22/08/2017 London News


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Welcome to BBC London News with me Victoria Hollins.


More than 30 people have been arrested in a series of dawn raids


It's part of a crackdown against knife crime,


drugs and child exploitation ahead of Notting Hill Carnival.


It's the Met Police's biggest operation every year -


but there's been criticism - with some asking if the raids


are racist by targeting a so-called "black event" -


and more for the benefit of the cameras than Carnival.


A very different type of wake-up call.


The Met Police's targeted raids at 21 different addresses


in just under an hour, all within the boroughs


of Kensington and Chelsea, Hammersmith and Fulham, and Brent.


It's 5:30am and about ten specialist police officers as just raided this


What we know is seven people inside, five of those have been arrested


and one of those has swallowed something so they have called


The aim of this is to make sure that those arrested here do not turn


What has happened here has taken two months to plan.


We start off with dynamic entry when you heard the shouting


Then when we have done that, and secured those people inside,


then we slow things down and make sure we do a methodical search


of the premises, looking for the evidence included


in the warrant, so on this occasion it will be Class A drugs and items


Those arrested will be built under strict conditions which police say


will prevent them from turning up at the Carnival this weekend.


In a control centre five miles away, Mark Bird and his team of 75


officers will keep a watchful eye over the event.


This BBC documentary shows how complex and difficult it can be


to police an event that attracts millions of people.


Were today's raids more of an exercise of public reassurance


Our endeavours are about keeping the Carnival safe and free from


How on earth are you going to monitor the people


We have a range of tactics which will include obviously the use


of CCTV, automatic number plate recognition, and there will be


plainclothed officers and other tactics that we will use to keep


I don't understand why they need to be showing off and saying


we are on top of this, this is a big issue and we will


There are criminals operating, they should be doing this throughout


the year and it should not just be on the eve of Carnival


And today the South London rapper Stormzy waded into the debate,


suggesting they Met's tweets on the raids were offensive


He said: how many drugs did you lot sieze in the run-up to Glastonbury


or are we only doing tweets like this for black events?


This has already been re-tweeted and liked


Tonight, the Met have initially reiterated the raids


were intelligence-led and it is their duty


Only three London boroughs are meeting their recycling targets,


according to figures obtained by this programme.


London's councils are all meant to be recycling 45% of their waste,


but the overwhelming majority are failing to do so.


Here's our environment correspondent, Tom Edwards.


Do Londoners recycle enough of their household waste?


No says Paul, a self-confessed recycling anorak.


He's even set up a charity to encourage it.


He lives in Newham but he's a rarity in this part of London.


This area has the worst recycling rate in the capital.


Newham has 40% of its housing is flats.


You can't easily recycle in flats, without having some


Your building in London, we're building on every square foot.


You have to do it now whilst you're building new to make sure you have


Next door to Paul these flats have no recycling facilities at all.


This block of flats, where's the recycling?


It's one bin that takes the recycling and the rubbish.


This is the whole problem with Newham.


Across London there's a mixed picture.


The amount of household rubbish the boroughs recycle.


The best is Bexley, recycling 52%, followed by Bromley and Kingston.


The worst are Lewisham, Westminster and Newham, where just 14.7% of


There are lots of different reasons why different areas have


Some of them are practical and about space, for example,


flats have less room for all the bins.


Some communities are less aware of recycling.


And different boroughs also have different schemes for recycling.


Bexley say they are now seeing a commercial value in recycling


In Bexley it's cheaper for us to recycle than to throw away.


If anything, we've been trying to put more effort into getting more


stuff recycled because it costs us over ?100 a time to send things


to the waste to energy plant, when we recycling paper,


Increasing recycling rates is a key ambition of the mayor.


He wants 65% of London's waste recycled by 2030.


Helping the boroughs to get there will be a huge challenge.


Another victim killed in the Grenfell Tower fire in west


65-year-old Sakina Afrasehabi was a mother of five.


