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A man who served almost three years in prison for a rape


that never happened has given his first


Mahad Kassim was one of 15 men who were falsely accused


by a 25-year-old of raping or assaulting her.


She's now serving a prison sentence for perjury.


He told the BBC she was evil and a monster who has damaged


the chances of justice for women who really have been raped.


This exclusive report is from Daniel Sandford.


Gemma Peel, jailed for ten years last month for falsely accusing 15


men by the raping her or sexually assaulting her over a period of just


three years. The court heard she did it to make her partner jealous and


for the ?14,000 compensation that she received. But it had a


devastating effect on the men she accused. One of them asked us not to


show his face. He has now given his first television interview. He spent


almost three years in prison convicted of rain, before being


completely cleared. I am angry. I am very angry. This alleyway was where


Gemma Peel had accused him of raping her but in fact she had asked him to


have sex. What do you think of her? Evil. I mean, she can't be a normal


person. If you are going around trying to destroy an innocent


person, that person is not normal. The day he was sentenced to seven


years in prison after being wrongly found guilty by a jury is etched on


his memory. I felt let down by the justice system. Not being believed.


The way I was treated by police. He wonders whether women who really


have been raped will be less likely to be believed in future. Let's take


for instance, a real human being is going through the same situation.


Who will believe them now? She is making it hard for the other


females, women out there. It is a peer supported by the judge at her


trial saying the files allegations of rain are likely to have the


perverse impact of increasing the likely could -- likelihood of guilty


men going free. People like her are rare. There are 160 times more


prosecutions for rate than for false allegations of rain.


Next: A poll for the BBC suggests a third of us feel less


safe in public places - compared to 12 months ago.


However, London has seen three terrorist attacks already this year.


It also found that the majority of us believe further attacks


are likely, but many say they're carrying on as normal.


Our Home Affairs Correspondent Nick Beake has been


The terror attacks this year in Westminster, London Bridge and


But what wider impact have the attacks had?


33% of Londoners said they feel less safe.


Everyone will have their own perspective, but


here are some views on the streets we found today.


Personally, I am not that scared or worried.


But at the same time, I'm just more aware.


I commute every morning so still using


the train and public transport and the bosses and the Tube with no


I am wary, but I think I have always been.


I do feel that the atmosphere now, a lot


of people are nervy and that makes you more nervous, but I still want


to go out and have a good time personally.


Experts say all of this is a big headache for the Government. The


attacks earlier this year caused the biggest loss of life since the 77


bombings in 2005. What we think that the likelihood of further terror


attacks on British cities? Our poll found 88% of Londoners thought that


the attacks are likely although very few people actually believe one of


their relatives will be evicted for the bid is clear the authorities


face a huge task of keeping us safe. We may have seen a surge in attacks


this year. I have total confidence in the British intelligence agency


and police in thwarting and disrupting attacks in the future.


Quiet confidence from a former Scotland Yard commander. This poll


suggests Londoners to feel less safe in light of the London attacks and


left-sided go to big events. Majority of us have not changed our


travel routine. Although we are mindful of the threat we are


carrying on as before. And you can see more


on Inside Out London's terror special which is available


on the BBC iPlayer. For the time in the UK McDonald's


workers have walked out on strike. Staff from a branch in south east


London protested outside the Palace of Westminster over pay


and zero hours contracts. The company said the people involved


represent one hundredth of one The first worker walking out on the


morning of the first ever strike by McDonald's staff in the UK. Staff at


this restaurant and one in Cambridge are striking for more pay and better


conditions. They also took part in a rally at Westminster. Many staff say


wages are too low and impossible to live on. Some of the 16-year-old


workers are on ?5 something an hour. I am on ?7 something and our


especially in London. We need a higher living wage. We need at least


?10 an hour to live on. After bills and rent we have nothing left at the


end of the month. We have people who are homeless and cannot afford to


eat properly because they are not earning enough. I can never move out


of my parents house or afford Uni. I can barely live off my wages. Jeremy


Corbyn to beat support and the Shadow Chancellor was there. I am


supporting the McDonald's strikers. A few years ago we launched a fast


food campaign and ending zero hours contracts. Making sure that the


company recognises a trade union. Unions are not recognised by


McDonald's. If they value their people as much as they say they did


they would not have a strike going on today. They would not have these


people making a brave and historic decision to walk out on strike.


McDonald's say strikers represented a tiny amount of its workforce. Out


of its 1270 restaurants strike action was only taken at two. Even


so these fast food workers have suddenly made their voices heard.


So what have McDonald's, a big employer, had to say about this?


McDonald's employs about 85,000 people in the UK. It told us that in


April it announced that workers would be offered a choice of


flexible or fixed contracts. 86% chose to stay on the flexible


contracts. It also says there have been three pay rises since April 20


16. It increased the average hourly rate by 15%. It also says that only


14 workers took part today in the action was related to internal


grievance procedures and not pay. So, as we have said, McDonald's, a


big employer, a major brand, doing over this has damaged their


reputation in anyway? McDonald's has put a lot into its advertising to


attract staff lately. Some glossy adverts that our viewers might have


seen. The website is full of testimonials say what a great pace


it is to work. Although this may have only affected two restaurants,


probably its image as a good employer will have taken the biggest


blow. Thank you for now. And it's over to Wendy now


for a look at this week's weather. Something a little fresher than we


got today. 23 degrees. We might just get there tomorrow. It is a warm and


humid start the week. Then it will become fresher midweek and turns


later on rather more autumnal. A low pressure system be felt on Thursday


night onwards into the end of the week for that you can see the wiggly


lines and how many of them that are. It'll be quite woozy towards the end


the week and into the weekend. -- quite breezy. One or two showers


trailing away north of London. Elsewhere there would be a bit of


cloud around and it will feel rather warm for the time of year. It will


be warm when we commute off to work in the morning as well. Through the


day we will seek a fair amount of cloud and bits and pieces of rain.


Temperatures at least 20, 21 in the best of the sunny spells. Perhaps a


tiny bit higher than that. It will feel fresher towards the end of the


day. Certainly so on Wednesday. A bit of a breeze blowing but there


will be decent spells of sunshine. Dry on Thursday as well. Overnight


will start to see some blustery showers showing up. Into the weekend


it will be a mixture of sunshine, blustery showers. Ill be windy and a


bit on the = as well. Good evening. We are in the heart of


the hurricane season in the US. Following hot off the heels of


Harvey is another significant


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