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A 15-year-old boy stabbed to death outside the gates of his school has


He was attacked as he waited at a bus stop, then fled


towards Capital City Academy in Kensal Green before collapsing


Nick, what more can you tell us about this attack?


This happened at about 3.30 yesterday afternoon, a time when


hundreds of pupils at the school behind me were streaming out about


200 metres down the road, we know that a 15-year-old pupil, Quamari


Barnes, was about key test for a distant and was reportedly heard to


say, he's going to stab me. We know he was then attacked and despite the


efforts of paramedics who got here quickly, he could not be saved.


Today, pupils have been leaving tributes to him. You can see there


are some 50 bouquets of flowers that have been left. There are


photographs and messages. One note said


simply, you stood up for me when no one else did. We also spoke to


another close friend of his earlier today, and he gave us a sense of his


shock and disbelief at what had happened.


He was the most loved person in the whole of our school, like.


It's just emotional, because every day...


Just today, we were all around the tables, having fun.


Today I gave him a hug and said, get home safely.


And today out of all days, I come out of school and see


All these teenagers out here are running around with knives


That's why we need to change our perception of everyone thinking


teenagers are bad and all this and all that.


What have police said about the attack? There have been police


officers here at the score all morning and some are still


patrolling the premises as we speak. Murder squad detectives are


obviously leading this investigation, and they are


appealing directly to pupils of this school and also to their parents,


asking them for any information, because they believe that can be


vital in solving this case. We know they have been carrying out


door-to-door inquiries and trying to piece together as much information


as possible. In terms of the school year, the headteacher has been paid


tribute to his 15-year-old pupil who died. We know that the majority of


the pupils here have left for the day now. Some have been picked up,


others have made their way home. And counselling is available to them.


The boy who died yesterday is in fact the second teenager to be


stabbed to death in London this year. The first was attacked and


killed last Friday. There have been no arrests in this case, but the


police are, as I say, appealing for witnesses.


London's four largest sexual health clinics saw a 40% reduction


in new HIV diagnoses last year - the largest seen in London


since the beginning of the HIV and Aids epidemic.


Experts say the decline could be due to the drug called PrEP, as BBC


Every day, Jason takes these pills. But they haven't been prescribed by


the doctor. These are called PrEP and were bought on the internet. He


says they are saving his life. It was quite tricky to find, and I


wasn't sure about how genuine the product was that I was purchasing.


But I had to go to extremes to protect myself. Last year, four of


London's leading sexual health to lick saw the greatest reduction in


new HIV diagnoses they have seen since the beginning of the epidemic


in the 1980s. Experts are advising that it may be due to this drug. So


how does the drug worked? Well, trials have shown that the drug


prevents HIV from being passed from one person to another, and that is


why some experts say that this drug is a game changer against the


disease. PrEP is a very effective prevention strategy. I wouldn't say


it is a wonder drug, because nothing in isolation is the answer when it


comes to preventing HIV transmission. PrEP has given us an


effective additional tool to combine with the other tools we had which


were not working. It is currently not available on the NHS. Until that


happens, thousands of the capital's gay men are turning to the web to


buy the drug. About 35,000 Londoners have visited our site in the last 12


months. We have effectively created a community health care system that


sits outside our national health care system. At the end of last


year, the NHS lost a high-profile court case, meaning the drug will be


made available on the NHS in the future. In a statement, NHS England


said: until PrEP is available on the NHS,


Jason and many other gay men will continue to access the drug from


sites selling it on the internet. There was major disruption


for commuters in south London this morning after a freight train


derailed, causing massive delays. Two carriages came off


a Southeastern track in Lewisham, causing services to be suspended,


cancelled or diverted. Passengers faced tough journeys


into work, while thousands continue to face disruption,


with warnings that all Plans for a new home for the Museum


of London in West Smithfield's disused market have received


a multi-million pound boost today. The City of London Corporation


pledged to give ?110 million, while the the Mayor of London's


office will give 70 million. It puts plans to open the new museum


by 2022 back on track, From a forgotten part of Farringdon


to London's first 24 hour museum. the people behind the Museum


of London have grand ambitions. We'll be able to put on more


exhibitions, more collections, bring more things out of our stores,


have great programmes, and I want us


to be a 24 hour museum. The old market at West Smithfield


will become home to the 6 million items currently down the road


at the old Museum of London. With a ?70 million slice


coming from City Hall, this is the largest cultural


investment made by a London mayor. It's a project designed


to build legacies. I campaigned saying I wanted to make


sure culture was a top priority. I think culture is in the DNA


of our city, it's the glue We will have this museum,


not just the best of the last we'll go back 400,000 years.


It's going to be fantastic. Three years ago, a project to turn


the site into shops was blocked despite being backed by the very


people who today dipped their hands into their pockets


to the tune of ?10 million. It was called in by


the Secretary of State, We have to accept that decision


and we've now made the best of it by buying the building


for the museum. There's been a market


here for a thousand years. and that all-important


planning application, that this building could last


a thousand years more. It was another cold and frosty


start this morning, with all that fog as well,


freezing fog across the board. You could barely see


anything, as you can see It's still a bit misty here and


there, but blue sky and sunshine. It really has turned


into a lovely day. Yes, it's still cold,


but we have plenty of sunshine. There are still one or two


spots where the mist and fog is still lingering,


but most of it is gradually starting to lift for a bright afternoon,


but temperatures are struggling. The Met Office has a yellow weather


warning, the first one for fog This is overnight tonight


and through to tomorrow morning. Again, it's a bit of


a repeat performance The sun sets and the temperature


drops down below zero in some spots, And with temperatures as low


as they are, that fog could freeze. There are some tricky driving


conditions overnight The fog is likely to lift quicker


through the course of tomorrow, It looks like a predominantly


grey day on the whole. Temperatures are again


going to struggle. We're looking at low single


figures as a maximum. As we head further through the week,


we hang on to a little bit of this cold air,


so another cold night Wednesday into Thursday,


and a cold day. The breeze starts to pick up


as we head through Thursday, Riz will be here with our


6:30 evening programme. But for now, from us all,


a very good afternoon. TV: He's not your father.


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