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First tonight, nine Londoners dead in seven years,


all killed in fires caused by white goods.


The deaths have prompted the Mayor and London's Fire Commissioner


to demand the Government introduce new safety measures,


The Grenfell Tower fire is believed to have started


And a year ago, a fire at a tower block in Shepherd's Bush


Our Political Correspondent Karl Mercer reports.


Shepherd's Bush a year ago, and a fire on the eighth


floor of a tower block, caused by a faulty tumble drier.


No-one died in the fire, but this was what was left


Chantal Froelich lives two doors along, and like neighbours,


spent three months out of her flat after the fire, which she'd seen


I could see it was kind of around my floor area but didn't


I was just a horrible, horrible feeling.


It was chaos out there, police and fire, and people just


going crazy because the shopping centre was being evacuated.


This was the tumble drier blamed for the fire,


which led to calls from London's fire brigade for more to be done


to highlight the potential dangers of faulty white goods.


It's thought the Grenfell Tower fire was started after problems


The brigade wants the Government to set up a simple website


where people can get information about their white goods.


I don't think it is an unreasonable ask to have a central point


where a member of the public can check to see if their product


is safe and it means they are going to be safe


Grenfell Tower aside, the brigade says nine people have


died from fires blamed on faulty white goods in the last seven years.


On average, it goes to one fire a day blamed on them.


Nine people have lost their lives where there have


There are people in London who have got some of those now.


Lawyers representing Chantal and others affected


by the Shepherd's Bush fire have backed the fire brigade's call.


We need a complete shake-up of the product recall system in the UK.


We are talking about the risk of fire equalling


This is an important issue for consumers


We are living with ticking time bombs and it is not fair.


You are playing with people's lives and you guys need


to pull your fingers out and do something ASAP, really.


The Government said it did have a website up and running


that people could use to find out if their white goods


It also said it would respond to the fire brigade's letter.


As we heard in Karl's report, a series of recommendations


Our reporter Jim Wheble is here with more on this.


And, Jim, it was consumer champion and former Watchdog


presenter Lynn Faulds Woods who headed up a review


That's right, Lynn Faulds Woods was invited by the Government to do this


report and she made nine recommendations but frankly she


feels a bit ignored by the Government. Two of the


recommendations she felt particularly important, one hasn't


happened and the other she is not very impressed with, as she


explains. I did a very simple review because the Government said to me


there's no money and we don't want new laws so the first thing I wanted


was somebody to be in charge officially, and I quietly said to


them, why don't you appoint a tsar that you can get rid of if you don't


like but at least they can start the job. I wanted them to look at doing


something along those lines but obviously cheaper. Then we wanted a


website, where people can find things, an official government


backed website, and what they have come up with so far makes it clear


to the public it's just a portal, appointing portal to various


websites. People that speak to me haven't been able to find it. What's


the Government saying? We have a statement from Margot James saying


it's the Government's top priority to keep people safe, there is a new


website which makes it clear what is safe, and they are looking at a


national body to support consumers. And what about those consumers? What


advice for them? Unplug your faulty machine, don't use it, but frankly


something with a fridge freezer it is not practical to switch it off if


you are not home. There is a website, as Lynn mentioned, which


you can see at the bottom of your screens now. You.


Transport for London is investigating footage of a bus


appearing to move onto a busy road without a driver, after BBC London


It was all filmed by a camera on a cabbie's dashboard.


Our Transport Correspondent Tom Edwards has been


Marylebone Road early on Sunday morning.


This is the footage from a black cab's dashboard camera.


You can hear him talking to his passenger when this happens.


A bus mounts the curb and pulls out into the road,


Then, from the side, the driver jumps behind the steering


He then reverses it off the road and waves at the cab.


The whole incident in total lasts five seconds.


It looks like there is just one other passenger on board


and the driver stops the bus just before it hits the


Buses and bus driving have been under the spotlight recently


This was a crash on Lavender Hill in Battersea.


And a London Assembly report found high levels of stress and long


shifts amongst drivers, and London's bus safety record


does not compare well to other world cities.


It's not clear yet why this incident involving the 453 bus happened.


Transport for London have asked the bus operator Go-Ahead


No-one was hurt in the incident, but this will again focus attention


There was a time when there was a thriving local newspaper


but with the advent of online news many are struggling or have


But as Sarah Harris reports, London Assembly research suggests it


may not be all bad news for local print journalism.


Some see it as an endangered art when it


comes to a local press in London in decline,


but here in the city, is


A local newsroom covering stories 7500 residents over a square mile.


And growing from week to week since launching, last year.


London is one big community, but within that, you have many other


It is going back to people wanting to know what is


going on in their area, Fleet Street obviously


being in our patch has given us a great platform from which to jump


A London assembly report showed that circulation across London over


One North London paper's readership was cut by 90% even though


the number of publications and online local news has gone up.


The author of the reporters calling for more investment,


like the scheme run by the BBC funding dozens of local journalists.


To make sure those important meetings that can be quite dry


at local council level still get journalists going along to,


so the BBC puts resources into funding media read a newspaper


level that people would not be aware.


Those at the sharp end keeping local papers going with much less funding


think it needs an image overhaul, making what may appear rather dull


as serving an important role in holding local


Pre-Grenfell, all the discussions about fire safety


and the way buildings were built and material checks,


people thought it may be boring and irrelevant,


the fact that no-one was covering that


so there is still a good argument to keep the printer is going


And this success story shows there is still an appetite


for an imprinted version of what is happening


That's it for now from me, but let's find out what the weather's up


And another disappointing summer 's day.


Yes, but at least across America for the total eclipse there was a


beautiful blue skies, lucky them. We had a lot of low cloud and it didn't


really cheer up through the afternoon, but there is hope for


tomorrow. As usual on Monday night we are going to look at the weather


for the week ahead. It will be among key start, fresher later, a lot of


dry weather around with sunshine at times. But overnight it will be


cloudy again, there could be drizzle as the temperature


drops. We have a change in wind direction coming in from the


south-east, so we are more likely to see the cloud in and break tomorrow.


In the sunshine we could be looking at temperatures up to 26 degrees so


lovely afternoon. By the end of the day it will start to feel cooler so


the highest temperatures will probably be through the morning.


There will be sunshine around as well, likewise on Thursday. The


possibility of some showers. For the weekend at the moment the forecast


looks uncertain so stay tuned for the details but it


looks uncertain so stay tuned for the details but it looks like a


promising start. Misty weather conditions will be the


story as we go through the night. A murky night through England and


Wales with low cloud and missed. The rain band continuing to trundle


north-east across Scotland for much of the night. It will be a mild


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