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Good afternoon and welcome to BBC London News.


It's been almost ten years since Surrey student


Meredith Kercher was found dead in Perugia in Italy.


Along with Amanda Knox, Raffaele Sollecito was twice


Today, he's talked exclusively to the BBC's Victoria Derbyshire


Programme about the debt he's been left with following the long legal


Raffaele Sollecito arrives at the Victoria Derbyshire


In 2015, Italy's top appeal court found him and Amanda Knox innocent


She was 21, a student from Caulston, in Surrey,


Over the next ten years, while her family looked for answers,


for answers, Sollecito fought to prove his innocence.


There are many victims in this case and there


are Amanda's parents, my parents, all our families.


Of course, Meredith Kercher is the first victim,


but there are many others made by the prosecution mistakes.


The legal battle, he says, left him 400,000 euros in debt


and now he's seeking compensation from the Italian Government.


What is the maximum that you could expect to receive?


We have the maximum, which is 516,000 euros.


But, of course, we have all the right to claim.


But this is not even enough to compensate towards what my family


Because the past ten years of this ordeal, of this nightmare.


Talking about Meredith's family, he said...


I am sad they repeat what the prosecution says


because the real facts about this murder are in the said documents.


You can read them and see the reality of this case.


It is completely different from what the prosecution wanted to make


people believe. An investigation is continuing


after the bodies of a couple and their young son were discovered


at a remote farmhouse in Surrey. They've not been


formally identified, but neighbours have named them


as Tiago and Adriana Nunes, and their son, who's


also called Tiago. It's not known what caused the fire


at the property near Reigate, but it's believed to have


started on Monday night. Passengers using the Central


and Waterloo and City lines are facing disruption all day today


because of strike action The Central line has been suspended


east of Leytonstone, The RMT Union are walking out for 24


hours, in a dispute over plans to move some train


operators between depots. My message to the trade unions is


let's talk about it, let's resolve any differences we have. Because


when there is a strike, everyone is a loser. Strikes are a sign of


failure and I am determined to make sure that London will prosper from


an excellent transport system. Next - Rye Lane, in Peckham,


was once known as the Oxford And the highlight was


the old Holdron's Department Store. These days, only the Art


Deco building remains. But in spite of years


of disrepair, a surprising Revealing its


long-forgotten history. Khan's Bargains, Peckham,


but in the 1930s and 1940s, Holdron's department store, one


of the finest shops in the capital. When it closed, decades


of quick repairs and low suspended ceilings took over,


until Mr Khan arrived. And I don't like the


suspended ceiling anyway. It was so dark, it was just


above these shelves, And the way it was designed,


the lighting, the mirrors, And when those ceiling tiles came


down, this is what they discovered. An Art Deco vaulted ceiling,


a thousand glass bricks, Well, what we've got is a really


fine Art Deco ceiling... But with the help of local


architect Benedict, the light This was designed in the early


Modernist style to bring daylight and ventilation into the heart


of a very deepland department store. A thousand glass lenses,


bringing daylight into the middle It's a really bold work of early


Modernist architecture, And this local decorator was one


of those who helped. Nicknamed the Michelangelo


of Peckham for spending months Well, some of the people


call me Superman! And some call me


the hero of the day! Bringing the old store back


to its former splendour. It's the fourth round of


the FA Cup this weekend, with a host of teams from the lower


leagues getting their chance to shine against the giants


of the Premier League. Among those out to cause a shock


are League Two Wycombe, Chris Slegg has been at the Wycombe


training ground this morning. Wycombe Wanderers through to the FA


Cup fourth round for the second time in their 130 year history, a huge


prize awaits because they have drawn Tottenham. They travel to White Hart


Lane this Saturday to try to cause a huge shock. With me is Luca, Joe and


Sam. Joe, is there any chance you think somehow you cannot Tottenham


out of the FA Cup? Yes, we have to go believing we have a chance or


there is no point turning up. We have seen it in the past, we saw


Liverpool draw with Plymouth in the last round and we have to go there


full of confidence, we have won 16 games and hopefully we will pull off


an upset. In the last round, you were heavy favourites, taking on


Stourbridge, and they did ever so well but you came through. Do you


see that as inspiration that you could cause the same problems for


Tottenham that they nearly caused you? Of course, they cause an upset


beating Northampton so we knew it would be a tough game but if we take


that mentality of being good enough, we will give them a good game and


like you said, 16 unbeaten and full of confidence. So we will go with a


great attitude and hoping to get the win. You were only seven when


Wycombe got to the fourth round last, how do you feel about what you


have achieved so far as the team and watch chance is due give yourself


this weekend? Yes, 16 unbeaten, it has been an incredible run and we


will look to keep that record going. It will be tough but we are


underdogs and everybody loves an underdog in the FA Cup, we are


looking forward to it. One does indeed enjoy an underdog and I am


sure Wycombe will have plenty of support when they take on Tottenham,


a three o'clock kick-off on Saturday.


Chris Slegg, reporting from the Wycombe training ground there.


Chilly weather for training and for watching football, we hope it warms


up over the weekend. Time for the weather now,


with Elizabeth Rizzini. We have had some snow towards the


North and the West. Still some mist and fog but not a problem today, but


grey and low cloud and a chilly south-easterly wind makes it feel as


if it is subzero for the rest of the afternoon, although in theory,


temperatures will be between zero and three Celsius only in Central


London. Feeling colder and perhaps late breakfast towards the South


East, and clear skies for the first half of the night. Temperatures


below freezing in rural areas, showers and more cloud for the


second part of the night. There may be ice on the roads and pavements


into tomorrow morning so watch out for that. The winds tomorrow will


shift direction to more of a westerly. Some milder air. And


outbreaks of rain through the afternoon. Just some rain and a lot


of grey cloud, not a pleasant stay and it will feel milder, 7-8 C.


Milder over the weekend, feeling cold, quite unpleasant with the rain


and heavy showers around on Saturday. Brighter spells and on


Sunday, we start off wet and finished dry.


That's all from us on the lunchtime team.


Do tune in later, though, for our 6:30pm programme.


There's plenty more news travel and weather on our website at


Whatever you're up to, have a great afternoon.


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