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Families are left devastated by false claims.


The brother of a man who was shot dead with his wife and mother-in-law


while on holiday in the Alps, exactly five years ago,


has told this programme the French investigation has failed them.


No one's ever been charged for the triple murder.


Now the woman leading the inquiry admits mistakes have been made.


Here's our home affairs correspondent, Nick Beake.


The family holiday ended in murder. Five years on it remains a mystery.


The bodies were found in a forest -- near Lake Annecy in the French Alps.


The brother of one was treated as a suspect. He is highly critical of


the French police investigation. From the beginning they handled the


whole case very badly, very poorly. The investigation was based on


conjecture rather than proper evidence. That is why the whole


thing has failed. When a passer-by found the bullet ridden family car,


a four-year-old was hiding under her mother's body. Her elder sister had


been shot and beaten that she too survived. The French cyclist was


also killed in attack. Detectives explore the theory he had been the


real target. Like all avenues pursued over the past five years it


came to nothing. The murder of the family in September 2012 near Lake


Annecy prompted a huge investigation. A year later the


brother is arrested, amid rumours of a family feud, but later released


because of insufficient evidence. Late 2013 the police issue this


sketch of a motorcyclist seen nearby. He too is later ruled out.


In 2014 and inquest in Surrey officially finds the three family


members were unlawfully killed. Three years on in 2017 still no one


has been charged over the murders. The French lead prosecutor now


thinks the family could have been simply on the wrong place at the


wrong time, victims of a random attack. She admits the police have


so far failed the surviving family. TRANSLATION: Unfortunately there are


no new leads. There has been no progress since last year. We are


still looking for the murder weapon. We have got no further with the


motive or the suspects. Case which has baffled investigators that home


and abroad. Whoever the killer may be, for now they have got away with


it. Nearly three months


on from the Grenfell fire there are calls for more mental


health for those It comes as Princes William


and Harry met survivors at a new centre in North Kensington


providing advice and counselling The Princes have always


championed mental-health work. Today they saw first-hand the impact


the Grenfell disaster has had Do you mind me asking,


were you in Grenfell at the time, They spoke at length


with residents - young and old - Some have lost friends


or loved ones. There will be some people,


I am sure you know a few, some people who either don't


want to talk about their experiences or maybe think


they're absolutely fine. This new mental health hub


in Kensington will provide counselling, supervised sessions


and general support for survivors. You can sit down and talk


about almost anything. I know a lot of people don't think


talking is always the best thing but, when you actually talk


about it, you express it a lot more and it does become a lot


easier to deal with. The physical scars of Grenfell


will take a long time to heal but the mental scars


perhaps even longer. One charity says,


through conversations with survivors and witnesses,


they believe as many as 20 people might have attempted suicide


in the past few months. The right models are in place


to help these people and hopefully encourage them moving away from that


train of thought. If we just stand still and do


nothing, it is like a ticking time This mosque and community centres


where part of the initial relief The princes heard stories


of the generosity of locals and strangers in the


hours after the fire. Then, as they were leaving,


they broke away to speak A moment for residents to cherish


after three months of turmoil. And Marc joins me because there's


an update this evening on what's Yes. The Communities Secretary made


a statement to the House of Commons. He confirmed some details which we


have known already do not officially. He praised the


exceptionally difficult job in most trying circumstances of those still


working at the side. He explained this to seven people have been


formally identified. 151 homes were lost to the fire. In terms of free


housing those people he said everyone who had engaged with your


30s had been made an offer of the new home within a few weeks. He did


acknowledge lotsa people were still in emergency accommodation. He said


there was a need for accuracy, dignity as well as speed. We're


talking about people's homes and lives.


What matters to us isn't ticking boxes, but working at the pace


that suits the needs and the circumstances


That's why, at the request of residents, the council extended


the expressions of interest period for permanent homes.


What is the latest on testing for tower block safety? Across England


173 social housing buildings are over 80 metres tall and have the


same kind of cladding that had. Large-scale testing has been carried


out. We have had some results today. He said four out of the seven types


of cladding fell short of safety standards. Only eight of the towel


blocks pass this test. He said advice has been given to local


authorities to make them safe and some are removing the cladding.


He'll so said there are many more buildings in the private sector. So


far 89 have done testing on the cladding. They are encouraging all


the land to come forward with samples and get them tested. Thank


you. They may have survived Nazi Germany


and the D-Day landings, but now London's Duck Tours


and their unmistakable amphibious It's all because of


a new super-sewer. These bright yellow Duck Tours


have been turning heads in London for 15 years,


but not for much longer. We do regard ourselves as being


an iconic product to London, and one of the great benefits


we bring to London is that other So they don't have it in Paris


or in other European countries. The tours will stop


because they won't be able to use this ramp,


Thames Water is taking it over It says it's vital to he remove tens


of millions of tonnes I'm afraid we've looked


at lots of alternatives with Duck Tours, we've worked


collaboratively with them. We've also tried to push back


the time as long as possible until such time that they had


to stop their operations. But, no, there is really no


practical safe alternative Now these amphibious trucks


were first made in the US in the 1940s and many of them


actually served on D-Day Can you tell a bit of its American


history because, look, the driver is actually sitting


on the wrong side. More than 1.8 million passengers


have travelled on London Duck Tours Though services were suspended


for a time in 2013 when one There's a Duck Tour


bus on fire, look. For many of today's passengers,


this was as special trip, especially for Emma and her son


Oliver, who has cancer. There's been a big fundraising


effort to raise money So this is the first thing we've


been able to do from his bucket list and when we found out


it was closing, it was stopping running, we jigged his treatment


around and the doctors have sort of made it possible


for us to come to London John hopes the Duck Tours may return


one day, but in the meantime We are considering


working in Portugal. We've also been asked


to look at Loch Ness. But they set sail on the Thames


for the final time later this month. Time for me to wish you goodnight,


and I'll leave you with Wendy Hello. We had sunflowers in this


particular garden in Hornchurch even if we didn't have the sun. Tomorrow


will be brighter. Fresh as well. You might have felt the crispness in the


air. We have one or to macro showers trailing through in parts of Essex.


The night will be clear that there is a bit of a breeze blowing. It


will be between nine and 12 degrees. Yesterday we were at 17th of the


quite a drop. The chilly start to the day. A bit of a breeze blowing


through the day. Dappled cloud into the afternoon of the pleasant enough


in the sunny spells. Still dry into Thursday as well. It will be fairly


cloudy. Similar temperatures and more of a breeze blowing. On the


outlook you can see you will need your brolly towards the end of the


week. Heavy showers around on Saturday 12 in among the a wet and


windy end as well. Now the National forecast. Good evening. The


strongest hurricane ever is expected to make landfall in the next few




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