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from captain Steve Davis sealing a 3-0 victory, leaving them second in


their group. Good evening and welcome to BBC


London news with me Louisa Preston. First tonight, an exclusive report


on the million pound luxury river Families invested in the houseboats


on the River Thames in Hampton, only to find out after they bought


them that they were worthless, as they didn't have planning


permission or mooring rights. Today, the High Court ruled


that the developer had misrepresented the rights


to live onboard, and ruled This is how it was sold -


a luxury lifestyle on board designer houseboats on the Thames


near Hampton Court. Because there was no planning


permission for anyone Now, following a civil court case,


the developer behind this Even though, as he has


made perfectly clear, This is Myck Djurberg,


a developer who promised to make dreams come true


but left his customers Let's start with Jennifer Small


and her family who sold their five bedroomed home to buy a houseboat


at Hampton Riviera because they We were really excited to be


involved in the development Estate agent's details


described a stunning home. But soon after they moved in,


the Smalls discovered there was no planning permission for residential


development at all. And if they stayed on, they would be


living there unlawfully. When we first met the Smalls,


they had had to move into a rented home, but right next door


to the boat yard so they could keep an eye on their


expensive investment. The closest they could get


to it was to peek over That is our house that we built


that we cannot live in any more. These people have had


their lives destroyed When these properties were sold,


people were not aware of the fact that they had no legal rights


to live within them. There was no legal residential


planning permission granted. Vivian and Simon Keatey won't get


any money back because they were not involved in the civil case


but they also bought a house Again, a few months after moving in,


found out it had no They have now had to move it nine


miles upriver to find land where they can moor and that has


cost them a further ?360,000. It is really only when we got


away from it, from that poisonous atmosphere,


that you realise what The Smalls have now moved


their houseboat away from Hampton Riviera


but it is not a solution. This is it, we cannot live on it


here because there is no Their house boat is so large,


a place to moor where they can live on board may cost them


at least ?500,000. Would you like to


apologise to anyone? Throughout this civil


case in the High Court, Would you like to apologise


to anyone you misled? ..Seen here in an orange jumper,


maintained he had done nothing wrong and claimed there were historic


rights to live at the marina. Now he will have to repay


approaching ?2 million. A man's been jailed for trying


to rob West Ham footballer Andy Carroll as he drove


home from training. Jack O'Brien was sentenced to 11


years for multiple offences, which included an attempt to take


the footballer's watch while he was waiting


at traffic lights in his jeep. The pair were then involved


in a high speed chase A man from Surrey who claims


he was wrongly jailed for mailbag theft in the 1970s has had his case


referred to the Court Stephen Simmons spent seven months


imprisoned for the crime but a chance internet search 40


years later revealed that the officer who'd arrested him,


had a disturbing history. First shame, then jail


and finally now, vindication. Why were three men wrongly jailed


for a train robbery and why has it taken one of them,


this man, 40 years The whole thing is a complete


fabrication, it's all full of lies. In his home in Dorking,


Stephen Simmons still has the original police witness


statements from his trial back in 1976, when he was convicted


of stealing Royal Mail bags He was in the wrong


place at the wrong time. He says simply rounded up


by the arresting officer, one DC Derek Ridgewell,


who himself was to Ridgewell grabbed my head and pushed


my head onto the roof of the car. And said, you are under arrest


for the theft of Royal Mail bags. We were thinking, where would


you get Royal Mail bags from? We were nowhere near a station


or a van, somewhere you can It was only when he recently


searched Ridgewell's name on the Internet that he found out


that the officer himself had been jailed shortly


after for mailbag theft. Now he is appealing for his


conviction to be quashed and is, for the first time in 40 years,


speaking about his ordeal. I told them two days ago,


for the first time. And they were upset


that I never told them. They said, whatever made you think


we wouldn't believe you. But I just have this feeling,


like this interview, are you sitting there thinking,


yeah, there's more to this. That's it for now from me,


but let's find out what the weekend Not doing too badly, we got to 22


degrees today and we have more of the same coming up tomorrow. But


before we get there tonight, some storms across south-east England,


running into Hertfordshire at the moment, heading south-east, so we


might get the odd crack of thunder and lightning overnight in


Hertfordshire and Essex overnight before clear skies follow.


Temperatures down at 11 or 12 in the towns and cities and cooler in the


countryside. Cooler in the air on Saturday lunchtime, but that


September sunshine were quickly warm things up. A bit of cloud bubbling


up in the afternoon. The vast majority of us will have a dry day.


Tiny chance of a shower with temperatures of 22. Not a bad day.


Decent start to the weekend. Sunday, slight differences with the weather.


Weather front is coming our way. It'll be a dry and bright start with


some sunshine but the cloud will thicken up and we will see some


sunshine in the afternoon arriving in London through the evening.


sunshine in the afternoon arriving in London through the evening.


For many of us the first day of September has been financed right.


We have had some heavy showers and thunderstorms across parts of


eastern England. Further west it's been a quieter picture. Here's the


scene as the sunset in Devon, clear skies there and with clear skies


across many parts of the country it skies there and with clear skies


will be quite a fresh start to the weekend. Saturday bringing us lots


of sunshine, turning a bit more soggy on Sunday. A few heavy showers


for the likes of Cambridge are down to Kent. Most of them easing away


overnight. We have clear skies and light wind. Likely to be some mist


and fog patches first thing. Temperatures just about scraping


double figures for the towns and cities, but in more rural spots it's


more single figures widely, and they could even be a touch of ground


frost across some parts in the north, some Kodjia areas seeing a


cold start to the


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