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We start this lunchtime with news just in that the


Mayor of Lewisham has said, in his opinion, there should be no


compulsory purchase orders on land around Millwall's football stadium.


It comes after BBC London learned that the council would hold


an independent review into controversial plans


which would see over 2,000 homes built, as well as a state


Millwall have suggested it could force them to leave the area.


Yes, this is Millwall's community trust. This is where the young


players will train in their Academy and where schools will use the


facility here. There are several pictures. With me is one of the


Labour councillors who has opposed this development. Why have you felt


so strongly about it? I think that the Kenya to trust and the Academy


are really integral to our local community. -- the community trust.


Millwall football club has been in Lewisham for over 100 years. It's


part of the cultural heritage of our town. What is your understanding of


what will happen to this community trust, and other businesses, if the


plans go ahead as they stand at the moment? We have been told that the


football club would have to look at the option of moving. There have


been a football club on this site for some 12 years. Before that, it


had been out for 100 years. It would be phenomenal and such a loss to the


community to lose a successful football club. But the new


development means new homes, new housing. Desperately needed in


London. Desperately needed new housing, but new social housing,


too. There is zero social housing proposed in this development and


very little so-called affordable housing, which is even out of the


reach of most Londoners. The BBC has seen a letter which says there will


be a review of parts of this development, hence an anti-smoking


promises -- hence an end to some of the promises made. I welcome an


independent enquiry, but it must be independent and it must be


investigated. It must have an investigation so we get clarity.


Because what we don't have at the moment is clarity on the future of


Millwall football club, Millwall community trust, and all the good


work it does locally. The local residents and the public deserve to


know this. Thank you very much. We have asked Lewisham Council and the


developers for a statement. But so far they've not been available for


comment. Several businesses in Wembley have


been destroyed after a large fire gutted a building


on an industrial estate. It began on Monday evening


but wasn't brought under control Over 120 fire-fighters


tackled the blaze. The cause is not yet known


and an investigation has begun. Alpa Patel has been meeting


some of those affected. Well, this is the complex at the


heart of this fire here in Wembley. It broke out on Monday night. About


120 firefighters tackled the flames. I spoke to the site manager who says


there's about 50 businesses inside. He told me it's very likely that the


whole building will now have to be torn down. I've been speaking to one


business owner. He owns an IT consultancy company and he told me


this has come as a shock and has been very disruptive to his


business. As far as I know, it is 100% total loss. So we have lost all


the equipment, servers, computers. Some of the back-ups. You can


imagine just watching something, where you work, burning in front of


your eyes, and not being able to do anything. It's... It's painful. It's


difficult. I'm glad that it didn't happen while I or my staff were in


the office. Hopefully the insurance will pay for the equipment. But we


are safe, nobody is injured, that is the positive point. Sanjay is not


the only business owner to be severely affected by this massive


fire. We've been filming all morning and business owners have come up to


us all morning telling us their stories, how they've lost Ark, how


they've lost equipment. They're now dealing with their insurance


companies. One thing is for sure - they will not be returning back to


this complex here. -- how they've lost stock.


Next this lunchtime, a North Korean diplomat who defected


from the London embassy last year has given his first TV interview


Thae Yong-ho told the BBC he believes the regime will collapse


Now living in South Korea, he's been talking about how much


The North Korean Embassy, just off the North Circular in Ealing.


For about ten years, this was home to the former


Then in August, he defected to South Korea.


In his first interview since defecting, he says


he believes his relatives in North Korea would have been


sent to prison camps as punishment for his actions.


I am sure that my relatives and my brothers' and sisters'


families are now all sent to either remote, closed areas,


I am very much now determined to do everything possible to pull down


To save not only my family members, but the whole of the North Korean


On the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, he says he believes


the dictator is prepared to fire nuclear weapons at America


Kim Jong-un will press the button on the dangerous weapons


if he thinks that his rule, dynasty is threatened.


Remembering his life in London, the former diplomat says


I really miss, kind of, you know, the life.


Even now I'm really sorry for not saying goodbye to my tennis club.


I still miss the English spring and autumn.


Now I really want to say goodbye and thank you


Another cold and foggy morning and it's set to get even colder.


Good afternoon. It has been another very cold and very foggy day.


Visibility considerably reduced this morning, but it has led to some


beautiful Weather Watcher pictures. You can see in Twickenham earlier,


the freezing fog. Over towards Kingston as well. It has been across


the board. It hasn't really gone anywhere this afternoon. If you


don't have the fog, it will remain rather cloudy. The fog, if it does


lift, it will lift into cloud and be a grey afternoon. We are seeing this


cloud coming up from the consonant, importing cold air. The temperatures


will struggle between 2-4 Celsius. Overnight the temperature will fall


away. We are looking at temperatures of zero or maybe below. So a


widespread frost. We could see fog, but the wind will pick up, helping


to clear it out of the way. A cold, frosty start tomorrow morning. The


cloud will thin and break. We should see glimmers of brightness and


sunshine. The south-easterly wind will strengthen and it's a bitterly


cold south-easterly wind. Feeling raw through much of Thursday.


Temperatures between 1-5 Celsius. Feeling particularly chilly if you


factor in the wind-chill. Cold despite being more sunshine in the


afternoon tomorrow. Another cold night Thursday into Friday. Still


breezy for Friday, but we're starting to see some slightly less


cold air. A touch mild, if I can say that, as we head through Friday and


Saturday. Riz will be here at 6:30pm


with all the latest. Thanks for watching,


have a lovely afternoon. Should've seen Hillary's face.


She was stood there with Bill.


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