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I'm Asad Ahmad. the UK learn from Norway and border.


For the very first time, a piece of land in north London has


been sold on condition that all the hundreds of new homes


to be built upon it will be affordable.


The Mayor of London believes it's a way of getting more much


needed homes to Londoners who would otherwise be priced out


But there's criticism too - as Karl Mercer explains.


This site hasn't changed much in the last seven years.


Perhaps the weeds have got a little taller,


But perhaps these four fellas might be about to change that.


Here in Walthamstow today, with their plans to build 330


new homes on the spot in the next five years.


All - yes, 100% of them - will be affordable.


Sold to first timers who can buy a share in their new homes.


For one-bedroom flats you'll be looking at about ?350,000.


But with a shared ownership offer, it would enable somebody to buy


a share of the property for about ?100,000.


So, actually gaining a deposit for ?100,000,


City Hall bought this land last year, then sold it on to two


housing associations, at a profit and also


The deal is you can have this land for a sum of money on the condition


that every single home on this land is affordable.


So, a couple earning less than an average wage would be


Walthamstow, like many areas around London, has seen plenty


Expensive flats have been going up around the area,


so the local council leader is all in favour of


It's not actually unique to us in Waltham Forest.


I think it's happening right across outer London.


The test for us as political leaders is what we do about that.


Do we just sit back and let the private sector roll into town,


Or do we put up a very strong fight, a very robust argument


for lots of affordable and social housing?


Most have welcomed plans for this site, but there are those


who would like to see more homes for people to rent to put


It's true that no council homes have started under the Mayor's programme


I've been asking him questions about this.


But, yet again, we see it with this scheme.


We need to see new schemes in future actually prioritising affordable


homes for rent that are really affordable, like council homes.


The Mayor says homes for rent will come in time.


Finding somewhere to live is likely to be the biggest


challenge for the next generation of Londoners.


Providing them, the biggest challenge for its politicians.


Tolu Adeoye, you've been following this.


It is. And more housing was the Mayor's big campaign pledge. He said


last year he wanted to build 90,000 affordable homes over the next four


years, but he has been criticised for not going about it quickly


enough. This announcement is really a good indication of how he plans to


do that, buying public land, selling it on cheaply with strict guidelines


for developers. We spoke to one housing expert who said it was a


good way to go. The really revolutionary thing


about this method is that it takes a piece of land and gets it


into the system for less That's really important,


because the cost of land is the main factor making housing expensive


in London for new homes. So, if the Mayor can get a piece


of land and get it into a housing association's plans for cheap,


that can make the house We mustn't lose sight of the fact


that this is just 330 new homes. London is growing at a rate of


100,000 people every year and needs 50,000 to 60,000 new homes to cope


with that and the Mayor can't do it alone. They also said we need land


that is currently in the hands of other public sector authorities. The


Mayor has said he is trying to identify brown field sites that can


be built on. His team say this is a marathon, not a sprint.


Teenagers in London have outperformed the rest of England


Figures were slightly down on last year, but a lot less compared


Helen Drew has been meeting some students in west London to find out


if they've had tears of joy or sadness.


Getting exam results is a familiar sight,


They only opened in 2012, so this is the very first group


It's also the first year of the new grading system,


where some subjects are awarded numbers 9-1, others


A bit upset about the B in RE, but I can brush aside that,


I feel fantastic, because I got a 9 in maths.


I got Bs and I'm proud of that, because I didn't think


Reach Academy is a free school, meaning it's government


funded, but not controlled by the local authority.


It was set up by a group of teachers who are delighted


Nationally, and in the area, it's better than perhaps would have


been expected of a school in a community like ours.


But it goes to show that when you work hard and every person


in the building comes to work every day loving their job,


and working really, really diligently together


The success story continues across the capital.


In England, 66.1% of students got a C or above, or its equivalent.


And for grade A and above, now a 7 and over, it's 19.8%


Back in Feltham, one student who's overcome a lot


She barely spoke at primary school and was incredibly shy when she came


And an A* in English language and literature.


And I thought I was terrible at physics!


Across the country, this year's results have shown the biggest ever


Here in Feltham, though, tears of joy.


So many students have worked very hard.


Over a million and a half tonnes of food is wasted


every year in London - that's the same as each of us


throwing away 200 bags of sugar every year.


Most of it goes to landfill, so Dan Freedman has been finding out


what's being done to try and solve the problem.


Food waste, hundreds of tonnes of it here at the largest food


And yet this isn't even 1% of what we waste on a daily basis.


This is the latest delivery they've had here.


This is about six tonnes of food waste.


They'll get 30 deliveries just like this one every single day.


Admittedly, a lot of the food is rotten and really smells bad.


But some of this food, actually, looks OK to eat.


Here, everything you see is separated out and recycled,


producing gas, electricity and fertiliser which can then be


This is known as an anaerobic digestion tank.


Inside here is the digestate material, which is the end product


from after the food product goes to our process.


It's used as a rich fertiliser for farms in Surrey.


But Paul says he can't understand why more London boroughs


don't collect and recycle such valuable material.


Of the 33 local authorities in London, only about 18 of them


are actually segregating food waste and offering a segregated food waste


That compares to cities like Milan, where they introduced a separated


food waste collection service for their residents,


and recycling rates went up from about 35% to over 56%


Across town in Euston, and they do understand


Using smart technology, they've cut it by 70%.


It's a bit like a supermarket self checkout.


All the waste is weighed, the only thing they have to do


is tell the computer what type of food it is.


In this kitchen, the Wellcome Trust, we've reduced food waste by 70%,


preventing nearly 4.5 tonnes per year of food waste


In the capital, ?2 billion worth of valuable food waste like this


There are no openly gay professional football players in the league,


which is why there's criticism of homophobia in the game.


So Charlton Athletic has taken a stand and become the first


professional club to affiliate itself with a team which


It's hoped the move will help bring a change of attitude in the game.


Tooting has made it into the top ten of the coolest places


Yes, Lonely Planet calls Tooting's multiculturalism


and originality, "captivating" - and it's the only place in Britain


An area in Florence in Italy made it to number one.


Tooting proudly came in after districts in New York,


Lets see if the sun is shining on treating.


It has been a better day today, we have had more in the way of blue


skies. It looks good over the next few days, the bank holiday weekend,


where we are going to see a lot of dry weather. Some sunshine around


and if anything it should be a bit warmer than today. Quite chilly over


the night, the cloud that developed has cleared away, clear skies and


hardly a breath of wind. Temperatures down to nine or 10


degrees. Chilly start first thing tomorrow. A bright and sunny


picture, and will stay that way all morning, perhaps into the afternoon.


A little bit of cloud heading our way. Not as much as today. With more


sunshine around tomorrow, temperatures will be higher. We are


looking at highs of 25 degrees, 77 Fahrenheit. Into the outlook over


the weekend, looks good for the Notting Hill Carnival. A bit more


cloud around. Should stay dry, more sunshine on the way as we head into


Monday. National picture with Ben sunshine on the way as we head into


Monday. National picture with Ben Rich.


Good evening. Sometimes our weather brings us rapid changes, dramatic


twists and turns. This is not one of those times. Things are moving very


slowly at the moment. The sort of whether you had today is the sort of


whether you will get tomorrow. Good news, probably,


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