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Pre-fabricated homes are making a return to London


They don't look anything like the pre-fabs of the 1950s.


These have come a long way and there are demands for the Mayor


of London to start making much more use of them.


Our Political Editor, Tim Donovan has been taking a look.


Floor by floor, layer by layer, a housing block taking shape in east


London, not built so much as screwed together on site.


Well, this is one of the flats, actually the first


flat I've seen finished and furnished which is really exciting


The entire structure is made from prefabricated timber panels.


The internal walls, ceilings and floors,


all pine, made to measure in a factory in Autria and


It's about twice as fast as with concrete.


So we're saving massive amounts from the overall programme of


So it could mean more housing sooner, but what about the


So much more cost efficient than concrete or steel


structures because you have fewer people actually on site.


You have a more efficient way of building buildings.


Among the first to benefit, Shadelle and her two sons.


They have a just moved in after a long wait in a one bedroomed flat.


It's a dream come true with me and my boys.


The boys have their own room I have my


But the London Assembly argues the mayor could be doing more


He needs to dedicate land, particularly


He needs to use resources and funding and he


also needs to use his policies and his planning and strategists to


And he can get a win and win for the country


because this is a new and emerging sector and industrial sector for


Do you think people feel prejudiced against prefab?


I think people are worried about prefabs.


People are worried about the faults, quality of the buildings and the


quality of the homes it makes but this is an incredibly robust


and firm architecture which I think is a fabulous result for our sector.


City Hall says it's already making money


available for innovative schemes to provide off-site manufactured homes


but it's signalled there will be further measures in the mayor's


long-awaited housing strategy next month.


A cricket match at the Oval in south London


has been abandoned after a crossbow bolt was fired onto the pitch.


It's thought it came from outside the ground


and our reporter Tolu Adayoyay has the latest for us.


W it was around 4.30 when this County Championship game between


Surrey and Middlesex was so dramatically interrupted. Umpires


and players were ushered off the pitch when that arrow landed. Then


spectators were told to take cover while officials tried to work out


what on Earth was going on. Armed police arrived. The ground was


evacuated. Luckily no-one was injured. Daniel Number of orcroft is


a BBC sports commentator and told us of the confusion when it landed. We


were wondering was it rain v they gone off to juggle lates or any of


the things that happens in cricket then it became clear we were seeing


a red arrow, with a really sharp point. I have seen it subsequently.


If it hit someone it could've proved catastrophic. It land between


England's Jason Roy who opens the batting for England and Nick


Thompson who was also batting at the same time. It was unlike anything I


have ever seen before in my life. . Police are now investigating how


that arrow came to be fired into the ground. They say no arrests have


been made and they are open to a motive T isn't clear whether this


was an act of malice or mischief, or was it just an accident. Police just


don't know as yet. Meanwhile Surrey's Chief Executive described


it as a bizarre incident. He has thanked the players and public for


their reaction. Thank you very much for that. The moments immediately


after an acid attack are crucial. Which is why the NHS has issued


guidance on what to do if you come across someone who has been


attacked. Three tloor simple steps to follow. Helen Drew can tell us,


before her report contains distressing images from the start.


Scarred for life, this man and his cousin were victims of an acid


My face started melting, my clothes started to burn, my shorts started


sticking to me, there was smoke coming from the seats.


Corrosive substances were used in over 450


crimes in the capital last year, a big increase on previous years.


The growing number of attacks means the


NHS and burns specialists are giving advice to victims and witnesses.


The witness can call 999 while the victim


Remove contaminated clothes carefully and rinse areas affected


under running water until specialist help arrives.


Specialist burns units like this one Chelsea and Westminster


Doctors say that the moments immediately after an attack are


Providing appropriate first aid in a timely fashion can


have a dramatic affect on


the outcome of these injuries because it can reduce the trauma of


the acid but also reduce the possibility of unwanted life


Earlier this month shopkeepers in Hackney started


signing up to a voluntary scheme to restrict the sale of products


containing ammonia and acid, the first of its kind.


