, looking dry, sunshine around, temperatures 22. A fine


start to the around, temperatures 22. A fine


start to the weekend. Maybe some rain on Sunday, some shooun and


warmth on Monday. As


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