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Good afternoon and welcome to BBC London News.


The immigration system isn't fit for purpose -


and staff don't even know their own rules.


That's the damning verdict by the former Deputy Prime Minister,


after an eminent professor who'd been living here for 40 years


was wrongly denied British citizenship on a technicality.


There are now calls to overhaul the system.


Professor Emmy Van Deurzen is many things to many people,


leading academic, renowned psychoanalyst, local


businesswoman and employer to nearly 70 members of staff


I have worked for 40 years, paid taxes for 40 years,


I have been part of British society fully and completely.


When she applied for British citizenship she was rejected.


She didn't have a residency permit even though she had already granted


She spent months challenging that decision.


She has now finally been granted citizenship.


For her it shows how unfair and complicated the system is.


It is as if that trust you have built up between yourself


and the country that you have adopted and that you think has


adopted you suddenly rejects you and doesn't want to acknowledge


that contribution any more, that's incredibly painful.


Latest figures show record numbers of Europeans have been applying,


the single biggest increase in a decade.


Before last June's referendum, that's the third quarter of 2015


In the first quarter afterwards, that had doubled


There is no suggestion that the rules have been made


But for many, including immigration lawyers,


the system unknowingly discriminates against EU nationals who have never


needed to apply before, particularly the requirement


to document visits abroad during your stay in the UK.


As an EU national you have freedom of movement so your passport


So a lot of people might face problems listing every single


absence from the UK for the last five years if they


Now they're coming up against the Home Office that states


unless you can prove it we certainly don't give you the


We want hard and fast evidence in terms of pay slips, etc,


If you don't have that, well, then we will wave you goodbye.


That is the exact opposite of what the Government wants,


for Emmy and other Europeans living here the Prime Minister has


repeatedly said she expects to guarantee their right to live


It's of little comfort for many who don't want to rely


The Mayor has given his backing to a new report that says he should


have more control over taxes - which could include a levy


Sadiq Khan wants more powers devolved to London


There are also calls for the capital to have a share of taxes


on cars, sugary drinks and air passenger duty.


The Mayor's been speaking to our political correspondent Karl Mercer.


If London does well the country benefits.


If you want, by the way you need London to do well,


you need to seriously consider giving us more control over our


Business leaders who are experts say we need it.


Is there a danger that it could put tourists off,


the British hospitality association are already saying this


This is a report prepared by experts which is a consultation document,


let's talk about it, the evidence is this.


London is the number one city of choice for tourists


Record numbers came to London last year.


It wasn't just because of the weak pound, it's because of our culture,


what we have to offer, our museums, our galleries,


live gigs, restaurants, we want that to carry on.


But the fact is that other cities around the world,


great cities, all have a levy, whenever you go to a city


We are in a discussion with the hotels about whether it's


a good idea, bearing in mind this will ensure we are not complacent


and ensure we stay number one in that league table.


Nobody wants to stop tourists coming here.


Nobody wants to have gratuitous tax-raising powers.


I have read the report in detail and it talks, for example,


about a Berlin tax of 5% per room, even on the average budget


hotel room costing ?68, that adds an extra ?3.40 and that's


the sort of price where I think you might get


some tourists saying, oh, no, they're having a laugh.


We don't want to pay another heavy as well. That was Simon Calder


commenting on those proposals for a London tourist tax.


The police watchdog is investigating claims that a police officer told a


DJ driving in central London that black people dressed in


gangster-style clothing are more likely to be stopped. A video of the


incident was posted on online three weeks ago leading to an apology from


The Met. There's no Woolwich Ferry today -


as staff have gone on strike. Employees are planning to walk out


every Friday - till mid-April - over what the Unite union calls


"a culture of bullying Briggs Marine Contractors Limited -


who run the service - says it takes health,


safety and welfare Sport now - and one of the stand-out


ties in this weekend's FA Cup fourth round sees Premier League leaders


Chelsea take on near neighbours The Championship side


sold out their tickets With excitement building among Bees


fans, Emma Jones has been I'm here at Griffin Park which,


four years ago was almost the scene of a famous FA Cup victory for then


League 1 Brentford against their On the day, Mark Devlin,


the chief executive, it was a ?50 million striker that


made the difference. Are you worried that this weekend,


it could be a similar story? Who knows which team


they will put out tomorrow? They are obviously a very talented


team, Chelsea, and we were unlucky We were sadly beaten in the replay,


but I think we will be A lot has changed for this club


since then, including the promotion, but that


financial gap between you and your new neighbours


remains the same, doesn't it? There is a chasm between us


financially but that is just finance, and there's 11


against 11 tomorrow. I think we've got a very


talented playing squad, tomorrow, and I am sure they will be


inspired by their surroundings, then I expect a really, really good


game at Chelsea tomorrow. The previous game was part


of a springboard for where we are now and what we're looking


forward to is playing Chelsea on a regular basis


in the Premier League As you say, you would want


to travel to Stamford Bridge Yeah, we want to enjoy it


tomorrow, we are building, the club is growing rapidly


on and off the field. We have ambitions to play


in the Premier League and to grow our fan base


and to move into a new stadium. So lots of exciting things


going on tomorrow, it's going to be a great occasion but it is only part


of what we plan for the future. As Mark was saying,


there are lots of similarities between the two clubs, including


hopes to build new grounds, but tomorrow is about the FA Cup


and it's about revenge. Time for the weather now


with Elizabeth Rizzini. Good afternoon. Yesterday many


places remained subzero all day. Today happily it's not as cold. Some


milder air, even brightness, but again we did start off on a frosty


note with even icy surfaces to the east, in particular. The rest of


this afternoon most of us will stay dry, variable amounts of cloud,


brightness edging into south-earn areas again. A few outbreaks of rain


to the west. Top temperatures up to six or seven.


Through this evening's rush hour again most of us will stay dry. But


then overnight tonight we have further outbreaks of mostly light


and patchy rain spreading in from the south-west and heading our way


into tomorrow morning. Overnight lows of a much milder six or seven,


so frost-free through the weekend. It is going to feel milder and


temperatures back into double figures. There will be some rain


around at times but also a bit of brightness, most notably on Saturday


afternoon. Through Saturday morning we have further outbreaks of rain on


and off, most tending to be light and patchy. Turning dryer into the


afternoon with a bit of late sunshine for western home Counties,


watch out for a few showers into the evening.


Temperatures will probably hit double figures on Sunday but if you


are heading out for Chinese new year celebrations in central London do


prepare for rainfall through the afternoon.


That's all from us on the lunchtime team,


do tune in later though for our 6.30pm programme.


Riz Lateef will be here and there's plenty more news, travel


and weather on our website at the usual address.


The FA Cup fourth round, next weekend, across the BBC.


It's incredible, the changes that have occurred in just 50 years.


Oh, my goodness me, I don't like the look of that.


The Robshaws are going back in time again...


Feel a little bit overwhelmed at the moment.


How people did this every day, I don't know.


Calf's head. Leave the teeth out of it, won't you?


It's incredible, the changes that have occurred in just 50 years.


What have you been up to? Something grubby?


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