They're refusing to sell to anyone under the age of 21.


Currently in the UK there is no age restriction on buying these items.


Home Secretary Amber Rudd has ordered a review to ensure that


everything possible is being done to prevent acid attacks.


They are still rare, but scenes like this, the


aftermath of an attack in Knightsbridge, are becoming more


The advice today, report, remove and rinse.


As part of our series, looking into what life might be like here


just over 30 years in the future, we thought we'd look at food


and how sustainable - or not - things might become.


Picked, packed and ready for delivery, and barely one hour out of


This might look like a step back in time, but it is in fact


We have got patchwork farmers who have


delivered freshly picked salad leaves from their


small urban sites, we


are going to pack it together, divided up into smaller bags and


Growing communities in Hackney grows locally and sell locally to 1000


It is this kind of small-scale farming that experts say


will become more reliant on by more people in the future.


One of the things about growing locally is that


there is less carbon footprint but we also


start to eat seasonally, and


that makes a really big difference in terms of cost because it is going


to be so abundant, so anyone growing courgettes at the moment, they


There was a time when it was predicted that we would get our


food from these hot meal vending machines.


These can take any coins, provide a wide choice of food


Surprisingly, they did not take off, but perhaps what


was not predicted was how much we now rely on imported food to


Currently, we get 48% of what we eat from outside the UK and,


when it comes to fruit and vegetables, that figure


Everyone agrees here it is just part of the solution but there's also


concern where the available patches of land where these leaves were


grown could disappear, putting concept on the process of growing


locally for local consumption. And that's why these disused tums under


London could come in handy. Some are already being used to grow micro-her


bes in Clapham. And there's miles of them. We could also be eating these


in the future, crickets and other insects which are super high in


protein. All of this technology we are still cavemen living in modern


area. The reality is all of the technology doesn't make us any


different as human beings. Whatever the future, when it comes to what we


eat, technology can only go so far and for these urban farmers, the


rest of the answer lies at the bottom of the garden. I like the


idea of local produce but insects. Anyway, it is 30 years since the


Docklands Light Railway first started running passenger services.


The network was opened by the Queen in 1987, built to serve the


redeveloped Docklands area in east London. It now serves over 40


stations. That's it for me from now but after a really nice day


weather-wise following the rain of yesterday. Let's see what the


forecast has in store. Let's go to Chris.


Yes, rain and cool yesterday. Temperatures of 15. The weather has


been working in the right direction. 21 this afternoon with sunshine and


one or two passing showers. Most have cleared out of the way. I will


be left with largely clear nights. A few patches of cloud coming and


going but largely clear skies and a chilly one of temperatures down to 7


overnight in the coldest spots out in the countryside. A chill in the


air Friday but a glorious start to the morning tomorrow morning, plenty


of sunshine. Now, late morning onwards we'll see cloud bubbling up


and through the afternoon that will bring one or two showers. The


showers could be heavy with thunder. Most likely across eastern areas but


there will be big gaps between the showers, so a decent chance of a dry


day. Temperatures into the low 20s, so feeling pleasant in the sunshine.


The weekend looks like this, high pressure initially but fronts moving


in during the second half of the weekend. Sunshine on Saturday but


rain arriving late on Sunday. weekend. Sunshine on Saturday but


rain arriving late on Sunday. With the national weather picture here's


Sarah Keith Lucas. As the summer has set on the final


day of summer meet troe lodgically speaking let's Bakke. Summer 2017


started -- let's look back. Things started off well but it has turned


wetter. Now for the 1st September things


looking clearer. Light wnd and a few showers lingering around the coasts


and there could be the odd misty patch around. Temperatures in the


towns or cities, 10 or 11. A fresh start to Friday. But for many


sunshine from the word G it remains largely dry, particularly for many


northern and western parts of


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