28/08/2017 London News


The latest news, sport and weather from London.

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Good evening. stay with us on BBC One,


Notting Hill Carnival has drawn to a close this year


with arrests at a similar level to last year - despite heightened


Hundreds of thousands of people crowded into


the streets of West London and for the second day running,


respects were paid to the victims of Grenfell Tower, as Dan


It's carnival day two, and we're stowaways on board one


Well, the carnival is now in full swing.


We're on board Smoky Joe's Roadshow float.


The noise is deafening, the bass is shaking my chest.


But on the ground, amongst the sequins, is a security challenge


heightened by an unprecedented year of terror in London.


I think things are developing and changing, and so are our


responses to the nature and extent of any possible threat.


Clearly, we're using technology to support us


in protecting our communities, and so we will use anything


that is lawful and proportionate to help us keep communities safe.


So far, arrests are down compared to last year,


Anything could happen to anyone, anywhere.


That's what terrorists want you to do, be inside and be afraid,


so you can't do what they want you to do - you have


We never yield, we are British, we have our roots in


the West Indies, or whatever, but we see it as we are all one.


We feel safe, we come every year, the usual occasion for us.


Once again, today, at 3pm, the sound systems were silenced


as a mark of respect for the victims of Grenfell.


If you judge a community on how it responds in the face


of terror and tragedy, then this community is passing that


A teenage boy has died at the Reading Music Festival.


Paramedics were called to a tent in one of the campsites, but the


Police say his death is being treated as 'unexplained'.


Next, a martial art you may not have heard of.


Gatka - it's a form of combat training followed by Sikhs.


It was only introduced to the UK 25 years ago,


but it's growing rapidly in popularity.


Today the National Championships were held in Chigwell in Essex -


In the red corner and the blue, this is the Gatka UK Championship,


Yeah, gatka was introduced to the Sikh fold by the sixth


But this also meant not just physically or aggressively,


but humbleness without service to mankind, without meditation,


without forgiveness, without compassion, you can't


The aim is to land the most hits on your opponent and defend


Hundreds of years old, it came to the UK 25 years ago.


It's taught us a lot of discipline, commitment, and we made


It helps them stay connected to their roots and to the values


that their parents would have taught us.


Before, I would look down on the floor.


It is watched over by the new MP for Slough, also president


That is the second year out of five that we've held


the championship in London, and I am hoping this


annual event will go on from strength to strength.


And maybe the gatka champion of tomorrow


It's goodnight from me, I'll leave you now with Wendy


What a bank holiday it has been. Unlikely it seemed after the rest of


August. 28 degrees today. Beautiful sunshine across London and the home


counties and a fine evening now. We have a bit of cloud and there will


more through the night. Particularly in Kent and Sussex and the Thames


Estuary. There could be the odd shower. A warm night. After the


cloud clears tomorrow, there will be some warm sunshine in the afternoon


and anything but that on Wednesday, really cool and once the rain sets


in around noon, it will stick around for most of the day and be heavy.


You can see it does brighten up towards the ends of week. Some


showers on Friday. But a fine weekend.


showers on Friday. But a fine weekend. Darren Bett has the


national forecast. Hello, the major weather story is in catastrophe in


Texas. Of course the Harvey made land fall as


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