Her family have paid tribute to her, saying she was "completely


selfless in all she did and always put other people first".


An estate agents in East London has been destroyed in a fire,


after a car ploughed into the shop front.


The car smashed through the glass windows of Portico estate


It burst into flames and the blaze quickly ripped through the shop,


Next, these two masterpieces by the Italian painter Titian made


the headlines when they were saved for the nation.


They were bought, in part, by the National Gallery for ?95 million.


Now the gallery has once again found millions to save a renaissance


Day one for this 18th century masterpiece in its new home.


Bernardo Bellotto's The Fortress Of Konigstein From The North


deemed a national treasure, will now not


be sold abroad, yet it so nearly wasn't the case.


After being sold to a foreign, private collector last year,


the Government blocked its export temporarily in the hope


the gallery could find ?11.7 million and buy it instead.


He's the nephew of better known Canaletto.


He's an artist that is not as well known as he might be


because there's no major work, until today, by the artist in any


This picture being here at the National Gallery can now be


appreciated by the millions of people who come here every year.


What makes this Bellotto a national treasure worth saving?


Every time a piece of high-end art is being bought and taken out


of the country, a panel of experts must consider three criteria -


first, its historic significance to the UK,


second, whether it has a unique aesthetic and third, whether it's


The experts decided it was a national treasure


Does its first public audience for centuries agree?


Allowing people to come here and see the image,


is better than selling it off to a collector and letting


them keep it in a room, which is never going to be seen.


I think we should all do what we could to preserve art.


I don't know if it's worth ?11.5 million, I'm not sure.


I think it would have been a shame if it had gone into a private


collection and people here today and people who come


into the National Gallery wouldn't be able to see it.


The painting is now being displayed just feet away from some


Undoubtedly it helps if your uncle is Canaletto and the most


We know Bellotto was training with Canaletto from the age of about 13.


Walk round the corner, you can see how Bellotto uses


It you look at the building here, the texture of crumbling stones,


that's absolutely out of Canaletto's workshop.


There's some soldiers up on the ramparts created really out


That's something that Canaletto has as well,


Every year, a handful of national treasures can't


be saved and disappear to private collections.


All the more reason to enjoy the one that's stay.


That's it for now from me, but let's find out what the weather's up


It's been a little bit more summery today, hasn't it?


It has. But still disappointing temperatures. We got a glimpse of


blue here by our now silent Big Ben. It really was a cloudy day, misty


conditions around to start the day as well. This is what most of us saw


for much of the day. Through the course of the day tomorrow, a humid


start but it turns fresher. Cooler feel by the time we get to the end


of the afternoon on Wednesday. Sunny spells for the rest of the week.


Always the chance of one or two showers. A lot of dry weather around


as well. Over the next hour, I may still catch a shower. It will be


mostly dry overnight. A mild night to come. Start off the day tomorrow


on 16 or 17 degrees Celsius. Still feeling quite humid tomorrow


morning. We will see things brighten up nicely through the morning, some


spells of sunshine. This is when we'll probably see the highest


temperatures. Then the cloud thick beings through the middle of the


day. By the time we get to the end of the day, it will be sunny again


and we'll have a westerly wind. For the rest of the week: Sunny spells


at times, a lot of dry weather around. A lot of uncertainty for the


bank holiday weekend. around. A lot of uncertainty for the


bank holiday weekend. Good evening. I think it's fair to


say it's been a disappointment August so far. We want blue sky,


sunshine. We want what we had today in Newquay and Cornwall, 25 Celsius,


77 Fahrenheit. Beautiful on the beach. As opposed to what we had in


Fermanagh. You can see by this picture. The rain so heavy,ing off


the roof of the car. In fact, that heavy rain was accompanied by some


pretty significant thunder and lightning as well, which is


continuing to drift its way steadily north as we speak. It's moving into


the Western Isles and we'll see some heavy rain overnight tonight across


the Western Isles


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