18/08/2017 London News


The latest news, sport and weather from London.

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Londoners have been paying tribute to the victims


The mayor, Sadiq Khan, has sent a message of solidarity


and there have been messages of condolence from traders


at Borough Market, some of whom were caught up in a very


City Hall, London, stands united with Spain.


The images are a stark reminder - panicked faces, armed police.


As yesterday's horrific attack played out, the Orfeo Catala choir


was performing here at Southwark Cathedral.


Founded in 1891, it is a Catalan institution.


Today, as news continues to filter in of the full extent of the attack,


the choir are trying to come to terms with what's


There where people in the choir that were telling me yesterday,


when we came, we said, it is peculiar that we still


haven't had any terrorist attacks in Barcelona.


I knew that it would happen because I work near Sagrada Familia


and there were always Mossos d'Esquadra, which is


Of course, the terrorist attacks in Spain are remarkably


similar to what happened here at London Bridge in June.


Three terrorists drove a van at pedestrians


and then ran through here, stabbing people randomly.


Eight people were killed and around 50 were injured.


For many in Borough Market, the emotions of that


Staff at this Spanish shop knew some of those who were killed


in the attack and today face an anxious wait for news of friends


Luckily, it looks like none of our close colleagues or friends


Obviously, coming so soon after the London terror attacks,


The images from the London Bridge attack are still so vivid.


Now, our European neighbours are coming to terms


Michael Barrymore has won his legal battle with Essex Police.


A judge has decided he is entitled to compensation, which could run


The TV personality claims his career was ruined, when officers


arrested him on suspicion of rape and murder.


The trouble is, this lot over here are laughing three seconds


Michael Barrymore, at the height of his fame.


But in 2001, the body of 31-year-old Stuart Lubbock was found


in the swimming pool following a drug fuelled party


at the entertainer's former home at Roydon, near Harlow.


Tests showed he had suffered severe internal injuries,


It was six years later that Mr Barrymore was arrested,


only for the case against him to be dropped three months later.


I was really confused about a lot of it to be quite honest.


When he attended the High Court in May, his counsel made it clear


he did not kill or assault Mr Lubbock.


The court heard he was seeking substantial damages,


claiming his arrest and the worldwide publicity it


Giving judgment in the case against the Chief Constable


of Essex, Mr Justice Stewart Smith said the police accepted the arrest


The designated arresting officer sufficiently briefed to arrest him


The officer who did arresting did not have the grounds


for suspecting he had committed the offences alleged.


The judge ruled that Mr Barrymore was entitled to more


The 65-year-old was suing for ?2.5 million.


The police have talked about a nominal sum of ?1.


Using Mr Barrymore's real name, Michael Parker, Essex Police said...


The force said Mr Lubbock's family and friends still need to know


The sum to be awarded to Mr Barrymore will be decided


The number of Londoners falling victim to "cyber-flashing"


could be going unreported, because women are not


The crime occurs when strangers send illicit images to a victim's mobile


Jim Wheble is here with more, and this is a problem on the tube?


Well, anecdotally it seems to be. This could happen anywhere, where


there's public WiFi. It's down it a fiction called air drop on one of


these, iPhone, the idea is really you're out with a friend. The take a


nice picture and you can just send that phone to phone. The problem is


that if you haven't paid attention to your settings, anyone within 30


feet can send you an image. You innocently open it and find it might


be something unpleasant. This happened to the latest victim. She


was a journalist, wrote about it and found lots of people got in touch


and said they'd had the same thing. I was sent a request to receive


120 explicit images. There is no sense of expectation


for something like that to happen, so I was a little bit confused


and also very aware there To be honest, I felt


embarrassed more than anything. You know, then it


transitioned into anger. There are things you can do. It's


all down to your settings. Can you either have it set to everyone,


which is the one you don't want or you can have it set to just your


contacts. If you do that, then you won't have a problem.


Thanks. That's it for now, but let's find


out what the weather's up It's been a day of sunshine and


showers. But we've been monitoring this clump of rain as it's raced


across Wales and the south Midlands. That's coming into our area in the


next couple of hours. Rain for London, but the rain is going to be


heaviest towards the northern Home Counties. The rain will clear up and


during the second half the night it becomes dry. Staying breezy.


Temperatures looking at lows between 10 and 13 degrees. Over the weekend,


I can't completely promise you it will stay dry all the time. There is


a small chance of a shower on Saturday. But by and large, there's


going to be a lot of dry weather with sunny spells around. The winds


turning lighter as the weekend goes by. Here's Saturday's forecast:


Starting with a dry note and sunshine. Cloud bubbling up. It


could bring passing showers. For many of us, it will be a dry day. In


the sunshine, temperatures into the low 20s, which should feel pleasant


enough. Then, some reasonable weather on Sunday. Then what do you


know? I think I might have found summer. Look at temperatures on


Tuesday. summer. Look at temperatures on


Tuesday. Hello there. Lots of showers around


today. But it looks more promising as we head into the weekend both


Saturday and Sunday we're going to have spells of sunshine and showers


tomorrow, fewer than we've seen today. Maybe a chance of rain into


the south-west later on Sunday. This was today's rain, though. We had


quite a few thunder storms dancing away with those showers. Those have


moved through. Recently we've seen heavier rain across Wales and into




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