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Good evening and welcome to BBC London News -


The organisation that manages Grenfell Tower is to be stripped


The Prime Minister says action needed to be taken to address


residents' concerns that the tenant management organisation


Theresa May also criticised Kensington and Chelsea Council


for not responding quickly enough to the fire.


It comes as the first residents accepted offers


Our political correspondent Karl Mercer reports.


From the chandelier shop, across Chelsea's King's Road,


these are the flats that Kensington and Chelsea Council has bought


as new homes for the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire.


There are 30 homes here, a mix of one- and two-bedroom flats,


Three families from Grenfell have already said they want to live here.


I think it's an interesting question, because...


Today, the leader of Kensington and Chelsea visited the site,


the morning after Grenfell residents had met the Prime Minister


to tell her how unhappy they were with the council's


I spoke to the Prime Minister this morning, and I accept


there is a legacy, of course there is a legacy, of lack


of trust left over from, you know, how the council performed


But look here, look what we're doing today, look at the flats,


the quality, the offer, the fact that so many people


You know, we're getting there, I accept it's slow


The council has set aside around ?75 million to sort out accommodation,


and so far has 105 properties available for Grenfell families.


It says just over 180 families in and around


the block need new homes, and just nine have so far


accepted permanent offers, although 23 have moved


The prime minister met Grenfell residents last night,


and told them that the body that ran the tower for the council, the local


tenant management organisation, would be stripped of its power over


the estate - something residents have long called for.


I was able to tell them that the tenant management


organisation will no longer have responsibility for the Lancaster


What we were also able to do was to hear from some specific


issues that individuals had at that meeting.


Is this really the death knell for the tenant


management organisation, which has been running


your council buildings? It's us saying that we don't think


It's not a viable option for us, and we will look for other


options, and we will start with Lancaster West estate,


The council says it will eventually take over all the stock currently


run by the tenant management organisation, but will


Everything to do with Grenfell Tower will take time, it says.


Damn joins me now. There was a meeting this evening between the


council, the residents and the police, no tenant management


organisation? No, I was at the meeting, they didn't show up, there


was some anger about that, they have never faced the public over this.


And anger was also expressed at the council, once again, calls for the


leader of Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation to


step down. But much more sub Judi Dench we have seen at recent


meetings. The most interesting conversation I had this evening was


with a young father of two who is really upset that his eight-year-old


son is so traumatised, and yet they cannot get access to any mental


health help for him. He doesn't want to go to sleep, he wants to sleep in


my bed, he wants to be by me all the time, he doesn't want to leave my


side. I'm trying to sort out myself so I can help him, but I want to


help him more than I want to help myself, because... He can't


articulate how he really feels. And I need someone who is trained to


bring it out of him. This is what I keep on telling, I am not trained


for this. On the biggest issue for many of these people, which is


housing, things are moving slowly. Three families who lost people in


the fire have now accepted properties. The website for choosing


new housing run by the council, we heard this evening has now gone


live, and out of 151 households, 110 have logged on, that's 80%. But of


that, three quarters expressing an interest in those properties, so it


is very slow going. Police say they are treating the


blaze as suspicious. Borough Market is to become


the first market in the country It's all part of an attempt to stop


more plastics going to landfill On average, each Londoner


buys around four plastic That adds up to 1 billion bottles


of water every year. Alex Bushill reports in the second


of our series on how we deal Ever wondered where your plastic


bottles end up if you don't recycle? So, this is what you find


on the Thames in central London. You find strand lines


full of plastic bottles, you find mounds of plastic wet


wipes, and you find bits of the Thames carpeted


with plastic bags. Debbie says the Thames


is being choked by plastic rubbish. As the plastic starts to break down,


then it gets mistaken for food items, and it can be swallowed


by animals, and then it fills up and clogs the digestive systems,


so that these animals slowly Well, Borough Market think water


fountains and reusable bottles are. The traders here are also promising


to stop selling disposable water The cost to the environment far


outweighs our own costs. So, it's something that we have


to do, and it's something that Let's put these reusable water


bottles to the test. They cost ?2 each, and that's


without any water in them. Would you pay ?2 for


one of those instead? Absolutely, fantastic idea,


better for the environment, ?2, that's value for money,


then, do you think? I think so, if you fill it


up at home, especially Do you want to buy it off me now,


then, put your money Despite other forms of plastic


still being used everywhere here, from fruit punnets to pint glasses,


Borough Market insist one day, That's the vision, and I'm


an ambitious person. This is about Borough Market


rebuilding after the terrorist attacks in June and coming forward


confidently and saying, The Government and the Mayor


of London are both consulting on a possible return deposit scheme


for plastic bottles - so, these are all examples of how


just maybe the tide is turning on all things cheap,


plastic and disposable. Supermodel Naomi Campbell has


highlighted the lack of diversity at Vogue magazine under the former


editor, by pointing to a recent photo which showed not


a single ethnic minority A new boss is taking the reins


at Vogue, the first non-white person It's the fashion bible thousands


turn to every month, and these are the people behind


British Vogue. But is there anything


wrong with this picture? The supermodel Naomi


Campbell thinks there is. There isn't a single


non-white employee. "This is the staff photo


at British Vogue under the previous editor,


Alexandra Shulman. Looking forward to an inclusive


and diverse staff, now that Edward Enninful is the editor,


Let's hear your thoughts." Her request led to criticism


of Vogue, including from this blogger, who says she wasn't


surprised by the photo. I do think it's a problem,


because for it to be Vogue UK, and they're based in London,


the fact that London is one of the most multicultural


cities in the world, there isn't an excuse


for the whole of the team... That was a very massive team photo,


that was a big team, That's an issue, because fashion


is consumed by people Hello, my name is Edward Enninful,


I'm the editor-in-chief British Vogue's new editor, renowned


fashion stylist Edward Enninful, is not only the magazine's first


black editor, he's also And he's already been


making changes, including hiring Naomi Campbell


as a contributing editor. But Edward Enninful faces a big task


ahead in an industry that has often been criticised for lacking


diversity at best, By nature, people kind


of are inspired by their cultural backgrounds and the people


that they know. So, until you recruit


from a large group of people, that's the way to get diverse


products out into the industry. Why do you think there aren't


any black faces there? I think it's not a matter of,


you know, there are black people who aren't qualified to fill


the positions, I just don't think British Vogue would not put


anybody up for interview But many will be looking closely


to see who makes up next year's staff photograph


after Edward Enninful's That's it for now from me, but let's


find out what the weather's Not a great deal of sunshine for us


today. But a lot of dry weather to come, and some warm sunshine at


times, too. We are seeing the cloud finally breaking up, with clear


skies overnight. You will notice it being quite a bit cooler away from


the centre of London. Tomorrow, we start off bright and sunny, a lovely


start to the day. That could be a little bit of cloud but I don't


think it will give us a shower. Let's have a look at the outlook,


and as we head through Friday, into the weekend, it's going to be


warming up. The big warming up. The big picture is with


BBC Weather. Hello and good evening. Summer warmth made a vague attempt


at a comeback earlier on this week, but it was swept chromatically aside


over the last 24 hours by some very heavy downpours, which caused


localised flooding in places. Most of the showers now have cleared


away, some rain still affecting the Northern Isles Scotland. But for


many, it was a fine end to the day. Through the


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