25/08/2017 London News


The latest news, sport and weather from London.

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After huge disruption on trains in-and-out of London this month -


things are about to get even worse over the Bank Holiday weekend.


In fact Network Rail says it'll be their biggest


ever August Bank Holiday of engineering works.


Several main London stations will be affected -


No bank holiday break for these rail engineers,


working to modernise the network across the capital.


When it comes to the disruption to services over the next three


days, it's a fairly comprehensive picture, with most of the main


Except for Euston, which will be closed altogether.


This is all a small price to pay for improvements


that will last for decades, that's according to Network Rail.


It's about increasing capacity through the centre of London,


but also improving the range of destinations passengers


For instance, travelling from Cambridge down to Brighton,


So the range of travel opportunities will increase significantly


At Wembley, fans gathering for the Rugby League Cup Final


And Arsenal fans going to Liverpool on Sunday won't be


But for many Londoners, it's the continued disruption


into the next working week that they're really bracing


They're all saying go with plan B - stay at home,


But I'm not quite sure that'll happen for some people,


because they have to be in and be seen.


Apparently I've only got trains into Victoria,


So I've got to work out how to get there.


I think if it has to be done at this time of year when it's quieter


than the commuter time, then so be it.


There are three separate, large projects working simultaneously,


so why not stagger them rather than cause so much chaos at once?


The majority of work we carry out actually takes place overnight.


We carry out about 15,000 projects, most of them happen overnight.


But the ideal time is bank holidays, when there are fewer people


travelling, and we can deliver these railway megaprojects


and we can get in there and deliver larger projects.


17,000 engineers will be working around the clock


Well into next week, the advice is to carefully plan your journey.


This weekend's Notting Hill Carnival will be one - like never before.


Police say they'll have a ring of steel and concrete which they say


will help "protect Carnival-goers" from the threat of a


Officers will also carry kits to deal with acid attacks.


But they have come under criticism for their approach


Barcelona, and yet another vehicle borne attack.


And top of the Met police's safety concerns when it comes to Carnival.


It was one of several areas Scotland Yard


So those coming to Carnival will see hostile vehicle mitigation.


Blocks of concrete that will stop and prohibit vehicle access


A familiar site at this time of year in Notting Hill,


What has been a less familiar theme in the past has been


Today, we also found out that officers along the route will have


This year's pre-Carnival raids have led to over 600 arrests and knives,


The grime artist Stormzy criticised tweets from the Met


showing seized drugs, accusing them of only tweeting


But the Met responded today, calling it an uncompromising


The Metropolitan Police are charged with the safety and security


of the largest event in the capital's calendar.


It would be remiss of us not to be robust.


We will be uncompromising on our determination


to keep our communities safe and secure, and that is why


we always have, at all of our major events, an intelligence led


Up to 1 million people will dance through the streets


The message from the Met police today was clear,


It's one of the busiest motorway junctions in the country with more


accidents than any other in England - But plans to improve the M25


at junction 10 could threaten a number of rare trees and plants


Highways England says the upgrade will make the road safer -


but as Helen Drew reports, there are many who are unhappy.


Wisley Gardens was founded over 100 years ago.


It's considered a centre of horticultural excellence.


It's also close to where the M25 meets the A3.


The junction's congested, and Highways England


The Royal Horticultural Society is worried one proposal


will see the A3 widened, potentially losing


Over 100 years old, one of several down this great strip, this,


along with rhododendrons, magnolias, camellias -


The RHS fears 500 trees in total could be cut down.


Highways England says the strip of road in question has one


of the highest collision rates in the country, and they


I use that road everyday too, I'm also a commuter coming from London,


But there is a brownfield site on the other side of the road


where an extension could take place which wouldn't involve taking some


The RHS wants Highways England to choose an option


which would have less impact on these historic gardens.


Anyone fearing the worst from the weather this weekend, take this. How


about this for a bank holiday week" makes getting warmer as the weekend


goes on. Overnight we have some patchy cloud and clear spells.


Temperatures heading down to the mid to low teens. Maybe missed the in


one or two spots. Maybe a breath of wind. For Saturday and Sunday, it is


not clear blue skies, there will be some areas of cloud around but it is


looking drive. Getting into the mid-20s, perhaps even 26 selfies.


Really similar for part two of the weekend on Sunday. The sun makes an


appearance again. Very light winds on Sunday and similar temperatures.


This weekend has a part three, it is a bank holiday. That will be the


warmest day of the weekend as we reach into the upper 20s. It is


cooler by the time we get to cooler by the time we get to


Tuesday. Now the National forecast. Hello, good evening. A mainly quiet


weekend of whether coming up but on the other side of the Atlantic, a


major weather story is developing. Hurricane Harvey has been


strengthening. This has really developed. The eye of the storm


becoming visible as this storm approach of land for now across the


coast of Texas. It will bring strong winds, a storm surge which could


inundate coastal areas with floodwater. The


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